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Warning Against Trump 'Coup' Attempt, 15,000+ Sign Petition Urging US Military Leaders to Refuse Any Order to Interfere in Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/warning-against-trump-coup-attempt-15000-sign-petition-urging-us-military-leaders

Going to need a bigger (vote). Not 15,000. More like 15,000,000 signatures.


“President Trump has made it clear that he will not accept losing the election,”

Anyone believe this petition will make any difference?

Trump has burned some serious bridges with the military hasn’t he? Pardoning a war criminal which caused serious PTSD and suicide in platoon that reported the criminal; abandonment of the Kurds in Syria; “suckers and losers” comment"; insult to gold star family; driving out of Colonel Vindman from military after testified at impeachment…


Orangeman is already boasting in advance about getting the Supreme Court’s cooperation with stealing 2020. Of all possible outcomes after tomorrow’s landslide victory for the other side, none seems more unlikely than a retreat of the crazed lunatics, the orange minions manifestly intent on destroying us, by hook or by crook. Plywood coating downtowns across the country, extra-high fence going up around the White House, everybody smells the scent of impending rebellion in the air. On the oppressor’s side of the barricades, they seem to be operating with inside info.

North Carolina last Saturday, just one of the places to see the (police terror) hammer coming down:

Police in Alamance County in North Carolina pepper-sprayed a peaceful get-out-the-vote march Saturday, descending on the crowd after they stopped near a Confederate monument to kneel in honor of George Floyd, who was killed by police in Minneapolis in May. Viral videos of the violent police action show officers in riot gear attacking the marchers, including young children and elderly people, who had intended to walk to a polling place on the last day of early voting in North Carolina. At least eight people were arrested, including march organizer Rev. Greg Drumwright, who says police gave the crowd of hundreds only 14 seconds to clear out before attacking. “We never made it to the polls,” says Drumwright. “We believe that this interaction, this interference from local authorities, has obstructed our marchers from not only lifting up our First Amendment rights to protest, to speak out, but also our rights to vote.”



Thank you, hate group democrats

May be of interest:


Add all of that to shooting someone on 5th Ave. and trump still has support of the deplorables.
I see trump just lost two more voter suppression lawsuits.
At what point does he no longer have standing on voting measures?

Open letter to Americans:
If the shit hits the fan be ready to defend yourselves.
We have too many gun nuts that are bored plunking away at the gun range.

The Secret Service does not work for the President, they work for and report to their director at Homeland Security and if that director gives them the order to remove him from the white house, they will.

dump of human excrement does not need the military. That’s what his brown shirts and white robes are for.

We are WAY beyond petitions at this point. Not sure they ever do any good, though I have certainly added my name to many over the years.

Should be “Orange Suit Man.” Maybe a lovely ankle bracelet for good measure.

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Trump will surely ignore any petition and in fact any advice that conflicts with his intuition.

On the other hand if a petition went to the military directly, perhaps with a reminder that they are obligated to disobey any unlawful order, maybe that would make some difference.

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So have I. Petitions only work in a democracy.