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'Warning Shot to Our Party': Sanders Says Trump's Latest Vow to Cut Social Security Exposes Biden's General Election 'Vulnerability'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/06/warning-shot-our-party-sanders-says-trumps-latest-vow-cut-social-security-exposes


Yes yes broadcast this far and wide. One of the best advertisements for Mr. Sanders to be our president !!!


Jimmy Dore has compiled a history of Biden’s lies, plagiarism, and general abuse of ‘representation’ for malign advantage. Son has adopted/been taught well by daddy.
On YT: Compilation Of Biden’s Public Lies & Plagiarism

can we say CITIZENS UNITED? the failure of success

these criminals play out the clock again, again and again while the donor class plays the system to impoverish the majority in every way shape and form.

The $#it has got to go!


Biden needs to come out with an unequivocal statement regarding cuts to Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid.

Sanders needs to come out with an unequivocal statement regarding his intentions as to whether or not he will support the eventual nominee.


Anybody, so deeply into denial about our tag-team Kleptocracy, that they’d blineded themselves to Warren’s role; Biden’s, Pete’s… should consider therapy. Debbie, Donna Brazille & Mark Penn went from calling us tin-hat Russian dupes for SEEING the obvious, lies, collusion, and criminal conspiracy of DNC, CAP during 2016. They’re simply ramming another blithering sociopath down our throats, in order to reinstall Trump (so Nancy, Chuck and their media pals can liquidate whatever miniscule equity we have left, further indenture us) & it seems ~2/3 of the electorate is buying into this being legit; that the slavering jackals, spewing lies at Bernie were actual viable candidates, with real mildly-disparate agendas. DNC & the media has ONE agenda and it never changes. Lesser of two evil cops, my ass! There’s apparently more than ONE obtuse, dead-eyed sneering Democrat, afflicted with dementia?





Bernie: If you can call out Trump as a pathological liar, why can’t you also call out Biden?? This is a double standard . Biden has lied about his class standing, grades, degrees in political science. has plagiarized in Law School, plagiarized a speech from Robert F. Kennedy, and plagiarized a speech from Neil Kinnock, former Labour Party leader. These are just about word-for-word plagiarisms. He has continued his career of lying by falsely claiming to have been arrested in South Africa protesting apartheid, and to have participated in the civil rights movement. This in addition to evident dementia, as witnessed by confusing his wife with his sister and calling people at rallies demeaning and odd names (lying dog-faced pony soldier, “fat” etc.)

These have been concealed as far as possible by the corporate media, which should also be called out for journalistic malpractice and fraud as well as bias. Thanks to Erkskindl for supplying this link to the Jimmy Dore show: This about says it all about Biden:

Jimmy Dore


Again, Bernie – you are operating with a double standard: one for Trump, and another for Biden, who is arguably guilty of the same penchant for pathological lying. How will the people learn about these unacceptable aspects of Biden’s mental state and character if neither you nor the Press will inform them???


Sanders (unfortunately) supported and campaigned for Clinton 4 years ago. However, by doing so, he unintentionally alienated some of his voter base.
It appears the same thing may happen this year. The DNC has now rigged the game with centrist conservative candidates and Bloomberg’s money, basically doing all the ground work for Joe while he got to sit home and drool. Then they all step aside, and Joe gets a pre made campaign apparatus.
But the DNC doesn’t seem to get it. While the majority of the democratic electorate is far more liberal than ol Joe, they have been condition by decades of “pragmatism” by the DNC to hold their noses and vote for conservatives like Clinton, Obama, and Hillary. I fear the kids brought into the party by Bernie will not be so obedient. They actually expect something in exchange for their votes.
This is looking more and more like 1968 all over again. That was the last time the Democratic Party really screwed over the youth vote, and it cost them the price of Nixon, Reagan, two Bush’s and a Trump. Throw in two conservative democratic presidencies and you have the perfect storm of fascism.
Here we are. Bernie can tell his people to vote for Biden all he wants. Many won’t, as they rightfully believe in principal over pragmatism. Pragmatism kept slavery in the USA until 1865. Pragmatism fueled the Gilded Age. Pragmatism aided the red scare and Vietnam. And yes, pragmatism has led us the doorway of fascism.


Though Social Security was once the “third rail,” corporate has been cultivating cynicism and divisive resentment about it for decades. The real problem is that 7 out of 10 Americans (to be kind) are stupid, easily herded by fear, disinformation and prejudice. Americans are the most dumbed-down, uninformed and self-destructively ignorant people on this quickly heating planet. Those of us who do not fit this description need to unite and push with all our might to either flip the system or to pull it down, even on ourselves, to save life on earth. We have nothing left to lose and a livable world to gain.


JMAC: Biden is a rightwing Democrat. He will never be “unequivocal” about anything that helps the masses against the will of his corporate masters. Wall street bankers are drooling to get their claws on THE PEOPLES’ social safety net $$$.

Remember the Bowles/Simpson commission? The proposed cuts to Social Security and other beneficial programs the aholes on the commission wanted to blow up?? This was Obama at bat. Straight out of the gate, as a new president, this commission was his idea. And I would guess Biden gave his nod to it all. Maybe Biden’s idea? Whatever. It was a nightmare.
The Rethuglicon party loved it all.

What better way to sabotage your own party than to have a Democratic president destroy FDR’s New Deal programs???


Bernie needs to attack not only Biden, but faux Progressivism in general. Only genuine Progressivism is the way forward. Bernie knows this. He should probably not directly go after Liz by name, but rather implicitly get her to show her stripes going forward and let her know that she could have a very meaningful role in his administration, but would be a simple trophy piece in a Biden one. He has got to play this smartly yet forcefully.
BERNIE 2020!

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Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ campaign manager, said in a statement that Trump’s comments on NAFTA and safety net programs represented a preview of the president’s potentially effective lines of attack against Biden in key battleground states if the former vice president wins the Democratic nomination.

And they are also targeting his baggage on Ukraine.


BigB: Bernie is damned if he does. Damned if he doesn’t. You are right. 2016, Bernie at the end, turned around to try to help garner votes for Hillary because he realized what hell would be unleashed by the rightwing sycophants and corrupted politicians, and Combover Caligula. Lesser of the 2 evils. That’s the politics we have in America.

Then, after working to help Hillary, Hillary sycophants (like Stephanie Miller who still whines about Bernie today, with her yes-boy, Chris Lavoie) lies that Bernie didn’t do anything to help Hillary in 2016. Bernie couldn’t win either side. He was bashed by his fans, bashed by his enemies. His critics were really all wrong. What choice did he have??? Rhetorical question.


Biden may garner the majority of the “Black vote,” especially older African Americans, but he has a big problem with Latinx voters. Bernie and progressive ideas are super popular with them. He does not win without their enthusiastic support.

Biden would be more than happy to sign a “grand bargain” with repubs and cut social security if given a chance. Keep that in mind you"moderates" as you fall in line behind Joe.


You said it. Bernie finds himself in no mans land again.
(And I have stopped watching Miller’s show altogether, just like I did in 2016. The anti Sanders, pro establishment rhetoric has just become intolerable. She is a propaganda arm of the DNC this election year, nothing more. I mean OMGodzilla, how can anyone claim to be a progressive and vote for Biden?)

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I agree… it’s hard to see the majority of Latinx voters bothering to spend hours in line voting for ol’ forgetful Neo-fiberal Joe. I still think Joe’s greatest weakness though is his support for foreign wars and regime change. If Trump gets American troops out of Afghanistan (of course leaving drones, contractors, mercenaries, proxies, special ops, etc) Trump can claim to be the peace candidate… and given Joe’s comparative record supporting American Imperialism, carnage and death in general…as a Leftist… I’d agree.

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Some ARE that stupid, brainwashed or speciously gullible. I’m guessing Jesus was just funning with us, with that, “truth will set you FREE” bullshit? Virtue signalling, pearl-clutching, self delusional zombies all over Manhattan, still ramming baby packed prams into each other, panic buying phony Chinese zinc/ Sambuchus nigra lozenges from WholeFoods™ all still wearing Biden/ Hillary tshirts under PTFE/ Ventile Marmot parkas & vicuña down vests. Hailing Ubers to Woke Mindfulness class…

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Thank you Beli-Tsari for this (lol). It captures the liberal class to a Tee! Read Chris Hedges’ The Death of the Liberal Class. I have to work with these folks in an academic department :nauseated_face: It’s enough to demand hazardous duty pay! And then there are the 80% of humans that are just incurious, stupid sheep. We were born on the wrong planet . . . .

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Biden has many weaknesses as a candidate.

I saw that the WaPo has said Bernie and Biden should not go at each other; however, should Biden be the nominee, better to have him vetted now so people know what they are voting for, rather than try to hide his weaknesses until general election, when Trump will exploit them.

And, who knows, maybe more Dems and left-leaning independents will come the their senses and realize Bernie is the better candidate and has better chance to beat Trump…

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Good post! I find it beyond frustrating and incomprehensible that Bernie consistently emphasizes he will support Joe Biden to defeat trump if Biden is the nominee.

Is there solid research to suggest this is helpful? My sense is that it is NOT.

Instead why can’t he focus on supporting progressive candidates at the state level that can bring about the policies he and this movement are advocating for and that so many in this country support?

Obviously it is not just trump we have to defeat!
That was made hideously clear with the senate “impeachment” vote among countless other examples. The trump enablers must go! That should be the focus!

Focusing on trump promotes a narrative that trump came out of nowhere and it’s as simple as removing trump!

He did it again last night in Arizona . . . he proclaimed he would support Joe Biden.

I think this is a huge mistake. It stopped me from donating when my phone pinged as texts came in from the Sander’s campaign asking for my support.

There is absolutely nothing Biden stands for and his record is horrific.

Additionally his cognitive decline is apparent.

Don’t forget he called a woman a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” when she asked a simple, relevant question. His bizarre behavior, how he struggles with words, his difficulty stringing sentences together, losing track of dates— all indicative of cognitive impairment.

I’ve been around those with Alzheimers and dementia including my mom. It was heartbreaking when we had to get her to stop driving. The social worker put it bluntly to me: “Would you let your Mom care for and drive your daughter in her car? Would you feel that your daughter would be safe? And would others on the road be safe with your mom behind the wheel?”

That was that. We took away the car.

Would the (apparently unable to think critically about the issues) “suburban moms” who may gravitate to Biden feel safe with him driving their babies, toddlers and children?

Then how on earth could he hold the highest office in this country? We are talking cognitive impairment, losing judgement . . not being able to think clearly.

And finally, it doesn’t matter what politicians vow to do or not to do on the campaign trail. People need to take the time and think a little bit, look at their voting records, who they are surrounding themselves with and where they get their money for their campaigns.

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