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Warning Against 'Knee Jerk' Attack on Syria, UK Labour Leader Calls for Facts and Diplomacy Over Bombs


Warning Against 'Knee Jerk' Attack on Syria, UK Labour Leader Calls for Facts and Diplomacy Over Bombs

Julia Conley, staff writer

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn stood firmly against other European leaders on Tuesday as many appeared ready to follow President Donald Trump into battle, after Trump made overtures regarding a possible attack on Syria.


The thugs that ordered this horrible chemical attack need to be brought to justice and be held accountable, but ask yourself: CUI BONO?


How anti-American, and by that I mean he undermines war profiteers and people looking to use Syrian lives on a chess board. See, how it works is that some immoral monsters in power, unelected and unaccountable to the general public, get the keys to the war machine, they take a position, and that becomes the “American” position. If you disagree with their decision, and if you are unwilling to ignore their actual record, you then become “anti-American.” Now, if you want a job on CNN, MSNBC or any other major network, you will have to accept these modes of thought to such an extent that you don’t have to be told to tow the line on the propaganda war profiteers and hawks feed you. You know the score, your check depends on it, and you’ll be paid by these people to do their bidding. If you do it well, you may get a good gig on TV, and your salary will be inversely related to your societal worth. That is a wonderful system, isn’t it?


Exactly, we all know who is responsible for this gas attack, if there actually was one.
Commenters from Breitbart, Zero Hedge, and even Redstate are calling this a false flag also.
For the extreme right and left to come together in total agreement on anything is phenomonal.
Now is the time for Trump to destroy the Deep State, especially since they are trying to destroy him. All of us, both conservatives and liberals would have his back in disolving the Alphabet agencies and taking back control of this country for the people to run.
He could turn his term in office from one of the worst in American history to the greatest.
If only he would listen.


This ‘chemical attack’ like the others, is being pushed forward as a reason for war. As usual no evidence is presented. The corporate media is parroting the gov’t lines. They have no reporters on the ground and do zero investigating.


This is getting frightening.


“Facts and diplomacy” ?!

Here? In the US? in 2018?

Surely you jest.


Ironically, those of us who favor an investigation in this chlorine attack like Corbyn does, are accused of knee jerk ‘anti-Americanism,’ knee jerk support for Assad and Putin, and somehow knee jerk support for Trump.

Seriously, those accusations were leveled in comments here yesterday.

Now who the hell is supporting Trump, us patient skeptics of the US National Security apparatus or those who can’t wait for Trump to drop bombs?


What is a “black op”?


Isn’t it rather coincidental that just days after Trump said he wants to withdrawal troops from Syria, there’s a gas attack on children?? Also, it seems rather illogical that Assad would order an attack on civilians and kids using a UN banned chemical weapon when the anti-Syrian forces were surrounded by government troops and were being forced to negotiate? Was Assad channelling Snidely Whiplash while twisting his mustache just to order a gratuitous attack on civilians using the only weapons that would spark outrage and give an excuse for western powers to bomb Syria yet again? (If Assad only had lots of drones! - then everything would be kosher!)


Let’s discuss hypocrisy, shall we? The warmongers are upset about the Syrian children who were gassed, yet they haven’t said one damn word about the Yemen children who are being bombed by their ally Saudi Arabia.

Nor were they upset about the thousands of Iraqi children that we killed by putting sanctions on their country.

Or the numerous children that we have killed by our drones!

The hypocrisy is astounding.


Just like witches at black masses…


It defies credulity to assume that Assad, at that moment, and with the involved advice of Russia, would blatantly commit such a huge unforced strategic blunder, but hey, anything’s possible. Just not very probable. I’m very interested in a truthful investigation of this incident. Are those itching for righteous vengeance also committed to finding and knowing the truth? Corbyn is right, so I guess that makes him not a true lefty in some eyes. Imagine that.

Hard to believe that most of Europe wouldn’t be calling for a cease fire and peace talks for this conflict, if only so as not to continue or worsen the refugee situation. Wouldn’t that give a glow of warmth to the Union of Europe to find out later that a worsening refugee problem was prodded with a lie? So, best to find out, no mistake, before you go down that road.

Will it even be possible that the truth will be exposed? Will the only true conclusion of honest investigators which they could defend, forensically looking through the actions of multiple actors, be “undetermined”? An honest attempt should be made, regardless.


That’s assuming it even happened. Given that the western media believe everything the terrorists say, why not just stage a drama rather than do the deed?


Ordinary people believe this because two decades of demonising Mr Putin and Mr Assad have led to them accepting such lies because: “We’re good. They’re evil”. No thought required. Once you claim your enemies are not rational human beings but demons who do evil just because they can (the Guardian did that yesterday), you can claim anything and do anything and feel confident that you have extinguished critical thought in your own population as well. Rational people take care - you’ll be targets next. Join the herd.


Unfortunately, Trump is a big talker but not a listener. Plus, nobody in Washington dares utter the truth. We, the people, keep reinforcing the status quo by buying into it every election. We do not force our candidates to answer real questions about war and peace; to tell the truth about our ‘national interests’, etc. The campaigns are stump speeches that never address truth but we keep voting for people who are mere politicians and not statesmen. We could turn this country around for the better by not voting for anyone who offers us the status quo. We need to abandon our political parties and vote for independent candidates who offer us a different vision for our country where the people matter. Really, what do we have to lose?


The people who voted for Trump are still solidly behind him, no matter how many times he changes his positions or what he says or does. That’s what the American brand of politics does to people. It has become a sport of winning or losing. Bad sportsmanship is easily tolerated. It’s not about the issues. It’s about screwing the opposition, even if it doesn’t make any sense,


We are being rushed to war in Syria. Trump has just told Russia missiles “will be coming” at Syria on Twitter. And yet no panic in the air. This is Iraq redux on steroids and against Russians (and Chinese + Iranians), and yet an eerie calm and lack of panic prevails.


You might find this to be of interest:


Good point!


Actually not true. Many posters on right wing sites are turning on Trump. Many saying they will not vote for him in 2020. Some even calling him a conman amd a turncoat.