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Warning of 'Severe' Harm to Millions of People, UN Human Rights Chief Condemns Trump Embargo Against Venezuela

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/warning-severe-harm-millions-people-un-human-rights-chief-condemns-trump-embargo

The US seems to have an unrelenting obsession with hurting children and families. Something truly sick in the collective psyche is being revealed.


If many politicians in the current Thrump administration don,t care about Puerto Ricans who were victims of Hurricane Maria and still suffering two years later well using economic warefare against ordinary Venazuelans to the extent of driven to having no medical care,no security, even not enough food won,t also bother there conscience.


"The time for dialogue is over. Now is the time for action," Bolton said

When was it ever time for dialogue for this sociopathic war mongering ideologue?

This is about dominance and love of total war by the US American Empire.


The UN should suspend the USA’s voting rights on the Security Council while we are in violation of the Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in arrears on our dues. Yes, that might spell the end of the UN. But it would also end the charade that the US Military Empire is acting with some sort of global authority.


Sanctions are War:

without the flyover…


US/CIA has been running a war on the world since the end of WWII for Empire –
especially control of OIL necessary for those wars – while denying that’s what they doing.

How many “Millions” have already suffered the loss of the peace of their homelands, the
loss of democratic leadership in coups by the CIA – and now forced out of their own nations
by drug running and gun running and other corruption put in play by the US/CIA.


The UN is predictably timid in this “warning” against trump regime policy as usual. The power and vindictive nature of trump and his henchmen, apparently intimidates the UN as trump attacks Venezuela and other nations with impunity via economic warfare to achieve the goal of regime-change, AKA political coups d’état.

The consequences for the “world body” UN as well as other sovereign governments ignoring the great human suffering especially children, including tens of thousands of deaths, of the Venezuelan people among others directly caused by trumps "embargo and sanctions, is that a bully such as the trump regime will continue to target any nation that displeases it and its agenda of global hegemony and de facto political domination.

If the consequences are ignored or soft-peddled, the words of [
Martin Niemöller (paraphrased) “First they came for others and I did not speak-out because I was not other
Eventually they came for me and there was no one left to speak-out for me" - will come to pass.

Neo-nazi aggression regardless how packaged, as “freedom” or “democracy” or “securing human rights” or “free trade”, is a lie and threat to all nations that tolerate or ignore the implications of a criminal terrorist regime that promotes and runs on malignant confrontation and division, hatred, racism, political subservience, threats and naked aggression!


Sanctions are deadly economic warfare. Iran deserves the same consideration.


I dream of the day when the world wakes up to the fact that America under the leadership of the republicans is a terrorist organization and they do not discriminate against who they terrorize. The dem’s are only slightly better, they at least like some pals to hang out with and commit crimes together with.
Blah, blah, blah, I’m tired of this shit.


Silly liberal Bachelet. She doesn’t understand that people DON’T HAVE economic rights. They only have gay rights and transgender rights and abortion rights! Bachelet needs to take a course on neoliberalism and the new world order from Hillary. Time to neoliberalize your discourse, Ms. Bachelet, or you’re going to lose your employment as a spokesperson for the Establishment.

This piece does not mention the reported US seizing of a cargo ship loaded with food bound for Venezuela - originally reported in “teleSUR”…
I have tried to find mention of the report in other international and domestic news organizations and have not found any from “major” sources. I want to know, why? Is the report mistaken, false, exaggerated, or is the trump regime hiding the fact, and news outlets/organizations buffaloed by trumps vindictive nature?

" Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced on Wednesday that the United States had seized a cargo ship bound for Venezuela in the Panama Canal."

“Venezuela denounces before the world that a boat that holds 25 thousand tons of tons of soy, for food production in our country, has been seized in the Panama Canal”.

"“Venezuela calls on the UN to stop this serious aggression by DonaldTrump’s govt against our country, which constitutes a massive violation of the human rights of the entire Venezuelan people, by attempting to impede their right to food.”

“US officials as yet have not commented”

I will re-post the article anyway - this may (or may not) have something to do with Thursday’s UN warning: “the far-reaching sanctions could deny food, medicine, and other necessities to millions of people”.- “human rights violations” and .“severe harm” to the Venezuelan people - especially children.

." Trump’s sanctions against Venezuela killed over 40,000 people between 2017 and 2018." - "depriving Venezuelans of lifesaving medicines, medical equipment, food, and other essential imports."

When truth is “managed”, suppressed, invented, or hidden by a complicit press, government or madman, all truth suffers!


Why are we using war sanctions against Venezuela?


I think the coup train has left the station without any brakes.


Trump will lose this round of the “regime change” game just like he lost Round 1 by supporting Guiado:



trump,bolton,pompeo, and all of trumps henchmen/enablers,ass kissers,supporters,voters, could REALLY use a ride on the Guillotine! And, as in a previous post, that would include,sadly, family and friends. Enough is really ENOUGH!!


And we have idiots proclaiming that the issues in Venezuela occurr because they have embraced Socialism.

Under International law blockades forced on nations of the UN are deemed to be a war crime and a crime against the peace. Even as the USA once again violates the law , the same voices that blame hunger in Venezuela on Socialism claim the migrants that flee hunger and violence that the USA helps to visit upon them in thier home Countries , are “Breaking the law”.

You could not make this stuff up in the sickest of imaginations.


America seems to have become a state sponsor of terrorism.
We’re not just starving the people of Iran, Venezuela and other countries with our sanctions, but also stomping the sovereignty of other countries who trade with the countries America is trying to destroy.
We’re a lawless terroristic bully, harming millions of people worldwide.


I think trump wants a “Yemen” all his own. and he thinks Venezuela is it. He doesn’t even have to refuel his aircraft to bomb it. He can invite his friends to join the “fun” and he’ll have Saudis, UAE and the IDF over, to bomb, strafe and starve them. trump will probably supply the aircraft.
*Sooner or later, someone is going to have had more than enough and push his/her button in desperation, if trump and bolton don’t do it first. Unlike WW-II, this war will last perhaps a day or two, followed by a couple of years of incalculable misery for the “survivors.” The nuclear Winter will probably write “finis” to our aspirations.
*If Gaia manages to live through this, She will just sleep for a few hundred or thousand years, then begin again. In a million years or so, perhaps another experiment will be tried with whatever has evolved in the meantime. Or, if She doesn’t, perhaps, a dead rock will just orbit the sun until the sun finally implodes with age.
*If We the People of the World would just wake up and work together, we could avoid this fate. The youth of the world are trying, but they need our help and support, not just “Attaboy’s.” The currently resurgent Nazis and fascists must be expunged before they can complete their plan. That will require hard work and sacrifice from all of us!
Up the People, OFF the Oligarchy and their minions!


Why have we barred them from re-negotiating their debt and barred banks from negotiating with them? Why have we barred them getting access to international financial markets? Why have we frozen assets, stolen resources (gold and oil), why did we support a coup and a president no one voted for that was a literal creation of the NED? Why have we supported far right fascists for decades in the country through the NED, the CIA, USAID, the International Republican Institute and private foundations like the Atlas Network? Why did we support the coup, the oil industry lockout, why do we support Colombian paramilitaries in destabilization not only within Colombia but Venezuela, the same paramilitaries that tried to kill Maduro? Why do we support the right wing interests that have monopoly power in key markets that produce necessities, the same interests that announced that they would cut back production of basic items so as to cause unrest and the undemocratic removal of the government? We’re after their oil and we are led by actual war criminals like Bolton and Abrams. Instead of them being paid by the government to commit more war crimes, their asses should be in jail. Perfect microcosm for the dying system of ours.

For that matter, why did we create the paramilitary death squads in Colombia and give more money to Colombia than any country in the world, outside of Israel and Egypt, in the post WWII era? Colombia has the worst human rights record in the hemisphere, among the deadliest places in the world for union organizers, human rights activists and journalists. Their recent right wing president, Uribe, was named by the DEA in the early 90’s as one of the worst 100 Colombian politicians in regards to connections to drug cartels. Uribe planned hits with right wing paramilitaries on his ranch, his own campaign manager was busted with drug making materials, his brother has well known ties to death squads and he led the charge against a peace deal with the FARC a few years ago. Bush gave him a presidential medal of freedom. Over 3,000 politicians and activists on the left have been killed in Colombia since the 80’s, over 80 priests have been killed for little more than caring for the poor. Dozens of indigenous groups are either going extinct or already have because of violent right wing land grabs, which our own government admits. If you look at CIA net migration flows, almost as many people were fleeing Colombia as Venezuela in the last few years, despite the fact that it has not been on the receiving end of an intense economic war but has instead been given tons of aid and support, and before the economic crisis in Venezuela, millions of Colombians were living in Venezuela and fleeing right wing violence. If we cared about human rights, we certainly wouldn’t support the monstrosity that is modern Colombia and if the press was worth a damn (it isn’t) they might get around to not pretending that Colombia is what it is and would call out the hypocrisy of supporting and creating a good portion of the modern paramilitary state. The media would question how any government like that or the far right in Brazil gets to pretend to give a damn about human rights. But, the media isn’t worth a damn in this country and has done massive damage to the minds of most Americans.