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Warning of 'Unsurvivable' Storm Surge as Category 4 Hurricane Laura Barrels Toward US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/warning-unsurvivable-storm-surge-category-4-hurricane-laura-barrels-toward-us


One of the models Masters consults sees Laura going to cat 5 at landfall, and all of the models have the storm aimed straight at the Texas/Louisiana border, then headed straight north. Usually these things only get stronger when they slow down a bit, so if Laura is late for her midnight landfall appointment, the Gulf coast is awaiting an even harder hit. The worst timing would be delayed 6 hours, to high tide.


The concentration of petroleum chemical processing plants out there is like nowhere else on Earth. It’s the chemical stew, due to wash over you Texans, that I’m worried about.

Big trouble out here in the Bay Area – even though the lightning-reprise didn’t show up, our monster fires continue masticating, filling our air with smoke now for a week. Huge trouble impending out near Houston, God forbid. Both places already coping with the impossible challenge of safe distancing among evacuated thousands. Starting to feel like divine wrath, for crying out loud. Just because USA is currently the source of all evil. Is that fair?

[Edit: See the comments under Masters’ dispatch, above. According to one of those folks, Laura went to cat 5 a half an hour ago, with pressure as low as 947 mb. Translation: alarmingly explosive growth.]


“Little time remains to protect life and property,” said the National Hurricane Center.



The U.S. is not the source. But I’m not going to mention names. Besides, mother nature doesn’t see this as evil, just adapting to the changes we’ve made.


“The hot waters of the Gulf are an endless source of destructive power,” wrote McKibben.
Nowhere as destructive as all the hot air coming out of Washington DC from the two corporate political parties wreaking havoc at home and around the world.


Geez, isn’t it about time they reconsidered they need to change how they protect property. They’ve had plenty of time to figure this out.


Stop me if you’ve heard this old family story before: My father-in-law was the kind of scientist nobody can quite figure out what they’re studying. At any rate, he was a straight-talking Scot, so he didn’t get along in academia and wound up working as a death-merchant for a “defense” firm (which had something to do with the opacity of his work: he wasn’t allowed to discuss it). At any rate, our conversation had turned, about three decades ago, to the subject of Earth’s impending ecological catastrophe, and I offered the sanguine opinion that Mother Earth always finds a way of restoring her natural balance.

“Usually by getting rid of the perpetrators!” he quipped.


Something for us all to consider:


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Great story. To be fair to that generation there were a lot of things no one could talk about and well yes it make sense there was a level of secrecy. Loose lips sink ships was imposed on a broad scale. My father-in-law was a Christian minister but he died before I met him. His wife raised their 8 children.

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Et al.

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Thanks very much, wise words from George Monbiot and should be given careful consideration.

I really like his articles on and touch stone, “Badgers” too.

I like this one too. You might have to register to read it if you haven’t already.


Amidst all the bad news (including Wisconsin) ----I must say how I am bursting at the seams with poignant joy over the Milwaukee Buck’s actions today.

This is a big deal and something to celebrate. Lots of (understandable) pro sports bashing here----- but today, amidst the backdrop of hideous politics, catastrophic hurricane/typhoons, people of color continuing to get murdered by police----this is a bright spot in the world of pro sports:

Milwaukee Bucks boycott Game 5 against Orlando Magic after shooting of Jacob Blake

Full admission: I am a huge Bucks (Giannis and more) fan and had the game in cue to be recorded today and was going to escape into it tonight. But this is so much better.


I would point out that after 9/11 and when all of those Wildfires raged through and still rage through California, evangelicals from the right claim this as “Gods Punishment” for having voted in the Left and people that support “sinners”.

They rarely make the same claims when “god fearing” Texas and Louisiana are struck by Hurricanes. Indeed ex Governor Perry once implied he was not all that concerned about a rising number of Hurricanes that might strike Texas due to warming because all Texans had to do was pray and God would not send Hurricanes their way.Even a candidate for president of the Democratic party (Marianne Williamson) suggested much the same.


If you drive through parts of Northern California you notice the fairly complete absence of nature. It is a fairly bizarre landscape to be sure. Not sure about the mix of hurricanes and industrial saturation. Only, that if I was in Texas, I would move.

best to my friends in the gulf region and my old home. Brian, keep your head down, friend, although I know this suckers to your west by a bit.

i love living along the gulf, but this is the downside of that awesomeness.


Wow. 9 year old article and still had to register to read it. Never mind i was already aware. I believe you would enjoy this book: “The cold moons” by Aeron Clement - 1936 - 1989.

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Always appreciate your incisive take on these atmospheric events !

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Rapid intensification is new. I had never heard the term five years ago to my memory. Now it’s normal.

Category 5 used to be quite rare. Now they really need to expand the scale with category 6 and category 7.

Fast forward thirty years. Rapid intensification is going to need “super-rapid-intensification”. That’s what climate change is almost certainly going to do. Deep oceans are acting as a brake on surface sea temperature rise, but that brake will definitely be gone in 30 years. Expect 90 degrees or higher Fahrenheit sea surface temperatures and just crazy blossoming of these storms.


Not surprising given the extremely high (hot tub like) sea surface temperatures
(h-ttps://www.epa.gov/climate-indicators/climate-change-indicators-sea-surface-temperature) and low shear.

(as you know) We are still at the beginning of the hurricane season, much more to come with another new and threatening looking wave forming in Africa. This could be one of many catastrophic hurricanes this year.

Question: Do you know the depth of the warm water in the gulf?
Will Laura cool the waters enough to reduce the strength of another hurricane should another system enter the gulf this year?

From what I’ve read that might not be the case----that the warm water goes very deep. (not trying to turn you into " Earth-Null school", lol) but you do seem to know a lot about these things!

But back to the severity of Laura: the toxic stew you point out will be devastating----it already is . . . . but the “djia” was up today! Wow.

AGW enhanced Laura ** will be devastating to much more than humans----there are several wildlife refuges (what is left of “wildlife” in that area) that are going to be decimated :frowning:

I did a quick perusal of this article which seems to allude to reduction of global dimming related to hurricane intensity:


As an aside—

** I still cling to the fantasy of hurricanes named after oil company executives.

Laura could be Lance, in honor of:
Ryan Lance
Conoco Phillips Co.
$19,852,892 Income
$7,270,457 Salary & Bonus