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Warning of New 'Show Me Your Papers' Era, Rights Advocates Vow to Fight Unlawful Trump Plan for Expedited Deportations

We DO take the chance that the Gestapo will knock on the door when we make over-the-top remarks against this administration. Those are the people who wake other people up, and help to diminish intentional fear mongering. Forward.

Point taken G.

Is a massive freaking heart attack tonight while he sits on the toilet and tweets, too much to hope for?

So, here’s the song I would like played at my end…

Perhaps I’d better tip off the Gestapo to the claymores all around the house.

Another song where all parts are equal, including voice.

This was the first song written solely by Robert Plant.

Don’t know if you’re a Funkadelic fan of their song Maggotbrain, but this chick wails on the electric violin.