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Warning Against Attack on Syria, Carter Hopes Trump Realizes Nuclear War 'Catastrophe for All Human Beings'


Warning Against Attack on Syria, Carter Hopes Trump Realizes Nuclear War 'Catastrophe for All Human Beings'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Former President Jimmy Carter has added his voice to those urging President Donald Trump to refrain from launching an illegal military attack on Syria, warning of the serious dangers—including nuclear conflagration—that could result.


Thanks for this, CD, and thanks to Jimmy above all. A disturbing number of “lib-prog” websites have been avoiding this very distressing subject, or else merely parroting the establishment’s lies.


WHY would the world be sitting back staring – and presumably gasping – at this
idiot in the White House (an idiot before he got there and still is) – and allowing
him to make any of the decisions he’s making?

Especially about missiles and nuclear weapons?


“Why would the U.S. risk nuclear war over dubious chemical weapons claims?”

Because our terrorist proxy armies lost and the Neo-cons are hopping mad. It’s not really about Trump. He’s just a five year old with poor impulse control. The Neo-cons are the enemies of the American people.



There are many ongoing peace vigils throughout the US–isn’t it time we encourage them to take active steps in stopping this war insanity such as getting involved with Code Pink who has been there all along? Prayers are fine but we need to back them up with effective actions. Look to boycotts, strikes and finally to total non cooperation.


“even a military attack that doesn’t escalate into a nuclear exchange “is a dangerous thing” that can unleash unpredictable consequences.”

Exhibit A: The flowers and candies that were going to be showered on our soldiers in Iraq in the war that was going to pay for itself. Instead it was responsible for the resurgence of al Qaeda and the creation of ISIS and indirectly Boko Harum.

Exhibit B: The invasion of Libya which turned the country over to the jihadists.

Exhibit C: The invasion of Viet Nam that resulted in 55,000 dead American soldiers, countless numbers wounded, and millions of dead Viet Namese who are still dying from bombs and mines that explode along with the longterm effects of Agent Orange.

And numerous other examples of blowback.


Capitalist pigs have always despised Jimmy Carter because he stands for peace and freedom (Federal legalization of cannabis backer). Peace cuts into their profits, so it is to be avoided.


Good job.


Don and his family have surely been invited to ride out Armageddon with Cheney and his fellow patriots.


This is the same question I’ve been posing to my Congressional reps every other day or so.


That statement by Carter is simply terrifying! Because I do not think Trump realizes the nuclear catastrophe of a nuclear war with Russia.


If there is any silver lining it seems fellow hawks like John Bolton seem to understand more that Syria and Russia can actually fight back and has been urging Trump to deescalate.


Yes! If not now, when? Action is needed now, before it is too late.


And I love Jimmy Carter, for the very same qualities that they despise! I lived in Georgia when he was Governor there, the best one they have ever had.


Global thermonuclear war is a high stakes poker game. The cards aren’t worth a dime if you don’t lay them down sometimes. Of course, the first time you lay them down is all you get.

The U.S.A. sold Saddam Hussein his poison gas so that he could attack Iran and then the Kurds.

The U.S. reputedly spent suitcases full of cash getting Gorbachev elected, back in the day.

The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. Curiously, the invasion route started in a militarily stupid place to invade, such that impassable terrain would force the invasion to bog down and get nowhere. Even more curiously, the invasion caused no casualties on either side, nor were there any spent bullet casings, no daily maps of the units charging across the line and digging in, no hastily dug trenches, no litter from tossed away K-rations, nothing. It’s rumored that gold mining interests, in collusion with the Republican Party of 1950, made up the invasion out of whole cloth. A fictional North Korean invasion would match the Gulf of Tonkin incident to start the bombing of North Vietnam, the American oil blocade of Japan to get the U.S. into WWII and the entry of the U.S. into WWI.

Our country is terribly good at going on witch hunts, without remembering that our own government used proxies to use poison gas, that our government diddled foreign elections, that our press and government are less than honest about wars when it suits them.

So, are we going into WWIII with two different sets of fake news?


We all know who is pushing for War. The usual suspects, NYT, Wash Post,AIPAC,Bibi,neocon duals, beltway thinktanks etc.


I don’t think they think it’s blowback anymore, like you and I do. Today it’s just a way to keep the “war on terror” going, and the profits rolling in.


Shant, Dump doesn’t even know what nuclear energy is, much less what a nuclear blast…bomb, will do. But I betcha Bolton the Insane does. Two very, very dangerous monsters at some kind of helm…while sycophants, cowards, and war profiteers fiddle.

As for the social and/or academic dropouts who elected this maniac…they can’t even pronounce ‘nuclear,’ much less know and fear it.


Guys we so screwed up…Russia has every right to protect itself after it was just released, we killed over 200 russians on a botched attack on Syria…The GOV LIED thru their teeth to us…We ARE the BAD GUYS…This has gone on long enough…Either that POS resigns or we need to march on DC and have Trump ARRESTED on the spot…Or whatever happens…NO more Mr nice guy, it is time to save America from the crooks and traitors…Ranger UP…


We killed 200 Russians in Syria and the GOV lied to us…Said it never happened…The CIA just confessed…We are the bad guys here…