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'Warning for the World': Five Pacific Islands Officially Lost to Rising Seas


'Warning for the World': Five Pacific Islands Officially Lost to Rising Seas

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Five Pacific Islands have been swallowed by rising seas and coastal erosion, in what Australian researchers say is the first confirmation of what climate change will bring.

The submerged region, which was part of the Solomon Islands archipelago and was above water as recently as 2014, was not inhabited by humans.


The future will simply overwhelm us.


Ken Ham is caulking the S.S. Delusional as I type.


"The five that sank ranged in size from one to five hectares (roughly two to 12 acres) and supported "dense tropical vegetation that was at least 300 years old," the researchers wrote for Scientific american."

That plant community is specificially evoloved to reduce and prevent erosion.
The islands were not "eroded" as much as they were simply Flooded by The rising sea.


Certainly losing islands and coastlines is a dramatic occurrance, especially for the people and animals living there. But we are all living on an island. And this island we call Earth is in serious danger and the time to do something about it grows ever shorter. But since this article is about the oceans let's discuss another point. The acidity of the oceans is being drastically changed and the plankton, which produces around half the oxygen we need to survive, is dying. The reefs are dying, the fish are dying. This is about way more than moving people away from the rising seas. This is about gulping your last breath. Think of a fish out of water trying to gasp it's last breath.......then imagine........!


Sat pics of these islands before and after would be useful????


I actually think a bit of panic is a good idea. The reason I say that is we are already late and many people seem to think we still have a lot of time. Scientists report based on collected data but that data is already old when they publish. What people don't realize is that the scientists in an effort to please climate change skeptics and doubters have taken pains to be absolutely sure of their conclusions even when that is almost impossible. So they underestimate their conclusions.

Scientists are asked to predict what will happen and then get attacked for saying what they think will happen. Look at that graph! Isnt it pretty obvious? Yet some politician or fossil fuel lobbyist demand proof that Scientists can guarantee that trend will continue to happen. Well scientists can't do that. So they wait to make their conclusions until they can be sure. Meanwhile those conclusions may already have started happening because of the 'caution delay' in publishing the collected data.

It shouldn't be this warm so soon. I bet most people expect that sooner or later that there will be more normal winters again (snowier anyway). But what happens if we never have our old winters ever again? Is that time to panic? When the polar ice cap began melting away that was the time to panic but we took it in stride and morons talked about climate change was a cycle and it was happening on Mars!

It is long past time to panic. I say that because we are avoiding facing how bad it already is and how fast it is worsening. There is the inertia encountered when trying to affect so large a system. We took decades of profligate environmental abuse to get here and it will not be easy to stop that abuse quickly and it will still take time (inertia) for the system to show the beneficial effects.

Yeah time to panic. We may have seen the last winter... and missed noticing it since it was a couple or so years ago.


This has been known for at least since President Jimmy Carter, 1980, or so. Government has failed us for its lack of leadership on the issue, all-the-while, it has pandered to industry taking its money for election campaigns and revolving door "jobs." For election cycle after election cycle lip service has been given to this issue while politicians have dodged the issue and many have gotten rich, politicians and plutocrats-oligarchs, while we at an ever increasing pace, life on Earth, has come closer to destruction. If government cannot provide the leadership to give worthy attempt to turn this most serious, precarious reality around then why do we tolerate this government?


Well said. I could not agree more. Withy phytoplankton on the decline, we are in serious trouble. And like everything else.. our demise will come "much sooner than expected." I'm not a religious man anymore, but God help us all and all the other creatures who are "collateral damage" because of our actions.


The simplistic explanation of CO2 causing climate change needs to be rejected and we need to examine all possible reasons. First, I would look at the weaponization of weather (geoengineering) as a factor. The experiments with the ionosphere and stratosphere are criminal. We are the guinea pigs. See Geoengineering Watch an d Weather AS a Force Magnifier (US Air Force paper on using weather as a weapon). The Gov is working with private corporations and experimenting on our weather. They can cause storms, droughts, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.


Matt Heins,

I really resent the inference that All of "Flyover States Mentality" is your excuse for those of us who live in places like Kansas. I will agree we are saddled with a lot of ignorant people who voted for the current governor, secretary of state and the legislators. However, that does not include me and I have been quite vociferous in my complaints to my fellow workers, friends and relatives about the problems we are facing due to climate change. I happen to have worked very hard to receive a masters degree in archeology at the age of 57 and really hope that those who live on the coasts don't decide to overwhelm us in the "Flyover States" when they are up to their hindends in water.


I assume you were referring to the temperature increase gif, the word exponential comes to mind.


Next on line: Bangldesh. How many hundreds of millions live there, about 12 inches to 1 metre above sea-level?