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Warning of Global Havoc as Possible Arctic 'Tipping Points' Pile Up


Warning of Global Havoc as Possible Arctic 'Tipping Points' Pile Up

Jon Queally, staff writer

What is happening in the Arctic will not stay in the Arctic.

In an ominous (though not hopeless) report published Friday, researchers warn that as many as 19 various 'tipping points' could be triggered by the increasingly warm temperatures in the world's northern polar region.

"[These rapid Arctic] changes will destabilize the regional and global climate, with potentially major impacts." —Johan Rockström, Stockholm Resilience Centre


" The signals are getting louder."
One has to wonder how loud before the climate clown hears them!


The media has done a poor job when it comes to tipping points. Almost all we ever hear is that so much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will cause a certain global temperature but little is said about potential feedbacks what they could mean..


It's Black Friday, and the Arctic sea ice extent is 2 million kilometers short of normal today. That's notably into record low territory. It's possible that the extra humidity and particulates being given off by this open ocean is helping to crank up our blizzards.


As other posters here have linked before, the SOTT monthly compilation of earth changes can be instructive. Perhaps Trump might want to subscribe - get an entire month's run-down in less than 30 minutes.


One has to wonder if the water lapping around the ankles of the climate change deniers will have any effect on their position. Unfortunately, I do not believe it will....


If anything, this report is over-conservative, as it's likely that our species is now on the way to extinction!


Here in Milwaukee one TV reporter of the weather has informed me that his management FORBIDS him to talk about global warming! How, pray tell, is that performing a PUBLIC SERVICE?!!


I know, Don and it makes me sick to my stomach! I did not vote for this incompetent clown and now he is filling his Cabinet with thugs and goons of the like we have not seen. In a time when we need the most URGENT moves to green sources of energy, we will now be listless in the doldrums of climate inaction. I am so embarrassed that my country voted for this imbecile. I don't know where to begin.....


EriktheRed== Yep here in Boston, there is a "no talking rule" about climate change impact on the weather. You hear the reports, but no connection to climate. Just another sign of pacification...No need for the viewers to think about climate change and its impact on the weather....Just another sign that all is well, all is normal.....

The Weather Girls.....one cannot miss the positioning of fairly attractive women delivering the weather reports....Another way to distract the audience from what is really going on.......Yep no action needed, just keep on watching the weather.......


You and, I'm sure without reading any further, more people have commented that Trump is "not listening". Where have you people been for the last 30 years when the climate scientists started warning us and the deniers got busy either shutting them up or calling them crazy. Trump is just one little big mouth and the least important, because the 160+ families that own half the planet are busy stealing the rest, and doing something about co2 just gets in their way. It's kind of cute, really, since they and their kids are going to suffer a lot right up to extinction, and they pretend they don't see it coming. Schadenfreude, anyone?


My post is down below somewhere, addressed to Shantiananda and you and all the others who think Drumpf is the big threat.


I'd like to point out that, during the time when we could have done something about this, corporations, their wholly-owned mainstream media subsidiaries, and their cronies in Washington, all denied this was happening. They cut education funding so that kids would grow up without critical thinking skills. They pumped more oil and burned more coal. Then, when the evidence mounted to signal their was a problem, they switched to, "Okay, this is happening, but it's decades away, and it won't be so bad. Drill, baby, drill." Now, the evidence is mounting that climate disruption is going to be here much faster, and it will be much, much worse than any nightmare scenario we could have envisioned. And what happened? Morons in this country elected a climate science denier, who has decided to throw out all of NASA's climate research, on the grounds that it has become "too politicized."

Just let that sink in for a moment.

We're screwed. My advice: start learning how to live off the land. Learn to plant gardens and germinate your own seeds. Learn to hunt small game. It sucks, I know, but sometime soon, there will be many people, who, for the first time in their lives, will know hunger. And it won't be the millionaires and billionaires who starve.

Be sure to thank the rich who brought this nightmare to our world.


I've sent an email to the FCC, asking why they haven't done anything about this.


Thats what i thought when i first saw it - apparently a meme that went viral from the storm. The rest is straight forward record.


This is a very tepid article, outlining a few basic tipping points. There are others more severe. This tactic of watering down climate effects and severity has not had the desired effect of allowing more folks to accept it. Its just same old wallpaper.

Also we are all climate change deniers u less we are unplugging and living without that which is causeing it.


Your point is well taken, Trump may be insouciant about aeromancy, but in the big picture he is more like an insignificant red herring.


I just wonder how many more "Tipping Points" we have left to waste and avoid?


Already too many 'tipping points' since generally at least some of the population seems pretty soused. Hey MC, I think were in the same neighborhood.


Possible Arctic tipping points? POSSIBLE?

A tipping point is either a tipping point or it is not. I suppose one possible tipping point could be more unique than another one........