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Warning 'Patently False' Information 'Will Sow Confusion,' Federal Judge Blocks Postal Service From Sending Mailers to Colorado Voters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/13/warning-patently-false-information-will-sow-confusion-federal-judge-blocks-postal


If I were not a true Patriot, I would encourage my mail couriers to boycott Mealteam 6, if you know what I mean, but I am a true Patriot. Let them* be known by their “badges” of “honor” (horror).

*Mealteam 6, that is

ehhhhaya … incompatance do got its downside don’t it? Yo! Does any Tom, Dick er Harry think for a skinny minute dat da mafiosi humpin’da US Post Office gonna quit on tryin ta grab the core wealth a da PEOPLE? Don’be a jerk! Dey got da top boss jerkin off in da west wing. Get a friggin life!

To paraphrase: The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.


There is very little true information of any sort. It is a rolling snowball of other peoples delusion, superimposed on all of us. School, law, politics, and even religion are distorted by the machine and not worth serious consideration.


The thing is, all of these concerns- shared in the lives of all people of this country - present a very particular delusion and/or number of delusions derived and generated by the premises of colonization and extractive economic models that DO NOT, COULD NOT AND WILL NOT function without corruption in every way shape and form these manipulators can “think” up. We need to connect ALL of the components that are off-shored, hidden by clandestine means until they are presented as ‘grandfathered’ and then carved out of the Constitution with - and wait a minute - drum roll… the legislative proposals that are tomes thousands and hundreds of pages long dripping with parasitic quill/pen/bit marks.

Lobby money so conveniently tucked into shadow boxes is an obscenity that fosters incompetence, greed, a race to the bottom in mendacious twaddle… while we enter the exponential phases of feedback loops of climate systems being “externalized” because the cost of fully recognizing is too great to even consider. So they stick their fingers in their ears and jaw flap mouth noises in the schizophrenic sledge hammer denial with the architecture of mendacity.

We’re talking about the most dangerous forms of cowardice, which hide behind the ultimate power of the institutionalized death machinery - being stuffed to bursting (ahem) point as we speak.

In the mean time, empire/globalized woofwoof rape of the planet pretends to be blind (and ultimately IS BLIND) to absolutely essential balances known far and wide.

The powers incapable of making the adjustment to a completely new way of balancing will never be removed by force. WE MUST RENDER THEM OBSOLETE. Every choice is political, every choice is important. The lessons of ‘mindfulness’ in order to reinvigorate the human role in shedding the premises handed down to us from hundreds of years ago, to not even question what colonizing destructiveness means. Those days are done, gone, kaput, dead parrot, over, past … etc.

Sorry - at least in my opinion.


I see a pig-faced man gobbling up bulbous, low-hanging, orangeish-yellow fruits with tiny, red-capped stems, juices squelching outward from his bulging cheeks and from the corners of his bloodshot eyes.


The election sabotage from all angles from this fake president and his cronies like dejoy-less continues and we can expect a lot more new and creative ways from where this comes. If the sabotage succeeds then we can witness our country disintegrate. If the sabotage fails we can a least enjoy watching this fake president and his cronies perform their final tantrums and disappear into prison. Good God do we as a country need a powerful Progressive third party to be created.


Short of a “powerful progressive third party” taking action none of the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP will need to worry about being indicted let alone serving time.

Knowing that today’s Dimcritters will want to “just look forward” as the Obama regime did, the GOP operatives are likely selling off their ranches in Paraguay, knowing that they have no need to flee to an extradition-free venue.


The party of repugnants have become experts at creating problems where they don’t exist that need fixing. Only their fix is ineffective inefficient privatization for power and profit even if it means lying. The end justifies the means.

We’ve already recieved them in Ohio.

Sorry? Well founded pessimism, me thinks.

I can’t wait for the indie film makers to do due diligence.

Na Hampster too … yesterdee.

I got mine yesterday - but in Pennsylvania, the information on the card is essentially correct.

I don’t think this was malicious, but I find it amazing that the USPS national management did not know that each state has a different voting by mail procedure - so you can’t just mail the same card in all 50 states.