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Warning Against Complacency, Michael Moore Says Trump Could Win Again in 2020


The only way things ever change is to break the current system. It’s a long-game that the far-right started playing 50 years ago after the Goldwater debacle, and took decades to come to fruition. But it did for them, and they run just about everything now. You can’t reform the Democratic Party, it’s too beholden to the corporate interests, lobbyists and billionaires who own their behinds, so we have to go around them and defeat them. I am so sick and tired of the “the perfect is the enemy of the good” argument. There is nothing good about the rot at the core of the institutional Democratic Party. They have all sold out and are all bought-and-paid-for. Two examples of supposed reformers: Howard Dean is now a lobbyist for the largest medical industry lobbying shop in DC, and Barney Frank, of Dodd-Frank fame, is now a director of - drum roll please - a bank. The new chair of the California Democratic Party is openly a lobbyist for Pharma. You can’t make this s#$% up. They told the nurses’ union people at the California state party convention that railroaded him into office to “shut the eff up and leave (the room)”. Well here’s hoping they keep walking and come and join us in the Green Party. My goal simply stated is to work to end the Democratic Party and send it the way of the Whigs - to the ash heap of history where they now belong. They don’t represent we the people, and haven’t since the Great Society.


As long as the DNC is run by and led by corporate shills, nothing will change. Time for a new party. The DNC has stated categorically that they don’t want or need progressives. Good. Fuck 'em.


Hey, if this can help make the NPV a reality, more power to him.


78% of Republicans still love this guy., 100% will vote for him again. Moore is right if we keep chasing ghosts, like the Russian thing, instead of fixing our flawed and arcane election system designed for the horse and buggy era we are in fact doomed.


Sorry Michael but absolutely no one that I know is complacent and most are totally Pissed Off. Mainly at the Democratic Party for nailing us to the choice of another Neo liberal Wall Street shill or the sack of excrement we ended up with. I can see no reason we cannot have a party that will stand firmly behind honest unions, income parity, a developing infrastructure, affordable higher education, Medicare for all, and strong alliances through the UN.


He does seem to have a lot in common with the peculiar little round man in North Korea.


I think that they have seen how well that position works after the last election.


Yes. Michael is reminding us that complacency is exactly why Hillary lost the election due to a low Democratic, independent voter turn out in 2016. Which was a repeat of the 2014 election complacency that put so many Republicans in congress. We have to own the fact that we did it with our complacency previously and unless we wake up and show up at the ballot boxes in huge numbers, we will get Trump for a second horrific term in office.


If the Democratic Party establishment forces another neoliberal on us they will lose again.

It’s not a matter of complacency. The electorate is sick and tired of “Democrats” that do not represent our interests. We knew what Hillary was-a neoliberal. We didn’t want her. She might have been even worse than Trump.


Preaching to the choir, there. We need information and action that will change minds in those who voted for Trump but are wavering now.


Either everyone is smarter than the DNC who repeatedly lose for the same reasons, or the Democrats, unlike Republicans don’t run to win - they run to raise funds. Winning is just an inadvertent accident that happens now and then. Hey, Hillary brought in 10X the $$$ that Trump did. She and her consultants and vendors are still counting their victory $$.


No it’s not the “Democrats (voters) fault for not turning out”. Why should we vote for a corporate democrat? The Dem leadership needs to give us a candidate we want to vote for. For years I voted for the lesser of two evils. No more!


Complacency means not doing anything. By that standard we should be well informed on issues and calling our Senators and congressmen everyday. If the only party that can beat Trump they are the one that needs our direct input, a direct democracy of sorts. If that doesn’t work call them twice a day. Republicans too, let them know how their bills hurt Americans.


Jill Stein got one percent of the vote in California one of the most progressive states,


“cutting off your nose to spite your face”

which denotes a total lack of imagination. As long as the one party continues to worship money and is essentially a rotten cadaver from nose to tail and the other simply worships money and is totally devoid of integrity or decency, the clueless electorate that is still inclined to vote at all will continue to vote for one or the other.

As that asshole Drumpf is want to say, “so sad”. By the time the US voting public wakes up, nuclear war or Global Heating will have done all of humanity in. “Goodbye and Thanks for All the Fish”.


If there was ever a time for Sanders to bolt the party and form a third-party independent bid for the presidency it is now. The Democratic Party is little more than a phony front for large corporations and the Military Industrial Complex. Its loss in 2016 was an epic failure and I see little change or self-criticism in the party since then to indicate a change in direction.

I do have great reservations about Sanders, although I supported his candidacy. He is an imperialist who supports US Empire. But he at least supports Single Payer and strengthening Social Security, basic stuff like that. He is the most popular politician in the country. And, the idea behind the Draft Bernie movement is to have a founding convention for a new populist progressive party–something progressives could actually influence. Progressives have ZERO influence on the Democratic Party.

Moore is a decent and well-intentioned guy but he is entirely compromised by the fear-based politics that Americans are all conditioned into from birth. The Democratic Party is hopeless as a vehicle for progressive change. It’s real function within our plutocracy is to contain progressivism, not enact progressive legislation.



Democrats , Republicans.

Of course he will win again. Most of you " for the sheepel" are about as bright as he his!

As if the elctrion hasn’t been cooked for decades. As if you have any real choice.

Ohh u wanna cry, cry, cry!!!
Wake the fuck up!!!


That’s not true at all. Cillizza has Warren and Sanders in the top tier and the others you mention way down the list.


Did it ever occur to you that the main entity guilty of complacency is the party you tell us we should support?

They stand for nothing. They have no brand. They’re on a losing streak of epic proportions.

How is that the voters’ fault?


Terrible list. Corporate-backed Booker and the rest are no good. Another Obama sounds good in comparison to Trump, but anyone else besides Trump sounds good. Jill Stein would be the best I think, since she would tear up the military-industrial complex as well as deal with Bernie’s concerns about domestic policy.