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Warning Pelosi and Schumer Against 'Inadequate Half-Measures,' Progressives Demand People-First Coronavirus Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/09/warning-pelosi-and-schumer-against-inadequate-half-measures-progressives-demand

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Well of course they are. That’s exactly what Pelosi and Schmuer have been doing so far. Half measures and compromise is what the DNC does in place of actually having a platform to push that actually helps the masses of people in this country. The DNC is bought and paid for by the same oligarchs that support the GOP. Nancy and Chuck have become very wealthy doing what they do.

Half measures is also why we have Biden as a candidate instead of someone who can actually get something done. Instead of someone who is even a little bit progressive. Why Biden? What has he ever done besides push hard for war?


Dear Nancy and Chucky, to put it bluntly, your negotiating skills suck. You two need outside help before another corporate give-away is signed into law. Anyone will do really, the people will fair better this time around, if you’d pick someone off the street, I know I’d feel better if this action was taken.
The Taxpayers


You just answered your own question.


As always conveniently late to the table.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) “are acquiescing to severely inadequate half-measures”

Acquiescing? They are the fake opposition and they will do exactly what they are told to do! I will have to give them credit, the Democrats are very good at pretending they are the opposition Party.


Whenever I see the phrase “progressives demand” in a CD headline, I have a good laugh.

And you know who laughs even harder?
Nancy and Chuck.


lol. sweet jesus. “warning”? What are they going to do? Vote for Joe Biden again? these “prog” organizations are hopelessly pathetic.


How many times can they fool people with this same old, tired ploy? At least 40 years of my life. Democrats: We are gonna fight for you!
Republicans: We are gonna fight against you!
THEN Democrats compromise over and over again.
Democrats: It’s not perfect legislation but it’s as good as we could do.
Republicans: Too busy high fiving each other on all the loopholes and watered down provisions to respond.
First Scenario. If the legislation fails to help the people. And is exploited by the rich.
Democrats: How dare the Republicans use those loopholes we allowed into the bill. Pearls! Bring me pearls to clutch!
Republicans: Too busy high fiving each other and wealthy donors over a bill they skewed to the rich, to reply.
Second scenario. Legislation works somewhat even though it is lopsided toward the rich. The rest of us get some scraps.
Democrats: Look what we did for you!
Republicans: Look what we did for you! (Even though we voted against it.)
Both are talking to their wealthy donors. But they say it to the cameras so the people think they are talking to them.
Third scenario. The legislation is great and it helps the people not the wealthy.
Who am I trying to kid! That never happens.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Again and again and again.


Oh it may take a few more years of a 45 to convince the elites to start listening, and even those losses will keep them richer than we are, forever.


Even though the GOP has long left a democratic system and insisted on allowing Trump to keep a Nazi/KKK in the White House (now Miller but before Bannon and friends) to maintain their white supremacy, they have since Reagan made sure to lie, cheat and steal in every way possible. See the “election” in WI supported by the Robert’s Supreme Court to get an idea of their power. Know that “laws” which McConnell has focused on for six year packing the courts only remove your status as a citizen. The only way to survive in a future US is to take back the vote and clean the White House.


Pelosi and Schumer have made their careers based on half-measures and worse.

You don’t expect them to change now do you?


Pelosi and Schumer don’t need to do anything. They know there are more registered democrats than there are republicans. Y’all are just gonna have to take what you can get. Don’t forget they gave the democrats Biden – on a silver platter. First they wanted Mayor Pete (like Iowa was for real); then it was Warren (she thought she was a sure thing after all, backed by Hillary and the Hillary or Bust crowd). This is all while Biden was 5th in the primary. Thanks DNC, you’re putting up 5th choice to run against Trump.

The only change worth believing in is a change in party registration: go Independent. If the DNC wants your vote/support, they can damn well work for it.


Warning Pelosi and Schumer Against ‘Inadequate Half-Measures,’ Progressives Demand People-First Coronavirus Relief

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha … what planet do these “Progressives” think we live on? Pelosi and Schumer putting people first … that’s a good one!


Ironically, the recent upsurge in leftie activity is only serving to further underscore how truly weak the left is. Despite media mutterings about the d-party moving left…

Sheepdogging from Bernie in support of another neoliberal
The Squad falling in line behind Pelosi
Hippie punching whenever progressives dare attempt to push policy positions leftward
Vote-shaming of progressives when they vote Green or stay home
Progressives being told we have nowhere else to go
Progressives being told defeating Trump is the most important electoral goal in history
Progressives getting blamed when Trump kicks Biden’s ass

…are all commencing right on schedule. It’s as dependable as the sunrise, man.


Nailed it

The corporate wealthy have already gotten their bailout and should get nothing else, even in the guise of adding more money for small businesses in a program that has gotten off to a very rocky start.

The next bill needs a bottom up approach, not one that goes through the big banks. We saw what happened with the 2008 bailout.

Provisions like the one worked out for the airlines need to be provided for small businesses - pass throughs that go directly to workers. Unemployment needs to be bolstered and regular (not one-time) cash payment need to go to the people.

As an aside - it’s great that union employees of airlines will be allowed to keep their jobs even though they are not working. But they should be using their time off to train for a new job, because we should not come out of this with a ‘business-as-usual’ plan to return to airlines filling the skies with planes. We need to seriously curtail flying for our climate’s sake.


Anyone catch the Robert Reich/Katie Couric piece on YouTube a day or two ago?

I only watched about 10 minutes of it because the tech setup was so bad but found it curious how Couric asked some pretty good questions while being disconnected from the very real impact of the economic numbers Reich was citing. Especially as those numbers described dire disruptions in the lives of real people.

Pelosi and Schumer are just as insulated as Couric.

" In a statement Wednesday, Pelosi and Schumer indicated that they would accept the $250 billion funding increase request if the legislation also includes an increase in funding for hospitals, states, and federal nutrition assistance—a proposal that progressives criticized as woefully insufficient."

This is exactly the wrong approach. You don’t start by accepting and unacceptable plan, even with a caveat of only if… Not unless Pelosi and Shumer are simply looking out for their corporate friends and than claiming that they are trying to get something for the rest of us.

The House should be passing people-centered legislation first and then sending that over the senate.


Who are we kidding? Schumer and Pelosi don’t want the little guys saved. They don’t care. It’s the fat cats that have to be redeemed and everything else is optics. But more importantly, what the hell do “Progressive groups” have to do with anything in DC anymore? Our man just bowed out leaving us scratching our heads when we should have been doubling down. Buh-bye progressives.