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Warning of 'Disastrous' Threat to Public Safety, California Firefighters Declare Support for Net Neutrality Bill


Warning of 'Disastrous' Threat to Public Safety, California Firefighters Declare Support for Net Neutrality Bill

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After Verizon "dramatically" slowed the internet service of firefighters battling the largest wildfire in California's history earlier this summer, the statewide union for firefighters is urging California lawmakers to support a bill that advocates call the "gold standard" of state-level net neutrality legislation.


I don’t think anyone realized what would happen ----but the Fire Fighters experience is one of the clearest ways to understand how LOSING Net Neutrality can kill us. Killing Free Speech is bad enough—but whoa! Verizon can literally kill us all by throttling public emergency communications! : 0


As a past Firefighter and IAFF local president, it saddens me to know it took this incident to gain their support for the bill.


I am glad they have endorsed the bill. I am disappointed that it took until their ox was being gored for them to speak out for the common good. How is it that most people seem to be this way and can’t put themselves in others’ shoes before it happens to themselves? I have never understood how that can be.


It isn’t just emergency personnel who need free unimpeded access. There are lots of people who need to use text (data) to communicate because of hearing, speech or other disabilities and thus are required by necessity to use data instead of voice. I can just see it: a deaf person calls for help, using text messaging, such as a crisis line, ready to commit suicide. Then all of a sudden the line is cut off for very arbitrary reasons due to corporate greed.
Could the provider be held responsible?


Thank you AGAIN firefighters.


Great question. I’d happily chip in to plaintiff’s counsel’s costs to find the answer.


Hi RosemW-------
I would hope that the providers would be held responsible for causing deaths—because after all, they keep saying that they are “persons”, and when a person harms another person there are consequences!
What the corporations are doing is exactly what Aesop’s Fable warned us about with the war between the birds and the beasts…

When the war broke out between the birds and the beasts the bat was caught and held by the birds for being a beast ." Oh no," said the bats , “we have wings and fly, so we’re really birds. When the beasts caught a bat they were going to kill it, as they thought it was a bird-------- the bat said, " Oh no, I have live birth and I am a mammal like you!”

When the birds and beasts finally figured out that they were being played--------NObody would speak to the bats again------which explains why the bats come out— alone and at night, LOL, and those same corporate people are always working and hiding in the dark too. : )

Moral of this story---- those playing sides against the middle end up friendless!


Only a sociopath would disagree with this. So much wrong, so much what should be criminal but is celebrated instead points to a morally bankrupt society. Time to get off our gadgets and start organizing face to face to bring an end to this!


And, of course, Gloriana, they are finding more ways than one to kill us.


Maybe the fire fighters could frog-march Ajit Pai directly into the nearest forest fire and leave him. I don’t know the circumstances of Burchett’s death in those fires but I’ve been burned and it is a shock to find yourself as a piece of hot burning meat. Luckily for me the area was small, although the burns were up to third degree. My tiny burns compared to others who are truly burned severely or killed takes me a little way to understanding their shock and horror.
Maybe Ajit Pai can cook up another “cute” video starring himself addressing those fires and his FCC “leadership.”
The original version of net neutrality was the Post Office Act of 1792. It mandated no surveilance (opening mail), and it stopped the different shipment of mail and packages for different customers, requiring all mail to be delivered the same way for all customers. It also created free mailing for media (newspapers/printers) so that the mail became this huge exchange of information from cities to the most rural areas. By 1840 printers were getting more than 3000 papers yearly and using that to re-publish stories from elsewhere (similar to blogs re-writing items from others).


In some level of detail, of course, this may not have been predictable. In terms of general principal, it is. Failure of responsive systems is the exact and universal nature of blocks and hedges and diversions in communication.

This has been studied and demonstrated again and again. It was the reason that there once was one US Post Office and not one entity for New Hampshire and another for Virginia.

The corporate companies show the same sort of flaws in reasoning that they do with respect to other problems, and for the same reasons. The fires were not regarded as a Verizon problem, no more than is your 911 call during a heart attack or your access to information with respect to an election or some other issue. The bu$iness of busine$$ is bu$ine$$, or so Verizon and others would have it.

Of course they did not realize what would happen. How could they? There is no category for externalities in a quarterly report, even if they are internal.


They are effectively trying to sew our mouths, ears, and eyes shut. Just another dehumanizing trend in the “greatest nation on earth” that is slowly but steadily turning its citizens into lambs for the slaughter.


Hi Giovanna, yes, they have more ways to kill us…and notice Verizon forcing the fire fighters to pay up as they were fighting a fire…: 0
Actually Big Pharma is killing us, and now so is the EPA and Dept. Of the Interior—and nowadays it seems like the airlines want to drag people off their flights and murder dogs that have been suffocated in the overhead luggage compartment too.

I suggest we use NEWTON! Congress is a body at rest and we the People can exert enough OUTSIDE FORCE to overcome the inertia of congress.
and # 2 OUR FORCE as a voting block is equal to our mass of voters times our acceleration of figuratively drowning Congress with e-mails and letters , and phone calls. And Finally #3— as Newton did say for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction-------------- Show up at their offices with enough people who keep coming and coming until no one can get in or out and they will HAVE to listen! : )
Maybe they will learn that SCIENCE does matter ! : )


HI Bardamu… sigh -----but Verizon blamed this all on 1 CR employee…LOL and Wells Fargo was a computer glitch, and now Lehman Bros, 10 years later is celebrating f***ing the country!
I think that this is what is wrong with Wall St. and Board Rooms-----they can’t see the People for the DOLLAR$. But then , without the people they won’t get the DOLLAR$.
When you say," In some level of detail, of course, this may not have been predictable…" I don’t think so, because GREED s always predictable : )


HI MCH, well the media is certainly trying to put us all to sleep----and I can just imagine Big Pharma inventing a new shot called SLEEP E-Z, which will unfortunately put people permanently to sleep!

However, now that Mr. Trump has made every nation angry----they are all deciding that --------who needs the dollar anyway. China, Russia India and lots of others like Turkey will follow. The USA killed the Gaddaffi man for wanting to start a gold standard with Africa, and la! China has snuck in and is setting up their monies as America is so busy polishing its historical hubris: )
I even read that while the US was warring in Afghanistan, China was operating a copper mine there.
You know in school how you were rated on "Makes good use of time.: ? China has that down, but America doesn’t ---- so hey maybe China will have a lower rate credit card in the world’s future. : )
As for lambs to the slaughter---- It looks like China is speaking to the world in words of honey—but all America does is spit vinegar!
Yeah we are heading for a screwed up future! : (


Indeed. And what should happen when the sole superpower finds that no one wants to trade with it anymore? Just look at places like Iraq to see what the U.S. does on a GOOD day.


Hi MCH, at first I thought that no one trade will with us because mostly what we sell are military things—and this is the great worry----- that We become ALL WAR ALL the TIME! But it’s getting late, so my brain is going dystopian— and so here’s a weird future for you>>>>>>>>
. Betsy DeVos of the Dept. of Dumbing Down, has a scary brother that was just in the news… Erik the Prince of Darkness----who wants to privatize the military : Oh crap-----so we could possibly become the hired guns of the world…and with that we will no longer have WE the People----but America will become PENTAGON R US, and the poor ( everybody else) will be shipped out all over the world to kill people as poor as themselves. So instead of just killing people in other nations of the world—the privatized armies will eventually kill off themselves----------- Peace----but who will be left… However, Gaia, the planet will be most appreciative. : )