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Warning the 'Greater Evil Is Simply Off the Charts,' 50+ Progressive Writers and Activists Pen Open Letter Urging Vote for Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/warning-greater-evil-simply-charts-50-progressive-writers-and-activists-pen-open


Indeed as these would be the same Democrats, including their alleged progressive leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who refused to do battle against the Republicans when Trump insists that a vote to replace RBG be taken before the November election. No threat of a government shutdown as well as no call for people to take to the streets in protest against Trump’s desire to nominate a conservative justice before the election. In addition Sen. Dianne Feinstein is against the idea of a legislative filibuster while Biden is now on record saying that the Democrats should not try to expand the Supreme Court. The Democrats are an opposition party in name only. And one name which one will find conspicuously absent from that letter is the writer and activist Chris Hedges who, unlike those feckless individuals who signed that letter, realizes that the Democrats are part of the problem and not the solution. The motto of the corporate party of Pelosi, Schumer, and Ocasio-Cortez should be:

We Democrats capitulate


Well, @Flick that’s a great and clear analysis that only serves to give cover to the trump/GOP regime and cast further doubt on our ability to survive 4 more years. I guess bashing the admitted failures and craven lack of action by the DP leadership, chuck and nancy who are pathetic failures and complicit stooges is more important than fighting against the fascist racist right and environmental rapists - BUT - as the writers put forward THIS greater evil and overt treason, contempt for our Republic, Constitution and Bill of Rights by the trump regime it is an existential threat. I guess that takes a back seat to stating the obvious about the DP entrenched 'leadership" a ship of fools sure, but…

I find the diversion from the trump treason and all the really ugly shite they do by the hour to be THE most pressing threat to whatever you and others who sign-on to accusing Dems of this and that (accurately) while ignoring trump/GOP actions that are the threat at this point in time! I see NOTHING that will be accomplished except fascist oppression, right-wing rot, extremist “religious” agenda, and more for decades if the focus is on Dem failures rather than the actual treason and racism and environmental destruction, corporate empowerment, more pollution of air, water, more or whatever it is you think might be the positive progressive/left result of a trump win!


Not voting reflects nothing but pure ignorance.

Ignorance to the daily betrayal to our nation and it’s people that is displayed 24/7 on the MSM.

It is very unfortunate that we do not have a well-informed public. Lies and disinformation are now so commonplace you’d think we live in a third world country.

Law and order is anything but that.

We the People rely on those in Washington DC to protect us from the lies, the cheating, the theft of our nation’s treasures.

The past four years has shown us all that that system of trust is gone.

There is only Greater and Lessor Evil.

Say what you will, but if this persists much longer, there will be blood. And more than likely it will be ours.


I can’t help but feel that America is fucked either way. Many still believe that they still live in a democracy. I hope they are right. But Trump Has been signalling since 2016 that he will not leave office, no matter the “result”. His base is desperate and filled with rage. Neoliberals and neocons alike brought Trump to power through their corruption. Now they reap the whirlwind. What I see is that the choice ahead for America is between fascist dictatorship and civil war. I want desperately to be wrong.


If it gives added incentive to leftists/progressives to vote for Biden, I’ve just published a detailed description of a movement specifically designed to revolt against our corrupt system under his presidency. (It’s MUCH easier to revolt against the Party of Hypocrisy than the Party of Fascism; hypocrites, still believing in truth and virtue at some level, are–unlike fascists–always partly on your side). Here’s the piece: ~https://www.opednews.com/articles/Announcing-Biden-s-Worst-N-by-Patrick-Walker-Activist_Biden-Harris_Civility_Democrats-200923-583.html


“Warning, the Greater Evil is Off the Charts”
** I wonder if there is space in that letter from me, or any other of the relatively few survivors of the US Thermonuclear testing in the 1950’s? We have seen the result of tRump’s, or any other dictator’s desire to “teach the world a lesson” with an H-Bomb on somebody’s capitol. Many of us did not survive, or have survived, suffering from cancers and other diseases for year after year. This Greedopoly MUST be stopped. We’ve already seen how nature is reacting to it’s destruction, yet we cannot seem to get together to work for healing the earth. Instead, it is, “How many billions can I steal to become the richest? And if I am not obeyed, to Hell with them all! Launch!”


I think that this is correct. Biden will slow that down a bit, but not much. Either way, at some point in the very near future, Facism will be rampant in the US.


This article is correct. The lesser of two evils is still the lesser, and Biden is by far the lesser, while Trump is a monstrous would-be Fuhrer and King. Beware the false equivalencies, fatalism, and constant anti-Biden/anti-Democratic Party memes spread by some commenters. Although it’s true that the corporate neoliberal Democrats typified by Biden are nowhere near progressive enough, here are the threats posed by Trump and the GOP that the Democrats aren’t on board with. Please forward this widely, to counter the false equivalencies. Trump and the GOP’s goals are to:

  • Make it impossible for women to legally and easily access contraceptives and abortion. In general, reinforce a rigid, sexist, brutal patriarchy.
    *Preserve and expand white supremacy, gun culture, the Confederacy movement.
  • Get rid of all regulations and enforcement agencies related to environment, workplace safety, sexual harassment, discrimination, consumer fraud, etc.
    • Empower police, secret interagency officers, federal troops and the military to be used domestically against law-abiding, protesting citizens, using tactics/equipment meant for a war zone.
    • Stop all efforts to reform policing; empower police to be even more violent, racist, militarist, and unaccountable.
    • Destroy Social Security and Medicare.
    • Privatize and/or shut down public school infrastructure.
    • Bust all unions
  • Privatize and otherwise destroy our public lands.
    • Sabotage elections. Allow foreign money and intelligence agencies to subvert elections.
    • Sabotage the right to vote and access to voting.
    • Destroy the UN and the International Criminal Court in The Hauge.
    • Privatize and otherwise destroy the USPS.
    • Install a Christian Evangelical theocracy.
    • Ally America more and more with Putin, MBS, Erdogan, Duterte, Bolsonaro, Kim Jong Un, and all the other most despotic, horrible rulers.
    • Turn the president into a King; set up a Trump family dynasty succession in the Oval Office. Make nepotism a staffing policy.
  • Create a cult of personality that worships Donald Trump as “God’s chosen one,” creating an army of rabid, armed traitors primed for a second Civil War.
    • Make the president and president’s cronies immune from investigation, subpoenas, and imprisonment.
    • Empower right-wing vigilantes to work with police to attack protesters. Defend right-wing extremist violence. Promote insane Q-Anon and other dangerous conspiracy theories.
    • Stack Supreme Court and all federal courts with right-wing lackeys.
    • Get rid of Obamacare and block other health care expansion.
    • Use DOJ against law-abiding citizens while preventing it from taking action against real criminals. Use DOJ, HHS, ICE and other agencies as a private army serving the president.
    • Pardon war criminals and other miscreants.
    • Attack climate science, pandemic science and most other science to further corrupt, destructive capitalist/political agendas.
    • Weaponize space.
    • Take away hard-won new rights from LGBTQ.

You write that:

“His base is desperate and filled with rage.”

You very well may be right as I experienced some of that rage last Sunday when a fervent Trump supporter darkly warned me of a war which he believed to be coming as he was leaving in his vehicle though it was unclear if he meant a race war or a war if Trump were to somehow lose the election. The Democrats, the media, and the rest of the American people underestimate these fanatics at their own peril.


You very well may be right when we see the Democrats, the alleged opposition party, do next to nothing in trying to stop a neo-fascist like Trump.


Even though “Dump Trump, Then Battle Biden” has nice alliterations, I prefer this: “Flush Fascism, Then Hammer Hypocrisy.” The “Flush Fascism” and “Hammer Hypocrisy” parts refer to my new preferred framing of this “shithole election” as a contest between Republican Fascism and Democrat Hypocrisy–while “Flush” also of course refers to the shithole election.

If you wish to grasp the logic behind my new preferred framing “Fascism vs. Hypocrisy,” read this piece: ~https://medium.com/@patrickwalker_77969/announcing-bidens-worst-nightmare-the-justified-outrage-movement-e83092c2d48f


I believe you are talking about this minitrue:


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I noticed the article said not voting for Biden in the SWING states would be a serious mistake…but if one lives in a reliable blue or red state it won’t make any difference if one votes Green, except the Greens will amass some votes and gain some recognition. The Democratic Party that put up Biden is the real problem, IMO.


Excellent rebuttal as the Democrats may be even more militant than the Republicans. Dennis Perrin informs the reader about this in his insightful book called The Savage Mules.


“His base is desperate and filled with rage.”

Is it a “rage” of their own making (realising they are stupid) or a projected rage from dump?

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The only thing standing between the American people and Trump is Biden.


That reply linking my comment - I don’t “parrot” anyone; my thoughts and words are my own! - re trump/GOP threats to the nation somehow to being “an agent of putin”, and off-the-wall “McCarthyite Koolaid” BS evades the issue as usual; BS faux analysis and obtuse logic that helps turns the Republic over to fascist right-wing forces and does nothing to support the left/progressive direction, but I guess that’s what you bring to the table, isn’t it? - diversionary pro-trump propaganda - great work there sport…


I’ve been watching this strategy among progressives in the Democratic Party basically fail for over 4 decades. The Democrats just keep going further right. Today, with Trump installed and the destruction of the Bernie Sanders movement – the pièce de résistance of those “strategic efforts” thus far – with the corporate wing with corporate media, having deliberately empowered far right (per Pied Piper emails) in order to push Trump as a long-shot into the GOP nomination.

These leaders never address this later aspect - or demand accountability from the Dems on that same matter. Not to mention, deamdning accountability on the further open rigging in our elections by Democrats, who celebrate throwing third parties like the Greens off the ballot in two swing states, oppose ranked choice voting (Clinton’s open position), video of massive voter suppression during the DP primaries, and U.N. recognized evidence of election fraud.

Now it’s down to who can out-rig or out-fraud the other in the general. The Dems or the GOP?

Well that’s their problem - the two groups of crooks. With elections this rigged, you want me to furthermore throw my vote away on their fake candidate Joe Biden? No, I’m going to make it count for something, as meaningless as my vote is (under the circumstances) - and especially with a party that ignores my positions of issues on virtually every single topic. All I get are symbolic, but basically empty, gestures, backed by years of evidence showing what they really are about.

I’m in a state that’s heavily blue - even more heavily women voting for this war-mongering, anti-Medicare For All Women, lesser of two rapists - but I’m voting independent, and I sure would in a swing state too since they’re openly rigging those elections to exclude my candidates. I would write them in, then.

In addition, these fooking Democrats went after organizers with yet another third party left coalition in Colorado on fake federal charges trying to put them behind bars for decades - just like Barr and Trump in other states on “sedition” charges - both basically carrying same heavy sentencing. Meaning, the Dems target their political opponents just as fascistically as the GOP. This group, like the Greens, have an advancing candidate too - Gloria La Riva with the Peace and Freedom/VT Liberty Union/PSL coalition. (The Greens are in coalition with the SWP-USA.)

Let’s say Biden does win. Where is the prior Republican Party after all this? I’ll tell you where - straddled between the Democrats and the New GOP under Trump. Look at Mitt Romney today going with Trump on a judicial appointment. We are going to have an even further right after this finished - and even greater evil - and we’ll listen to this s**t forever as we fall further and further in fascism.

They are not stopping a thing. They are helping it even more. They are actually doing what they say third party or independent voters will do.

If all of these great leaders of the Left put as much effort as they do (regardless of their often genuinely good intentions, but nevertheless) into shepherding voters for the corporate establishment - we could actually change this country.

In the meantime, I’m sick and tired of America acting like our lives 24/7, 12 months of every year/ for 4 years straight, and then starting all over, revolve around these disgusting circus elections.

The change is not going to come by continuing to act like this is the real news. And like we must knee-buckle in line.

If they’re so worried about us third party or independent voters fooking the election, then push harder on Biden to support a real progressive agenda - or organize for a national strike to force whoever is going to be in office to pass Medicare For All, for example. Because if you mobilize effectively outside of these endless garbage elections, you can force either the Dems or GOP to go your way on health care.

I"m an undecided voter - but it’s not Biden - unless he promised to pass Medicare For ALL (and I’d do the same with Trump or the Libertarians on Medicare For All). But I’m other undecided and only between the Peace and Freedom/VT Liberty Union/PSL coalition - and the Green Party/SWP-USA coalition.

And the Democrats - who have been abusing voters like myself 24/7 since this debacle of an election started (since I was a Bernie supporter) - and they still haven’t stopped abusing us - can take their crooked election and SIUTFAs.


Hi Wings,
** Yeah. I was at the next series of tests in 1956, Operation Redwing, which featured the first air-dropped H-Bomb by the American Military. Over the years, I’ve written quite a bit about our nuclear history and the fate of the Marshal Islanders, and our guinea pigs and the fate of the cleanup crews, not to mention government lies and coverups, not only in the Marshals but in the US, Nevada test sites and our studying the effects on civilians in Nevada and Utah and even to the East Coast.
**This government has been a putrid cesspool for many years.
** I hope we may be able to turn it around, but it may be a very bloody mess to do so. We have become the largest, most deadly and ruthless “Banana Republic” on the planet.