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Warning of 'Serious Consequences' If US Attacks Syria, Russian Says Chemical Attack a False Flag

Warning of 'Serious Consequences' If US Attacks Syria, Russian Says Chemical Attack a False Flag

Jon Queally, staff writer

Staking out its position ahead of an emergency UN Security Council meeting later in the day, Russian government officials early on Monday are warning the U.S. government and President Donald Trump from direct retaliation or further intervention in Syria following an alleged weekend gas attack outside Damascus that has caused heartbreak and uproar inside the war-torn nation, across the region, and beyond.


No war on Syria! Peace with the people and governments of Syria, Russia, Iran!
Israel go straight to hell! Palestinians shall be free of this Brahmanistic cast system being imposed on them.


IMHO, this looks like, walks like and sounds like a “false-flag” scenario!


Firstly, ISIS was in full retreat and outside small areas where the USA defends them with its own military , the Syrian Military had been successful against them without using poison gas.

Secondly Russia indicated some time ago they had the intelligence that the Rebels were preparing a false flag attack.

Third Syria knows full well, as does Russia that the USA is itching to stay in Syria and topple Assad. It beyond comprehension that Syria would suddenly give the US an excuse to stay and attack Syria.

Fourth the USA and Western allies lied about such poison gas attacks in the past and in fact it was demonstrated that the BBC in at least one incident broadcast a report on such an attack that was contrived and using actors.

I absolutely one hundred percent believe the Russians here over the Americans. The only side that has anything to gain from this attack is the USA and the rebels because they are desperate to salvage something out of the mess they created.


I posted pretty much the same comments on the Ray McGovern piece. Yes, we’ve seen this movie before - full of CGI and a transparent plot.


I have asked myself WHY? When the Syrian regime and assad have slaughtered the opposition, killed thousands and destroyed cities and more, and are on the verge of a “victory” - if such slaughter can be called that, WHY should they do anything so freakin stupid as a chemical attack? HOW could they possibly benefit? The only consequences would be seriously negative - they may be mass killers of men, women and children but that doesn’t make them stupid.

So who would benefit? The entity that would benefit from more war and destruction, from more conflict and excuse for war against Iran. the entity that has wanted, planned, subverted, and salivated for Iran to be destroyed after Iraq, Libya and Lebanon, Israel - that’s who. Their history of such false-flag ops is very long (including attack on USS Liberty in 1967) and Syria next door; a chemical attack false-flag op would be easy and SOP for such a malevolent and malignant entity thru their “security services” and shadow terrorist organization.

The problem is the political courage to actually investigate is also near zero, the new US pro-war nutters are taking office - bolton, pompeo (maybe), et al - and the world’s so-called “leaders” so buffaloed by Israeli propaganda and political power, they will not even bother to sus the truth! Fill in the blanks…welcome to war against Iran and another destruction of Lebanon…and who knows how much more!!

"The chances that the Syrian military actually carried out the gas attack in northern Syria are pretty much ZERO. The Syrian government has absolutely nothing to gain from such an attack, and a lot to lose. They are steadily gaining more ground, and the terrorist groups are on the run. The Trump administration announced this week that it will not seek Assad’s ouster. Peace talks to end the war are about to resume. So who benefits from this horrific attack?"


Time to muzzle and neuter Trump.

I wouldn’t put anything past our military giving the rebels in Syria the chemical agents that have been used.


I’m all for the people of Syria, Russia and Iran, but their leaders? Not at all.

Of course it would be a potentially catastrophic mistake for the US to retaliate against this chemical attack. Like past chemical attacks, an investigation must be done, but like the earlier investigations, it will almost certainly find Assad’s forces were responsible for this attack. The onus is entirely on the Russian leaders who hand-in-hand with Assad has murdered many tens of thousands of Syrians, to condemn Addad’s attack and bring peace to Syria by getting out. Iran, and the US of course, needs to get out too.

The Syrian leftists in exile are reporting, that internet messages targeted at the insurgents openly admit to the attack (translated from Arabic:

“there is no need to deny or fear. We say it loudly and proudly: we attacked #Douma with chemical weapons and we’ll use anything available from bullets to atomic bombs We have #Russia, #Iran, and #China on our side Let the US help you”

Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, Assad and Putin feed totally different totally unfounded tin-foil hat conspiracy theory to the west (an investigation of the incident has not even been started!) and that narrative is given prominence right here on Commondreams. So it looks like very unlikely that Russia will be leaving Syria anytime soon.

Right now, the left in the US, notably the Greens, and in the UK, notably Corbyn, and now it seems, even Commondreams, are in a crisis of credibility. They can return to their former stands against capitalism and their oligharchies, anti-fascism, and anti-theocracies, and especially, opposition to wars - all wars, and for international solidarity, international struggle and human rights; or, they can continue to become increasingly indistinguishable from the fascists and authoritarian torturing murdering war-pig dictators they have increasingly made common cause with.

(Disclosure: I am a regular donor to Commondreams)

Your long post didn’t contain any logic explaining why this chemical attack would benefit the Assad regime, which is clearly winning the war.

Whatcha got?


Because the opposition to Assad among Syrians is still substantial and Assad is intent on wiping them out. And, there are plenty of eyewitnesses that it was an aerial attack (go to Al Jazeera) and it is extremely unlikely the insurgents would have access to the chlorine gas in any but very small harmless amounts.

Has Al Jazeera become a “shill” for US Imperialism too:

So why are you, dear fellow leftist, defending the dissembling bullshit of a fascist monster???

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It was reported in the Syrian media that the rebels agreed to evacuate the city AFTER the gas attack…
So yes, the government did have motive to remove the rebels.

They are knee jerk contrarians. Will support anyone as long as they appear to be anti-American.

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The data on Assad’s and his father’s before him horrific human rights records is overwhelming and totally corroborated. Why are YOU, dear fellow leftist supporting a fascist monster???

I’m not supporting anyone or making declarations prior to an investigation. You know, like you, Cold Warrior.


Cold warrior? It is YOU red-brown alt-leftists who are using this nonsensical “cold war” framing of current issues - as if the current Russian government, rather than being capitalist and oligarchical, is still advocating socialism! No, there is no cold war. Just two vile capitalist gangsters fighting over some turf for their operations.

I only wish the “cold war” still existed, because back then, I actually liked the way the Soviet-Russian government would assist genuinely revolutionary movements against US-backed murderous thugs throughout the world.

No where in your link does Al Jazeera call this anything but an ‘alleged’ attack, nor does it ascribe a source of the attack. And Al Jazeera points out that Assad/Russia allowed 19,000 rebels to peacefully evacuate–but you said the regime wanted to wipe them out.

Next read your link before you post.


One would think that these guys could at least come up with a different false flag this time? Hasn’t the phony chemical attack runs its course??? I guess they’re not too bright in the regime change propaganda department.

But hey - we’re lucky we have that great opposition party - the Democrats - who will protest loudly about this latest farce…crickets.


The young children in the pictures do not look distressed. They are clean and well dressed. They look like they are following instructions. The surroundings are also well kept like it all was filmed in a British studio.


Now we are supposed to believe that Trump and the US political establishment really care what happens in Syria. This is pure theatre, political manipulation and saber rattling. Now - if the US really cared about human rights and international law - it would clean up its own house domestically and internationally. then it could speak with some moral authority instead of a nation with its own issues and allied with countries such as Saudi Arabia and Israel which also have a boat load of human rights issues. The world is a place filled with smokescreens and mirrors. I think we can see through these to the truth which is that those in power care little but for the 1%.


Well we know that Assad has not dropped an atomic bomb on anybody and we know which country has? Where does this “moral” superiority come from? More recently what about the murder of men, woman and children when Operation Move was bombed by the government in Philadelphia (in the US)? I think Assad is very suspect and probably should be removed but I doubt the sincerity of people like Trump and our current administration in whatever they bring forward.