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Warning of New 'Show Me Your Papers' Era, Rights Advocates Vow to Fight Unlawful Trump Plan for Expedited Deportations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/22/warning-new-show-me-your-papers-era-rights-advocates-vow-fight-unlawful-trump-plan

“If you’re black you’re going back!
If you’re brown you’re going down!
If you’re white you’ll be alright!”

Ice theme song CIRCA 2020 inspired by Donald “Tweeter” Trump.


I read in the “Arizona Daily Star” that Arizona senator Kirsten Sinema helped write this new plan. She won as a democrat last election, was a Green Party member before that, and now might as well be a trumpublican. Some people will do anything to get all that free money from lobbyists. She’s one of them.

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Aside from immigrants being deported after put in concentration camps instead of being sent to the gas chambers, this country is looking more like Hitler’s Nazi Germany every day.

What is in store for us tomorrow?

Will we all wait for this new Hitler wannabe to shoot himself in the head, or provide some assistance?

Can you elaborate? In which ways is The US looking more like Germany in 33?

BTW, no immigrants are put in any camps. I prolly know a lot more immigrants than you do and i don’t know of any of them going to any camp.

Also, Germany wasn’t sending immigrants to the gas chambers. They were doing an ethnic cleansing of their own people based on race. I keep saying public education in the US sucks big time. Every day that belief if being reinforced by reading statements like yours.

I would edit that last para if i were you. You never know who reads these forums and might pay you visit.

You’re right Lamonte, you probably know many more immigrants than I do, and perhaps my last paragraph was worded very strongly.

This still is currently the United States of America, and even though this government continues to glorify the military like a proud bully would, and even though our police departments are provided with military equipment and are encouraged by the resident of the White House to use excessive force and reward murder by forgiving it, I do believe in the right to free speech.

You have your opinions about this government and it’s policies, as do I.

I respect your right to disagree with me.

As far as my last paragraph is concerned, the United States knew what Hitler was doing to the German Jews and chose to allow the slaughter.

My point was to say, we must never forget that, and never allow it to happen again, and even more importantly, never allow anything even closely resembling it to occur here at home.



hell, wish I could get deported to somewhere with a civilized healthcare system.

can you help a brother out, Donnie?

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You answered your own question and it appears very similar to Trump’s white supremacy approach now. My mother left Germany in 1935 because of the persecution of Jews.
But your example is not exactly accurate, my relatives were ‘white’ Germans for many generations. The cleansing was religious based, not racial-but a more accurate description of what ICE’s agenda is now.

My best guess is your mom has probably passed, so there’s no way to ask her if “what ICE’s agenda is now” is the same as in Germany in 1935. I would be curious what the answer is.

My mother just passed. She left Germany on her own at age 15 to the USA to further her education. She came over on a ship with one hundred other children, all German speaking only. She and her father, a farmer and wounded Prussian soldier from WW1 said to me as early as the 1950’s : “don’t think it can’t happen here”. I did not really understand that until later in my life. So your answer is yes, my family knows first hand the truth of tyranny, Nazism, concentration camps, extermination and exile and how it starts.
A country led by madmen, narcissists, cruel racists—with a desperate large population without adequate jobs or earnings, humiliated by defeat, hyperinflation — using scapegoats and vicious propaganda and that is pre WW2 Germany and that is this country now. The hyperinflation will come, just keep printing money and incurring debt.


Yes you are right, there is no resemblance between America and nazi Germany.
Ok sure, we wiped out the natives during the largest genocide in recorded history, and sadistically named sports teams after them, but that was hundreds of years ago. Same for slavery, its all ancient history.
Ok, so maybe the deathsquads we armed, trained and funded in Central America, South America, Indonesia, Indochina and the Middle East have murdered millions. And maybe we have invaded and bombed a long list of countries that posed no threat what so ever in order to pad the bank accounts of a handful of psychopaths. But still, its nothing like nazi Germany where people blissfully went on with their lives pretending nothing was wrong.
It is not as if Americans en masse are blindly parroting state propaganda, no matter how divorced from reality, like the Germans did.
But whatever … no government is perfect, right? And good americans are grown-ups, after all.
So we understand that all that crap about democracy is important to teach the children, and to put on the masthead of your newspaper, or whatever, but the real world doesn’t work like that.
In the real world, where the good americans live, safely insulated from the abject poverty they are not in any way responsible for, sometimes you have to hire a few Nazis, or support a couple of fascist regimes, or sell a few buttloads of arms to the Saudis, despite the fact that they’re a brutal theocracy and the primary sponsors of the Terrorism™ we claim to be bombing the Middle East to stop, or bankrupt a few hundred thousand Americans to bail out your pals at the Wall Street banks that bled them dry with their Ponzi scheme, or support an Apartheid state like Israel, or sell Americans some convoluted corporate-friendly healthcare plan as if it were somehow completely impossible to provide a universal healthcare system like every other developed country, or lead the world in mass incarceration, primarily of the lower classes, who are already mass incarcerated in ghettos patrolled by militarized police, which of course bears no resemblance at all to the ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe, and is regrettably just a permanent feature of the grown-up reality the good americans are utterly powerless to ever change.


I would not even bother with this guy when it comes to the History of the United States of America slaughtering others. When I pointed out that in The Greek Civil war as example, the Government of Greece , backed by the Brits and the USA killed more Greeks in that uprising in a few short years then those “Evil Communists” from Russia killed in all of those uprisings in occupied Eastern Europe over a period of 50 years , he suggested it did not matter because they were killing “Communists”. When I pointed out that millions had died at the hands of the USA in Vietnam he suggested much the same thing. They were killing “Communists” so it did not count.

The Nazis in Germany and Hungary and Romania made it their goal to kill as many “communists” as they could > Hitlers rise to power was all about him ranting against “Jews and Bolsheviks”. This guy buys into that narrative 100 percent.


I guess I would like to hear the answer to one question: What would whitey do if you were born other that white?

It’s not about “this guy” that buys into anything. Outside our little subculture site here nobody takes your US is Nazi Germany meme seriously.

Same like me harping abt the evils of Communism. None of those two could happen in advanced countries. You got some shitholes (to use a better known term) where either one of those could take root, but not in any advanced first world country. At lesat have experienced the cruel evilness of Communism and i can talk about it and warn others. Most of you guys thing it’s just like the US but everything is free.

I fail to see any “madmen, narcissists, cruel racists” leading. The President might be an a-hole according to some but none of the other things. The term racist in being thrown around so much these days t doesn’t even have any meaning anymore.

As for the second part, unemployment is at record lows and the stockmarket (i.e your 401k or company pension plan) is at record highs. Inflation is nowhere near in sight either.

And the people of Vietnam and Iraq and Libya and Haiti and El Slavador and the Honduras and Panama and all of thise First nations peoples that were exterminated and are buried across the breadth of the United States of America, and those millions that were enslaved to work on plantations could tell you what it is like to live under the iron rule of the United States of America.

In places like Laos farmers and children are still having limbs blown off due to cluster munitions dropped by the US Military and in Vietnam Agent Orange still leads to birth defects. It hard to imagine anything more evil then cluster munitions dropped on farmers fields or where Children play.

You happen to be WHITE so these things do not concern you so Fuck off with that “The USA is not that bad” crap. You are that bad.

No, i will not “fuck off”. Jeez, talk about racism. What does being white have anything to do with it?

Of course you would not understand what “being white” has to do with it. The whites were not exterminated as the First nations peoples were by destroying their food supply and sending them small pox infested blankets as “peace offerings”. The Whites were not kidnapped from Africa and loaded up on ships to work in Plantations and get raped by their masters to a land where a fraud wrote “all men are created equal”.

The Whites were not called Haji’s and Gooks and mass bombed and starved as they were in Vietnam and Iraq which were never a threat to the United States of America and never attacked the United States of America. 500,000 dead children in Iraq later one Madeline Albright said it was “worth it”. Since WW2 no nation on this Earth has killed as many people as has the United States of America so please spare me “the evils of Communism” coming from a resident of the Country that is the greatest purveyor of violence on the Globe and has commited acts of evil every bit as henious as the Nazi’s or Stalins “Communists”. The United States of America is as brutal and as ruthless of any of the Empires out of History.

You are the same person that stated that “Killing Communists” did not count as an act of murder end evil because they were “communists” , which is pretty well the stand Adolf Hitler took when he invaded the USSR and rounded up the Jews because they were “Jewish”. You are not getting a pass on that.

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In Europe “whites” have been killing each other for centuries. And we aren’t wringing out hands about it. Every country has occupied another one at least once and committed atrocities. Starting with the Greeks, Germans (as the antiquity Germans), the Turks, the Tartars, Muslims in Spain killing everyone who wasn’t Muslim, tye Nazis and finally the Communists. Maybe i should heed my own advice and get over it, but i guess it’s harder when you were one of the victims.

Sorry, when it comes to communists i really don’t have any empathy. Communists are evil bastards that killed more people than your favourite scare Hitler. Open your mouth and say something against them you were more or less a goner. You should have been there. Gives you a whole new perspective on life.