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Warning Against Swift Reopening of Economy, Fauci Admits Covid-19 Death Toll 'Almost Certainly Higher' Than Official 80,000+

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/12/warning-against-swift-reopening-economy-fauci-admits-covid-19-death-toll-almost

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Trump seems to be either going in circles or maybe zig zagging all over and bouncing off the polls. If Trump fires Dr. Fauci, he will have NO credibility----and even those who pay no attention might suddenly realize that life in the United States is merely an example of chance taking.
It is also very sad that many still believe that only grandma and grandpas get this disease. It is a truly smart disease, as it seems to look always for what is weakest in each person—and because of this the people at the beginning were told they did not have Covid19 because they had no temperature, or they were too young----------maybe though---- this is all Gaia’s Revenge for ruining her Earth. Maybe we are the Neo- Dinosaurs in our climate changing planet . We are just another part of the continually changing Earth’s history. Maybe after homo sapiens come homo sapiens suicidious , and won’t that be sad and tragic!


And the definition of “recovery” from Covid-19 needs to be revised. I read a chilling article today on people who allegedly have recovered but who have devastating residuals. Such as kidney failure, cardiac issues, paralysis of arms and legs, cognitive problems, inability to feed or toilet themselves. This is not recovered; this is having life-changing permanent effects of the virus.
Ah, but the numbers must look good so we can reopen the country and MAGA. Trouble is…no one knows if people are still shedding the virus. Or does it recur, like herpes simplex.
I wish the good doctor Fauci had been more forceful with his words. Not “serious effects” if we reopen too early or have a second wave, but “deadly”. Forget the tiptoes, sir, hoping to keep your position. You’re our last bastion of reason and science.


Check out the John Hopkins site and their listing for number of deaths by country. Spain, Italy, China, etc are all listed by the total number for the country. There is no listing for the US as it is broken down by states, city, or hot spot in order to keep the USA from the top of the list. Given some of the bs that has been spouted by John Hopkins corporate doctors and researchers, the coward Bernie Sanders using them as his source of information is telling. FU Bernie; CARES Act passed 96-0.


I’m so glad Fauci is getting a big fat income while he never expresses a single concern for those who are out of work and without insurance, without unemployment benefits, on the verge of losing their businesses, or who are suffering from other serious health concerns. Not even a bone does he throw to them. It’s all about the “science” and his “expertise” and the contagion of fear that he himself has not helped to slow.

And why does Common Dreams post these articles that make such a clear attempt at partisan divisiveness? Is it just the Republicans who are totally out of touch with working (or now out of work) Americans? And the great Democrats who are our best hope of leading us out of this mess?

Spare me.

Do I trust Tony Fauci? WHO? CDC? Bill Gates? Some magical vaccine that will someday magically save the day?
**** No!


The true number of deaths from Covid19 are about half the stated number. If you go to the CDC website and look at the data for 5/6/2020, they list 44,016 deaths from Covid19, and 19,453 for Pneumonia + Covid19. Hospitals are given a financial incentive from the Federal Government to include Covid19 in the diagnosis in the form of a reimbursement of $13,000 per patient and $39,000 if on a ventilator. The MSM are apparently reporting all deaths as Covid19 even if they are only a clinical diagnosis or a co-morbidity.
Dr. Fauci doesn’t want herd immunity to develop because then we wouldn’t need his vaccine and Bill Gates chip.


At the very least Neanderthal.


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“an actual crisis that requires a centralized government wit broad powers …” The problem being that governments always everywhere never give up such powers after the crisis is over and always abuse them; e.g. 9-11. On your comment on tobacco, it reminds me of the old Woody Allen movie, The Sleeper, where Woody wakes up in the future and discovers that cigarettes and hamburgers have been discovered to actually be good for you. I also read that France was issuing nicotine patches to first line health personnel but haven’t seen much in the press about it - that story would be too hot to handle I guess.

The High Priest of Fear Anthony Fauci injects more fear into the dynamic.

Thankfully Rand Paul put a little sanity into it.

Is this the land of the docile and home of the voluntarily confined, or something else?

No jury trials are the current situation, and no voting is on the horizon, all for a disease that kills just a small percentage of those infected.

Meanwhile, new poll shows majority of Americans believe federal government not doing enough to stop resurgence of outbreak.

And this is aided by the insistence on having the private sector come to the rescue.

One example as reported in The Washington Post:


Article is dated May 12

As I am unable to post a direct link try this:


From The Times of London also dated May 12

After Covid-19, how we can prepare for a new pandemic

Better monitoring and more investment in drugs could prevent another global disaster, Rhys Blakely writes

try this link as they too do not permit a direct link unless you sign-up


Just wow. Lots of commenters pushing for ignorance and mass death. Instead of pushing “to promote the general welfare.”

We need to keep slowing the spread of this virus, and we need a government that makes sure individuals and families have the resources to be nutritionally and financially OK during these measures.

Throwing up our hands in the face of Trump’s madness plays right into his tiny hands.

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Check out Dr.Judy Mikovits an old colleague of Tony Fauci.

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Thanks for that.

Wikipedia has set itself up as the final arbiter of medical acceptability, which is to say that any practice that’s not German allopathy (with the grudging acceptance of chiropractic after many years of struggle) is denounced as quackery. If it, Science magazine, Snopes and Rolling Stone have all lined up against Dr. Mikovits, my bullshit detector suggests she might be close to some uncomfortable truths.

Meanwhile, as both a socialist of long standing and as one who, in my early teens, was influenced by a dystopian sci-fi novel titled Point Ultimate (by Jerry Sohl, still in print), I’m deeply skeptical of any medicine–most especially any vaccine!–manufactured for profit.

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You are welcome. ME TOO!

Wikipedia, Snopes and other debunkers always make me suspicious when they attempt to discredit individuals or ideas, beliefs, possibilities. Dr. Mikovits may not be putting the story in complete context, but even without the “Plannedemic” video, I had major reservations about Bills Gates and these mass vaccination plans.

I trust Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his factual attacks on Gates and his legacy of disease, death and intentional sterilization of populations in India and Africa. Anyone who dismisses the idea that something very dark (mass depopulation) lies behind these mass vaccination plans is naive.

WHO, CDC, Gates, Fauci and others are well aware of the research that has been done on viruses and particularly coronaviruses, the genetic modifications ostensibly done to develop new ‘vaccines,’ and the massive funding of biological warfare labs in recent years.

No. I don’t trust any of them. I’m not in denial that the virus is real, just highly suspicious of numerous aspecs of the pandemic.

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Hi Godless:
But remember, the more votes Bernie gets, the more his delegates will be able to make sure that mindless Joe actually does help ALL The PEOPLE, bu having laws that help all the people and not JUST the corporates and the crazy military people.
And YES, that is very creepy that while the rest of the world gets the =rates of the entire nation, America is listed state by state…Hmmmm, trying to make the quick read a win for Trump as the total deaths will not be shown!

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