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'Warning Sign of Major Proportions': Number of Fires in Siberia Increased Fivefold In Week Since Record High Temperature

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/27/warning-sign-major-proportions-number-fires-siberia-increased-fivefold-week-record


The whole world is burning now. Eventually, our climate will be so filled with soot and carbon killing ozone that it will create a never-ending greenhouse affect. We will be at the tipping point for dangerous carbon emissions in the next decade or so. Then, our lives will be miserable. Thanks fossil fuel industries.


I fear we crossed the tipping point several years ago. Just my humble opinion. In any event, Humanity has sealed it’s fate into the bin of Extinction. It’s just a question of how long we have left. Ten years? Twenty on the outside? We took a perfectly lovely planet and trashed the hell out of it. Heartbreaking…


It’s not a warning sign. It’s just part of the unstoppable climate catastrophe that has been unfolding for decades now and that has been growing exponentially in recent years. It’s long past time for warnings, enjoy what remaining years we have before it devolves into outright survival.


And the band played on. We Progressives knew the troglodytes would burn it all if they could and nothing of substance seems to be in their way–not even concern for their progeny. As the Cree said, you can’t eat money, but to a junkie that logic is of no purport. For pursuit of a quantity that is essentially produced by fiat the very few have decimated this Planet which provided treasures beyond measure. While I may not believe in a deity, I know sin when I see it.


Good writing, Wise Owl


yup. It’s just then next phase in our slide down the rabbit hole

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I don’t think we have years left, IMHO. Maybe 18 months. Maybe. Australia was the blaring siren warning us we’d gone past any reasonable methods of stopping the runaway Elite train and needed to go for the unorthodox and very unwanted methods.
Now…I read an article about five years ago where billionaire developers were warned the sea islands in Biscayne Bay would be completely flooded within 20 years(based on the data at that time). They laughed, saying all that mattered was making as much money as possible. Who cared if the owners would be flooded out in the next hurricane. Or if the weight of the buildings would cause the islands to sink. I think I threw the magazine across the room at that point with some choice cuss words in four languages.
At this point, one option is to take as many of the mo-fo’s out with us. If we’re going to die soon anyway, perhaps going rogue will soothe our sense of justice finally being served.
In the meantime, live each day as if it’s your last. Forget about retail therapy; that’s junk science made up by the Elite to fill their coffers. Read a good book. Take a walk in nature. Watch clouds. Listen to great music. Homo sap did have some good runs between the long dark ages.


If there is a Deity; it means we have all died and gone to hell!


“The Arctic is figuratively and literally on fire,” wrote Overpeck. “It’s warming much faster than we thought it would in response to rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this warming is leading to a rapid meltdown and increase in wildfires.”

Very, very, true and as an Alaskan resident I can also add what exacerbates this catastrophe is millions of acres of forests are tinder dry like kindling, because of beetle infestation. Folks, you have not seen anything yet!


I would add to drink some good beer or wine (or other spirits) and smoke some good weed while you still can. Do whatever brings joy and a smile to you. And be kind. Hold onto your humanity.


I wonder if this is burning off most methane or if a percentage is escaping below burn threshold.

Maybe that is how earth will be cleansed of humanity. By fire, not by blood.


Truer words, never uttered. And watch how few readers this article gets? Around 1962 or '63 an instructor at the Buhl Planetarium taught us all the rebuttal points against what became the Clathrate Gun Hypothesis: run-away warming, as methane purcolated from where permafrost used to be, Gulf Stream slowed, polar vortices coming over from the ice free Siberian shelf along with drought in the great plains and firestorms, everywhere… “well, never mind, kids… this will only happen, generations after we’re dead and gone. And humans will evolve our political, agriculture, industrial and economic systems to cooperate in rectification, as we’ve cooperated with UN members in fighting fascism?”






The correct thing to do if your state is red hot with SARS-COV-2 is not to complain to almost nobody and not to hide. Pressure your state to go to a far better lockdown and test and trace. That’s what works.

The correct thing to do if your planet is red hot with tundra fires is not to complain to almost nobody and not to hide. Pressure your state and regional governments, if not your national government before November 3, to go to R&D and industrial mobilization for the catastrophe. That’s what works.

Now, the consequences of hiding are vast releases of greenhouse gases and consequently even hotter polar regions.

The polar regions are on fire like they haven’t been for probably 100 million years because normally this area is covered with snow except for a few weeks, and then when the snow melts a few sedge grasses grow. Also all the trees are being eaten alive by insects that have no predators because of climate change. So we’re getting fires that are surviving the Siberian winter underground and will burn for years, like that coal fire in Centralia, Pennsylvania, until we decide to put it out. In the meantime all of that methane and CO2 is coming up.

At the very minimum the U.S. should be performing massive preventative fire control in Alaska. We should be crisscrossing the area with wind-powered artificial snow making machinery, creating snow and moisture barriers beyond which tundra fires can’t cross. After that we should be restoring the tundra’s original white snowy albedo for 11 months of the year.

Those dead sticks of forests are another problem entirely.

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Peoples lives are connected to those of trees. But they still have not figured out why.

But they have observed that along with those beetle infestations comes a vastly increased rate of deaths from all causes.


Thank you for your post. Comments like this is why I come here-----very few people will talk about these things ----

I agree with your timeline.

Just make sure it’s not John Steinbeck. East of Eden was in the “little free library box” near my house so I picked it up and started reading to see what all the fuss is about. I will admit, I’ve not read Steinbeck before but I thought . . Woody Guthrie . . . The Ghost of Tom Joad (I like the version by Solas—h-ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksbKMWq6uoI)and all that . .

Got as far as chapter 2 (maybe it was 1) and almost retched at the racism.

I will stick with Louise Erdrich and Robin Wall Kimmerer. . . .


You forgot all that methane clathrate thats being released as it warms up.

Methane seems likely to be many times more problematic than CO2 in that context, and there is a hell of a lot of it thats being released.

However some say the methane ice wont have a major effect. Compared to other sources of it. I’d like to see the mothane issue go away, for sure. Has it? Or has it become political?


Videos of scientists setting methane in lakes on fire.

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Do you have evidence backing up your time table? I mean I agree we don’t have long but 18 months seem a bit short even to the most pessimistic time tables.


I have a wind-powered pump that pumps seawater above the ice in the Arctic winter. This enhances the ice thickness and then the remaining salt brine eventually finds (or makes) a crack and gets back into the ocean. Deploying about $10 billion dollars worth of these per year would reverse the ocean heating. That’s a bargain compared to…

My sketches are at *ttp://klinkmansolar .com/arctic.htm