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Warning of 'Dark Days Ahead,' Historians of Fascism Stress 'It Is Not Too Late' to Avoid Descent Into Authoritarianism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/warning-dark-days-ahead-historians-fascism-stress-it-not-too-late-avoid-descent

Two cites from the article:

  • Securing commitments from corporate media organizations and governments to tackle the dangers of misinformation and media concentration.
  • “We need to turn away from the rule by entrenched elites and return to the rule of law…”

i would go further.

We need to recognize that “entrenched elites” own and operate those “corporate media organizations” and a whole lot more, and effectively have “owned and operated” the supposedly “democratic” governments for decades now. It is precisely the self-interested ownership elites - in a word, capital - who manipulate media and governance to serve the endless expansion of their ownership and profit and power, who have paved the road to Trump.

Unless we see this, and see the need to disempower these powers who so distort communication, consciousness, and governance, then we do not have a complete understanding of the steps that we need to undertake to unwind fascism, authoritarianism, and the “bumbling opportunism” that a pathetic tool like Trump embodies.

We need global wealth reform. It’s not all we need, but without it, those “entrenched elites” will continue to thwart all our efforts, and we will continue on the road to utter catastrophe - which at this late date is just around the corner and already underway.

We have to be realistic.


Only 1 day left of scrumptious terror! Indulge now before the boring ol’ normal slithers back in!

And remember, Vote Power 2020!


Sorry, but by most estimates some 35-40% of American adults believe that fascism would preferable to social democracy.
It should come as no surprise that most of those pro-fascists are white people. White people have been in charge for a long time. Their biggest problem is not only that they fear losing power, but in the face of that paranoid oblivion, they won’t even SHARE power. Like most fascists, this is a zero sum game for control of the country. It’s all or nothing. They, like their latest hero Trump, would rather see it all go down in flames than to share it with colored people.


To combat anti-Democratic U.S. trends, be “prepared to defend pluralism and democracy against the growing dangers of communal violence and authoritarianism at the ballot box but, if necessary, also through non-violent protest in the streets.”

Sure, freedom of assembly - but only as a last resort!

Because we liberal political scientists know just how easily any group assembly can degenerate into demagogic authoritarian violent anti-rational mass hysteria, as bad as a Nazi lynch mob.


The glacially slow karmic result of FDR appeasing the fascists so he could get his New Deal.

By now, everyone should be aware there is zero compromise with fascists. The same holds true for racists (and yes indeed the overlap between these two groups is more and more readily apparent).

Anyone who says you have to tolerate their intolerance is from one or both of these camps.


Some people just never graduate from the turd grade…


Thank you.

This is a healthy reminder we need more than just occasionally. A mob is ALWAYS the equivalent of its lowest common denominator.

Today I can actually see how a Rwanda styled genocide COULD actually be attempted here. But the tribalism would be fully abstract and nothing more than party identification.

God I hate the Two Party State more each day. Thought I’d maxed out a few years ago, but I see I’ve been proven wrong again.


This is something that ive been touching on more & more of late in my exhortations to non-racist white peoples the world over to stop letting the worst among you be the loudest voice(s)
i believe the phrase i used was that “white people will only ever be as ‘good of people’ as the worst element among them allows


Armed proto-fascist groups are very dangerous. But there aren’t a lot of them. My sense is that Biden is going to blow Trump out of the water and that, while there will be isolated cases of intense violence, for the most part things will fizzle out. I am concerned, however, that we will continue to face the threat of attacks like the Oklahoma City bombing and other right wing terror attacks until the next election cycle.


Wouldn’t the same apply to people of color? and in fact to all groups, progressive or not?

Let’s hope you’re right…

Shoot, more like in perpetuity…

Easy to say from Puerto Rico! (i kid, i kid - apologies if i got your locale wrong)


Theoretically, yes…duh🤦

Way to make it all about race, boomer!

Theoretically? POC behavior is no above reproach than any other group of humanity. Anti-social and violent behavior needs to be called out by all civilized people.

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Who said POC are “above reproach”???
Are they the ones who currently pose a “threat to democracy”???


Are you saying no asians, Muslims, Hispanics or anyone other than White Anglo Saxons are a threat to democracy?

And I hear that Murdoch, not a US American but Australian as we know, is busy now, after dumping Trump, building up the power of the Tea Party so we can be sure to have someone even worse than Trump in the future.

Capitalism is actually inimical to democracy if by that term we mean the absolute worth of every human being. Capitalism fosters inequality and thus denies the absolute worth of everyone.


Ok, boomer?
Happy now?


Not necessarily. For racism to be institutionalized, it requires implementation by the majority. Being bigoted or prejudiced is different, because there’s not necessarily the power to enact it.

It’s possible for an African country to have racist policies against whites for example - however, reality is a lot different out there in the world. I grew up in West Africa and Southeast Asia and nothing of my youth prepared me for the racism I’ve experienced here stateside. National prejudices were far more prevalent - and two times when I had confrontations with youth of my age, it immediately disappeared when they realized I wasn’t French. Post colonial prejudice is not racism.

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You sound like a bitter racist, ageist little man. So sad for you.