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Warning of 'Surveillance Capitalism' Nightmare, Big Tech Investor-Turned-Critic Pushes Toronto to Abandon 'Smart City' Waterfront Development

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/06/warning-surveillance-capitalism-nightmare-big-tech-investor-turned-critic-pushes


Soon to come: Universal background transponders which link facial recognition identification with:

  • Personal data
  • Books purchased or checked out
  • Voting habits
  • Work history
  • Family members and locations
  • Medical history
  • Disease propensity based on DNA testing
  • Travel history
  • Phone meta data
  • Financial records
  • Exercise habits
  • Eating habits
  • Screen time and sites visited
  • School records
  • Previous protest activity
  • Sexual partner history
  • Arrest records
  • Hiring risk profiles

And much much more. Fun for the whole family.

And the authorities. Local and federal overlords alike.

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Surveillance Capitalism. Is it any worse/better than Surveillance Communism as in China? The totalitarian state can arise from both the left and right. President Obummer pushed so-called “smart” meters upon us which act as the hub for gathering all our info from “the internet of things” while Humpty Dumpty Trumpy is pushing 5G upon us which is and will be a total nightmare of data collecting as well as destroying our health. Not to mention the health of the natural world too – birds, bees and bugs. A government of/by, and for the people remains elusive while abusive, unchecked government is all too prevalent. Beware of demagogues bearing “gifts.” Gopherit

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I suppose that the originating company can swear up and down that they will not spy on the users. LOL, of course, they would shortly after this travesty was built, sell to another company who made no such promise.

Holy crap on a cracker, is this a test to see how stupid humans are?
Even if it’s built, in a society with functioning brain cells, this area should be a ghost town 24/7.

My_name_does_not_matter Correct political views only please. Correct facial expressions while viewing. Correct religious attitude. Score less than 5 and no job.

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Have you seen the Black Mirror episode called “Nosedive”?

Employment, housing choices etc all based on your personal “star rating” average, as determined by all your interactions with others. Creates an entire faux sicky-sweet smiley culture with, of course, unintended consequences.