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Warning of US Military Intervention in Venezuela, Cuban Foreign Minister Denounces 'Failed Imperialist Coup'


Warning of US Military Intervention in Venezuela, Cuban Foreign Minister Denounces 'Failed Imperialist Coup'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez on Tuesday reiterated his government's previous warnings that the Trump administration's push to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuela is just a cover to advance ongoing U.S.-backed efforts to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.


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It’s strange. The people behind trump (the audience) look quite normal really.

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The claim: The United States of America brings you the free market!

Reality: Haiti slid from a democracy where a former priest was their popularly elected president to a slum ruled by thugs.

The CIA’s solution: 100% of soldiers are by definition amoral, so therefore every last one of them would be overjoyed to sell out their own country in an instant if it meant more bucks in their pocket.

Reality again: They could only get 1 out of 300 generals to sell out their own country.

If all else fails, the CIA can commit genocide by starving everyone to death and by not permitting any medical supplies to go in except by really special deals wink. Venezuela reports interdicting an arms-carrying airplane.

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If there is any movement of the United States Military to invade Venezuela, We the People must drop everything and invade Washington DC.

Sharpen your pitchforks, assemble your torches.



Roose Bolton is a sick, disgusting, war monger.

Ah, I meant John Bolton.



Gweedough is as phony as this fishy Branson concert. He received only 26% of the vote in his district in 2015, when he gained his Nat’l Assembly seat. 80% of Venezuelans think he’s Marco Rubio’s taller half-brother. 87% of Venezuelans want a neutral arbitration of their internal conflicts, with new elections in 12-18 months. And, mostly they desire for the U.S. Gov’t and its military to go away, and stay away. End the sanctions, as well.
The stinkin’ gringos, their stinkin’ allies and especially Canada & England and their stinkin’ fake badges are not needed in Venezuela. Even if the stinkin’ Trump Adm. needs a war to even stand a tiny stinkin’ chance of being re-elected.

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Suddenly a lot of people want to help venezuela.