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Warning of the 'Many Trumps... in Waiting,' Ocasio-Cortez Says Democrats 'Have to Be Better'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/28/warning-many-trumps-waiting-ocasio-cortez-says-democrats-have-be-better


She’s right. But she’s not the first young gun to point out the obvious in a quixotic bid to change the unchangeable.

I’m old enough to have seen plenty of novice political operators come and go, each determined to be the spark that led the party back to its ‘halcyon’ days as the party of the New Deal–or even (gasp) better than that!.

They all either fall or become absorbed into the amorphous monster that is service to capital. This is AOCs fate already—she’s surrendered much ground in a short time as it is.

For 40 years those of us that once occupied the left wing of the party have tried to find an opening or strategy that would permit us to ascend to the top of the power heap, only to be rebuffed time and again by an institution whose rule-changing ability was so vast that it could simply wave away any threat to power that ever emerged from a voting booth.

Personally, I don’t believe you can change America via elections. But if you could, it would require the wholesale replacement of one of the two majors. That’s what had to be done to address the only political impasse of similar gravity before this one.


Vote Joe Then, Fight ‘m like HELL!
We Be Rockin’ HERE! Amidst the !st Nations stolen lands now named Arizona, beautiful still! My spread is not far from Mexico. And just like the Oval Office occupier, that borderwall-of-sin will come down! The sooner the better! Wildlife is already being starved and thirst-driven into major suffering. Like The Honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says, “Have to do better!”
MF’n freezin ’ & droughtin’! I live100% OUTDOORS! One of 140,000,000 Poor American People who live month-to-month-paychecks away from street strife. Cochise county is a major truth-starved, truth-dodging, racist trump-supporting majority.
Me? One of few geezer hippys here over 30 years forced into isolation from these often nice, but very racist, very dangerous lot - way before Covid hit!
Me? 100% Anti-corporate. 100% Anti-racist. 100% Anti-fascist. 100% ROCKIN’! 100% Small Organic Farmin’!

The U.S. empire & the world still stand by as a +2C rise in global heat is already unstoppable! UNSTOPPABLE! Only governments run by criminals or the criminally insane would, without remorse, knowingly DO NOTHING! But here we are, still! During a #ClimateEmergency! Countries’ governments smile while saying net-zero GHG emissions by 2025? 2030? Closing the gate AFTER the cows get out? U.K. corp-criminals are immorally complicit, too! Thank you for listening!


Reaganomics destroyed the Middle Class.


Sadly, it seems you are right. The Democratic Party is not interested in change. That would upset the comfortable positions too many people have. They won’t champion change, no matter how badly change is needed.


But, but… where I was from (Pittsburgh), it was almost entirely exceedingly affluent union white working class Democrats joining suburban Republicans, who installed Reagan, to “put the N------s in their place!” I’ve neither really watched TV news or heard the term, “working class” ever since; although I’ve worked VERY blue collar, industrial gigs, ~35 years. Seems more like they just sorta commit suicide?


~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/28/time-o28.html (just imagine, if we had OUR party back, NOW?)




The headline on an article several days ago evoked a response in me that seems to me relevant to this article and discussion.

The headline asked, “Will Trump destroy Obama’s Legacy?”

I thought, but did not then and will now write, Trump IS Obama’s legacy.


GO AOC - hoping she will get something going w/3rd party - she’s got to keep talking right now - setting the pace/scene – hoping for all that, anyway - sigh

keep rocking Outdoor Bob - you’ll be mentioned when I light the all soul’s day candle -


I wonder why the cover story says her next 4 years, implying she has a 4 year term (Reps have a 2 year term).

Reactions to AOC span the gamut. Some lefties love her, some (Jimmy Dore, @anon2502255) don’t think of her positively to put it mildly. I’m kind of in the middle - she’s said somethings I quite like, she’s said other things I’ve found incredibly stupid ($21 trillion in “Pentagon accounting errors” could finance two-thirds of Medicare for All, Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs, and a few others I can’t think of right now). On the Green New Deal, I am sympathetic to what LibWingofLibWing says about why couldn’t AOC simply sign onto Gabbard’s Off Fossil Fuel Act and if necessary try to build on that. In general, I don’t believe in super big bills that attack multiple problems which is what the GND is.

But I imagine I’d be voting for her if I were in her district. She’s more often on my side than Ted Lieu (who isn’t that often against me either).

And on Democrats needing to be better - well, it’s impossible not to agree with that - how we get there is another question.


AOC and the other nearly-100 members of the Congressional progressive caucus are one of the major differences between the two major parties.
When people falsely claim there’s no difference, all you have to do is point out that the Dems have nearly 100 progressives in Congress, and the GOP has ZERO.
AOC is correct that the Dems now have to work hard and fast to reverse as much of Trump’s damage as possible, to jail and/or execute the Trump criminals, to install a 21st century version of the New Deal.
If they do this, they will be elected for decades to come.


Hi CarolEllison;
And AOC is right when she took the time to address that issue of men beIittling women. I’m also glad that she spoke of how often the dissing of women happens.Especially important was that by continuing the problem of publicly demeaning women— this behavior will descend upon the congressman’s own daughters! and their daughters. It would be wonderful if Congress , as representatives of their states, could manage to be civil-----but then, this is the Trump era —and civility, even in the government is hard to come by. : (


Trump wanna be’s are all over they place but I doubt we’ll soon see a replacement for The Donald. After all the truth will come out, he’ll be held accountable for running roughshod over democratic institutions and people will realize it is important to pay attention to lies that are spoken.

Trump is truly a unique threat to civilization but I am sure that once all those hard core trumpers out there see that Biden and the Dems will not destroy the country or the economy, they will put down their AR-15s and come to their senses.

Yes! Trickle down was nonsense. All it does is enlarge the wealthy class enabling them to hire more gardiners.

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The struggle is righteous, and will continue and grow with People Power! Mantega tus esfuerzos mi hermano!
Poder a la Gente
pedro en Mexico

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But . . .   But . . .   At least since 1932 the DimWit-Rats have ALWAYS been better than the 'Poop-Lickens.
Except maybe for Ike.  At least 0.002% better, across the board:
    Carter was CLEARLY better than Nixon and/or Ford.  NO Doubt at all.
    Clinton was CLEARLY better than Bush One.  At least a little bit.
    O’Bummer was CLEARLY better than The Lying Son-of-a-Bush.
    Bite-Down will CLEARLY be better less hideous than Tweetle-Dumb.  (So would either of my dogs.)

True, but don’t blame it ALL on O’Bummer.  P’Loser helped him to bail out the Banksters and to let the War Criminals go free.   Plus Dirty Debbie and the DNC, with more than a little help from the MSM, stuck us with Hideous Hilliary as the “alternative”.


Too bad. The GOP certainly does believe in super big bills and when they hold the power, they act on them.

The Democrats will not. Not because they don’t think they are possible but because they don’t want the big ideas implemented. One of the first things that will come out of Biden’s mouth if elected is, “We have to mend fences and work together. We have to move forward not look back.” After all, he was Obama’s VP.

We don’t need Pentagon money to fund National Improved Medicare for All. We’re already paying for National Improved Medicare for All. We just don’t get what we pay for. Our national health care costs are twice per cap of that of any other nation that provides universal health care. 60% of our health care dollars are already paid by federal funds much of that going to the insurance cartels rather than to our health care. Our lack of universal health care has nothing to do with cost and everything to do with the insurance cartels, the tail that wags the dog.


Uncle, please refrain from demeaning your dogs in such a manner. I’m sure that no matter how bad they’ve been, they don’t deserve such treatment :slight_smile:

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If you lump Big Pharma’s effective monopoly in with Big Insurance, then you’re 99.44% right.  There’s the AMA and the big hospital chains, but they’re responsible for just a tiny fraction of the rip-off.

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Yes, tis true.

Yes, that will happen as soon as Biden takes office and declares, “We must let by-gones be by-gones and come to gather as a unified nation. We must look forward, not backward and build coalitions.”