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Warning of 'Untold Human Suffering,' Over 11,000 Scientists From Around the World Declare Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/warning-untold-human-suffering-over-11000-scientists-around-world-declare-climate


They own the political class.



I want you to look very closely at the headline photo, turn your head this way and that way, really look and see.

It’s like they saved it up, waiting for the perfect chicken little on acid moment to scream “the fucking sky is falling! Run!”
Well, any one with half a brain that has lived in the equatorial region or near either pole could tell any young fowl that the sky has already fallen.
Yes Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, no Loch Ness monster, no Bigfoot. But here is a global warming. And it is already too late.


The time to act was thirty years ago.

But sure, let’s rush to close doors after the horses have bolted out of the barn.


How many scientists declaring a Climate Emergency, does it take to get through to those able to make changes necessary to tackle this existential threat?



Climate Deniers are unable to chew gum and change their mind.


Agree. The brainwashed masses who vote for Republicans/Trump are still in denial. While those with their hands on the levers of power seem more concerned about endless profit. Clearly they have an addiction for money. Interestingly they already know climate change is coming. They are reinforcing their multiple houses for all kinds of climate disasters. Surely they do not believe that in the end that will be enough. Then their are those so old like the Koch brother that perhaps he thinks he will die before the worst? No concern for future generations. It is a sick and sad puzzle the minds of these people.


The sad irony is that the brainwashed masses have brains with the consistency of coal.


The hardest thing for those of us who love humans, but also love other species is that anthropogenic mass extinction (not just climate change), is killing the innocent beautiful, amazing organisms who evolved here with us.
We’re watching our species massacre all that’s most inspiring and awesome in this world. The “untold human suffering” pales in comparison to the billions of sentient animals killed each year for flesh-eaters, along with the billions killed due to human population and development growth.


Thank you for that link to Open Secrets. It should be shared widely.


Yes David I see this…I call it killing God …God is the same as Life .
So we are killing Life .

An understanding that Life is Prime Value if taught to every child early in a values curriculum with 3 Core Subjects ;
This wisdom could change everything within one generation . But the adults must wake up and implement a whole new education system .

Is this who we are a species of primitive beings that destroys our own planet for profit.

I urge you to read the book The Essential Path. I believe to it offers another way of being in our world and solutions that are not offered in the mainstream .
I enjoy reading your posts so keep on ,keep on…


One thing that nobody brings up is the thought about Ownership of the worlds resources.

How can companies and rich individuals have ownership of resources that rightly belong to all the worlds people to be shared for mutual benefit .

This ownership concept has had its time ,it’s got to go.
It’s a mental construct having nothing to do with ultimate reality .


One important action item was left off the list:

If we can assume catastrophic change is coming;
If we can assume that food sources and water supplies will increasingly fail–

Then it behooves us all to consider a childless future. The onus will be on all future parents: bring more hostages to fortune into the world, or forego parenting multiple children.

For those who argue that over population is not the problem, I would say that collapsing world systems wil make whatever population we do have a problem, regardless. The goal: fewer mouths to feed, fewer demands placed on the environment, fewer consumers, less exploitation of resources–and yes, the failure of capitalism.

The incentivizing of voluntary sterilization in exchange for a cash payment would be crucial to the future. Many choose no to have children already, of their own volition. My own relatives who have so chosen express no regrets whatsoever. Consider what our $700,000,000,000 annual defense budget could contribute to a solution like this.


If the climate emergency was real, the next big report hitting the wires would be about practical climate research and development, all about the engineering. If the climate emergency might not be real, the next big report hitting the newsfeeds will be another scientific survey report warning that we have a problem. Warnings without action indicate that no action is needed.

Thanks, Hemp. I agree with you that we are killing the life force of this universe. Given your screen name, you might enjoy this other webzine too:)

The corporate media reports on the fires in California without ever mentioning climate at all. If they won"t report on the problem, why would they spend time and resources on solutions? Searching, will uncover tons of stories on next gen batteries, next gen light water reactors, flexible solar panels, new methods of farming, and the list goes on. Until there is a 180 degree reversal from the powers-that-be and the accompanying resources, the engineering will be small in scale to the problem. Unfortunately, we await the greedy pulling their collective heads out of the sand or where ever they have them stuck. Also unfortunately, it will probably never happen.


We’ll rush to close the doors once the horses are extinct.


A seven facet government with a leaderless constituent assembly at the human core might be able to link human synapses and mark out a direction forward.

I suggest blindly turning 180° and taking one step.

If you and BigB have any proof of that you should present it here. Otherwise, please take your despair to where you can do something about it–to psychotherapy. Maybe doing some art would help, and even be useful–that’s something I would love to see (or hear). Simply expressing despair about something you can’t possibly know is not useful.

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Not something I’d think, usually, but now that you mention it…Hearts like anthracite; amygdalas like lignite, formerly gray matter like bitumen.