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Warning of 'Severe' Harm to Millions of People, UN Human Rights Chief Condemns Trump Embargo Against Venezuela

Well written! Thanks, Joan. Many hearts!

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Only a wide ranging citizen uprising will end this Rump/Pelosi battlefield. It must be democratic and it must be non violent to succeed.


Has anyone heard if Trump is using the American Military to blockade supplies getting in to Venezuela?

Participating in War Crimes is nothing new to them, and it will surely generate a new batch of young Venezuelans that hate America.

It makes you wonder if they create these enemies so there will be ample reason for forever wars. Has to be a perceived enemy to put sanctions on or accuse of having nukes.
A theme song for trump could be “They call me Mr. In between.” Burl Ives

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Before the CIA, the USA has been running over South and Central America for corporate interests backed by the US military - See American Fruit Company (Banana republics) and Smedley Butler. Also read anything written by Eduardo Galeano. And Smedley operated on 7 continents as the US Marine Mafia. The US has been doing this shit since its founding.

The Dems are NOT “slightly better”. They are worse because they work behind a veil of lies and operate in back rooms. See Honduras and Libya, the blood of both of which are on HRC hands.

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I read about this on Wednesday. Thanks for posting it here and getting out some REAL news about what the USA is actually doing to starve out and medically kill thousands of the people of Venezuela.


Starving people out, is inhuman. The Horror of it shows the depravity of those who implement and carry out such actions.

They will burn.

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The Venezuelan people SCREAMED in one united voice in 2015, and they REFUSED anymore of the Chavismo/Cuban approach to “governing”(if you can call it that) and Venezuelans placed an OPPOSITION SUPERMAJORITY into the National Assembly, the democratically elected representative legislature of the Venezuelan people. Maduro/Cuba REFUSED TO RECOGNIZE THEIR OWN DEMOCRACY and proceeded to abandon the entire legislative branch of the government he’s supposed to be leading.
Maduro has absolutely failed all of his people, and all of South America.
May god forbid the horror that Venezuelans have had to live under for almost 2 decades of Chavista rule/FAILURE.


You must know better than most of us how determined the Government and the Military are in creating conflict.

It is usually quite logical to defend one’s homeland, but to travel halfway around the planet to fight those who threaten no one in your country, well, the term that comes to mind is bully.

And I don’t know about you, but I rather enjoy seeing the bully punched in the nose.

Now, with the entire Republican party behind him, at least for the past 2 and 1/2 years, we have a bully in the White House that needs badly to be beaten, in every sense of the word.

Lightning could strike.

Hopefully it will this weekend while he’s holding an iron on the golf course.

Out of the blue. Divine Justice.

A guy can dream.

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It breaks my heart to see all of these North Americans who have never been to Venezuela, nor spoken to a real live Venezuelan take their time to ignore that past 20 years of the Chavista/Cuba murder legacy.
Everyone here is apparently late to the story of modern Chavez/post Chavez Venezuela.
I did not vote for Trump. Nor do I think sanctions are a catch-all solution or even something I ever want to see against any country.
But people need to start learning about MADURO.
And CHAVEZ. And EDUARDO DELGADO RODRIGUEZ and the Cuban G2 in Venezuela.
LA TUMBA in Caracas. Gustavo González López and the TENS OF THOUSANDS (and likely more) FAES and Colectivo led executions of innocents, children, and entire families.
And a lot of these people here, after 20 years of untold and unprecedented kleptocratic destruction, you guys wanna see this as an opportunity to whine about some temporary politician (that will be gone soon) that they don’t like.
Shame on you.
And may god somehow forgive the horror that started in Venezuela when Chavez personally brought Cuba into his military, and thus surrendered Venezuelan sovereignty to an Imperialist power to monitor his own military.
He was an economic, and short-sighted FOOL :frowning:
And the strip-mining destruction of the Orinoco.
And the cold-blooded MURDER of the Venezuelan indigenous peoples.
And the giving away of oil practically for free to Cuba for their more-than-subpar, WAY overcharged medical “services” they’ve snuck onto Venezuelans.
And Maduro, making his ENTIRE democratically elected representative legislature “null and void” when VENEZUELAN VOTERS were FINISHED WITH CHAVISMO. Maduro has denied his people democracy. And is forcing CUBA down their throats :(((

We are the outlaws of the world, a kind of Mafia that tells other countries they’d better do as we say or they will be sorry. Our allies need to re-think their alliance with us and somehow adjust the balance of power. John Bolton and his ilk seem to believe and behave as though the US owns the entire planet, a very dangerous cabal.


Well excuse me. I guess I stand corrected, not.

Is it a coup or regime. Change,
is there a difference except that one sounds worse than the other?

The United Nations was always going to be a threat to the violence/wars of Elites
required to build their empires –

and it was immediately subdued – taken completely over in time –

If we imagine anyone at the time speaking out effectively against the Crusades,
Inquisitions to oppress Jews, Women, Natives, Africans, etal we see a similar

Here, we see the lies of Our Founders which have for so long fooled the people –
where they did not create a democracy, but actually created an Elite/Patriarchy.

Even while continuing the war on the native people here –

and even while saving and supporting the system of slavery –

children in our schools are still taught to hold Our Founders in honor and esteem –

The realities of not only genocide here run under Papal Edicts to “Enslave or Kill”
the native here – but the Bible itself being used as license to enslave Africans here –
did not hinder this worship of these Founders.

Only now, we are hearing an opening challenge to what our Constitution was really all
about in a Broadway play, written by a woman –

The Play Challenging Us to See the Rot at the Heart of Our …
The Play Challenging Us to See the Rot at the Heart of Our Democracy Crisis Intervention In What the Constitution Means to Me , Heidi Schreck confronts the promise and perils of the country’s …

Broadway play reexamines the U.S. Constitution - pbs.org
A new Broadway production, “What the Constitution Means to Me,” is taking a fresh look at the founding document: what it says, who it serves and who it doesn’t. The play’s author and lead …

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Rebel – Yes – Thank you – and keep on tellin’ it – !!

I’ve actually held the original “War is a Racket!” in my hands and read it
compliments of my library.

But it can be read on internet for anyone interested –

And thank you for this on Eduardo Galeano – and will do my best to try to connect
with his writings.

Eduardo Galeano - Wikipedia

Eduardo Hughes Galeano (Spanish pronunciation: [eˈðwaɾðo ɣaleˈano]; 3 September 1940 – 13 April 2015) was an Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist considered, among other things, “global soccer’s pre-eminent man of letters” and “a literary giant of the Latin American left”.

Eduardo Galeano (Author of Open Veins of Latin America)


Eduardo Galeano was a Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist. His best known works are Memoria del fuego (Memory of Fire Trilogy, 1986) and Las venas abiertas de América Latina (Open Veins of Latin America, 1971) which have been translated into twenty languages and transcend orthodox genres: combining fiction, journalism, political analysis, and history.