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Warning Against Complacency, Michael Moore Says Trump Could Win Again in 2020


Warning Against Complacency, Michael Moore Says Trump Could Win Again in 2020

Julia Conley, staff writer

Activist and filmmaker Michael Moore is cautioning against complacency during President Donald Trump's first term—warning progressives that the president's historically low approval ratings don't necessarily point to a Trump defeat in 2020.


I am not sure what the answer is. Apparently at least one third of the US population are white supremacists. That could be more than half of all white people. Anyone who is not a white supremacist should never vote for Trump. Such a vote would be morally wrong (for voters who believe legalized abortion is morally wrong and white supremacy is morally wrong this would seem to create quite a conflict) but most are probably single issue voters and would vote for Trump). Are there some white supremacists who can be persuaded not to vote for Trump who is coming through in flying color with a white supremacist agenda. Most white supremacists are not going to admit that they are white supremacists or may not even realize that their views put them in that category. With white supremacy now out in the open and even dominating the White House I doubt if anyone has a good handle on politics these days.


If we do not get rid of Trump before the election in 2020, I would submit there is no way he will lose in 2020! Even if it means starting a nuclear war! Or declaring martial law for national security reasons! This is not hyperbole my progressive friends because Trump is such an ego maniac he will do whatever it takes to stay in power. That is the way I see it, unless Trump resigns or is impeached he will find a way to whip up his base in order to stay in power. But love to be proved wrong!


As an indicator of how delusional elite opinion is on this subject, here’s the Washington Posts’ Chris Cilliza’s list, Corey Booker, Kristen Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, John Hickenlooper, Amy Klobuchar, and Michelle Obama. Neither Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren made the list.


During the 2016 campaign Trump told the world that he could kill somebody on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and not lose one vote. To date I have seen no evidence that contradicts that claim. Until that changes there is nothing stopping Trump from winning in 2020 as long as the GOP continues to hold all the cards while the Democrats hold none.

Note also that recent research confirms that a POTUS incumbent or candidate needs to win only 23% of the popular vote to win the election.


Yeah, he could, especially since millions of we pissed-off Sanders supporters have left the Democrats and WILL NEVER vote for another one of their presidential nominees, since we have gone to the Green Party to replace the Democrats as one of the two viable political parties in this country. Come join us and help end one-half of the corporate duopoly and replace it with a party that cannot be bought by billionaires and lobbyists. #Demexit 2017!


Yeah the only reason Trump might win again is that the Democrats will either split their vote or not vote at all. If they don’t nominate a progressive candidate this time they will have another election with their voters choosing not to vote. You would think that after 4 years of Trump all Democrats would vote for anyone who opposed Trump but I wouldn’t hold my breath. If Trump wins again it will be the Democrats fault for not turning out.


That’s cutting off your nose to spite your face and exactly the way to end up with another round of Trump. Your kind are exactly the reason we ended up with Trump this time. If you want to hold out for an unelectable progressive candidate in the primaries fine, but if you live in a close state and don’t vote or vote for a candidate that can’t win in the general election then shame on you for being so pig headedly stupid.


Of course. The corporate / neoliberal elites, one voice of which is WaPo, will again try to put up one of their own…completely oblivious to the mood / interests of the vast majority of the populace.


2018 is not far away, and yet the Dem elite is doubling down on the failed strategies of 2016: threatening, shaming, blaming, and gaslighting progressives. Hillbots such as NYT White House correspondent Maggie Halberman are even still trying to smear Bernie Sanders.

On Saturday, Halberman tweeted, “Worth recalling that Jane Sanders appeared w Arpaio once and toured his tent jail.”

Seriously? Jane Sanders visited Arpaio’s tent cities during the primary to highlight their cruelty, and Jane Sanders publicly confronted Arpaio about racial profiling and inhumane conditions at that time. https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/08/somehow-the-nyts-maggie-haberman-used-sheriff-joe.html

What Maggie Halberman, who was outed in 2016 by wikileaks for being a media spin doctor for the Hillary Campaign, achieved through this dishonest smear was to remind us once again that the Democratic Party elite is corrupt and vicious, and most of the corporate media is propaganda. http://www.dailywire.com/news/9834/wikileaks-outs-nyt-maggie-haberman-clinton-john-nolte

Michael Moore is right, Trump will win, because the Dems keep doubling down on nothing but empty platitudes, gaslighting, lame slogans (“A Better Deal,” LOL) and lies.

After decades of contributing to and volunteering for Democratic candidates, I’m done. Like many others, I am now a single-issue voter: singlepayer universal healthcare #MedicareForAll. If a candidate doesn’t credibly support #MedicareForAll, he absolutely deserves to lose.


Bernie/Liz Progressive Democrats 2020. Pretty hard to beat.


No, genedebs is merely reflecting a significant part of the populace. Very very many, including probably a significant percentage of millennials and newer voters simply aren’t willing to play the Red/Blue game anymore, when that has yielded a steady erosion of democracy, an ever-widening wealth & income gap, a rapidly destabilizing climate and threatened biosphere.

Yes, there is a price to pay for refusing LOTE; but there is also a hefty one to pay for continuing to enable the corporate elites to control both parties. And by every indication so far since the election, the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party has shown no ability to comprehend this much less any willingness to act.

And it will take far more than merely embracing single payer for all as the article seems to suggest; though that would be an important part of a platform.


The question is, do the neoliberal Dem leadership care whether they win or lose as long as their bribes roll in?


Progressives should become the evil, greedy, reactionary, fear driven, polluting, robbing, murdering, lying, child killing assholes that conservatives are so they can win.


It worked so well for the Democratic party…


Tried that and failed bigly.


It’s funny how “close” states an surprise you …

Any candidate on a ballot can win if enough folks vote for 'em …


What, did you think you could do it by yourself? - The problem is not that you tried, the problem is that not enough of us did …


People need to recognize that Trump is not the start of the critical issues which rampage our screens daily. He is a continuation. Neither Pubs nor Dums have any intention of installing a democracy. They have ineffective plans to deal with climate and pollution issues, no plans to get corporations out of Washington and voters in, and never a thought of exorcising manifest destiny, american exceptionalism and militaristic fervour from their dark hearts. Don’t make the mistake of thinking armageddon arrived with Trump. He’s just the latest ‘wild’ flower child, making previous political thugs look ‘good’.


The only certainty in a lesser evil political environment is that the next POTUS will be more evil than the previous POTUS.

Baby boomers are no longer the largest block of voters, their children are. Their children wised up to the lesser evil scam faster than the boomers did (many still have not) and are not going to swallow the s__t sandwiches the Democratic Party keeps serving up.
Boomers embracing establishment Democrats while chastising their kids for voting for progressives didn’t work in 2016 and will fail even worse in 2018, 2020 and beyond.