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Warning Fundamental Rights and American Lives at Stake, 5,000+ Lawyers Urge Senate to Reject Barrett

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/09/warning-fundamental-rights-and-american-lives-stake-5000-lawyers-urge-senate-reject


Sounds like it’s just about “Joan of Arc” time.

Since we don’t have a “Joan” to roast, let’s consider some politically corrupt Justices.


Isn’t ramming through 3 justices in a single term basically stacking the court? If the GOP was the minority opposition party, they’d be screaming about loading the court as soon as they had the chance.

The collective amnesia of the American public is truly staggering.


After the Merrick Garland hi jinx, I would have to say hell yeah!


Maybe warm up with a few Senators first?


Take your pick of the litter.

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Saturday afternoon:
Associated Press has the story about the senate judicial committee being ultra careful questioning Amy about her religious beliefs. These are not Usually allowed to be used to disqualify an individual for office. Some of us remember when the supreme court had a Jewish seat and a black seat.

Democrats do not want to lose any Catholic votes as they did in 2016. They also have to fear that Diane Feinstein has a hidden witness to come forward and attack some element in Amy’s personal life. Schumer is useless, as usual.

Schumer mainly serves the interests of two groups, Big Money and Zionism. Both groups would prefer Barrett to a liberal justice.

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