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Warning Trump Making US Soldiers Props in Racist Border 'Stunt,' Veterans Call on Active-Duty Troops to Refuse Orders to Deploy


May I suggest that every word out of Trumpy’s mouth is a rock thrown at us. So put him in front of the military and let him blather on.


Well first he would have to go before Congress and then he would have to address the military. Neither of which is prepared to turn our military into a police force. The Posse Comitatus Act is very strict and held in high regard by both Congress and the MIC. They realize that if they give approval it is just one step away from the fears of what martial law might bring.


I disagree.
Russia has an extremely vicious, international, fascist political philosophy. Putin and his circle have stated clearly that Russia plans to disrupt the EU and the West. Mixed with this imperial strategy is the Russian Internet Research Agency with its great powers that has already disrupted politics in a number of countries. Further, the vicious politics targets nonwhites, LGBTQs and utilizes what is essentially a christian fascism to give its white nationalism ‘divine’ power. Invading and occupying Crimea is no small matter.
These fascists are clearly mixing with the American government and business ‘leaders’ as documented by the FBI and others. Manafort helped the Russians install Yanukovych as president in the pre-invasion Ukraine. Some sat very close to Trump at the beauty pageant in Moscow a few years back. They have loaned Trump money. Some are recorded in Trump Tower. Extremist capitalists don’t seem to mind making $$$ and rubbing elbows with mafiosa like fascists. Hmmmm.

Russia has already affected U.S. elections and successfully promoted hatred and discord. Oh yeah - they also target immigrants. Sound familiar? More to come so please pay close attention.
To understand the activity and thinking of the Russians, please read Timothy Snyder’s The Road to Unfreedom.


Greenwich: This story of LAND THEFT by “Christianity” for White Male Elites has never really been told;
except by Howard Zinn and trusting that a few more have taken his lead by now.

discover reply: I didn’t know China was run by white male elites. What about India and Brazil?

The race to destroy habitat and civil rights in the name of short term profits is crowded at this point.

Take your pick of color – the world is always run for benefit of Elites –
In fact, at the end of WWII, one of the richest men in the world was Chinese and was being
flown to talks with world leaders by Fletcher Prouty.

And, of course, Elites have always united –
American Elites were united with Elites internationally to recruit and fund Hitler/Nazis.

US - 50 Year Onslaught in Central America

Stop Saying ‘Migrant Caravan’: They’re Asylum Seekers Escaping a Conflict That the US Created
There is, however, a refugee crisis. That crisis is the effect of at least a half-century (and, arguably, twice that) of calamitous US political intervention in Central America, and not — as President Trump would have us believe — the inevitable byproduct of “bad hombres” who may as well be “animals.”

US-funded military coups, resource exploitation, and American policies of economic neoliberalism in El Salvador have destabilized the entire region, and effectively created a climate where paramilitary-aligned drug cartels can thrive.

Many Americans, including the president himself, conveniently forget that El Salvador was embroiled in a bloody, 12-year civil war from 1980 to 1992 that the US essentially funded. The Reagan administration poured money into the Salvadoran government’s right-wing military regime, training paramilitary and death squad units who were later found to have committed more than 85 percent of the murders, kidnappings, and tortures that marked the ugly, dozen-year ordeal. At the same time, similar wars were under way in Guatemala and Nicaragua, spurring a mass exodus of immigration from the region throughout the 1980s.

Flash forward to 1996, when President Bill Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. The new law made a legal path to citizenship much more difficult for immigrants, and also facilitated deportations.



Will Bolton advise him wisely? It’s pretty crazy right now. They are desperate for power.


What if just one soldier lays down the rifle and shakes hands with one of the members of the people seeking asylum?

What if many…


The dark-side will someday loose :-)))


The logistics colonel is probably pissed that he or she has to set up food, shelter, and outhouses for 15,000 troops for no good reason.


Yeah, I’m generally not a big fan of authoritarian governments, rather it’s China or Russia or Brazil or India or whoever. But I’m an American, not a Russian (not even a Russian agent, despite what the Clinton campaign says LOL). I know far more about the U.S. than I do about other countries (though I know the countries mentioned are hardly liberal democracies… but neither is “ours”).

And yes, lots of countries are destroying the planet, but the U.S. Empire starts far more wars and overthrows far more governments (especially democratically-elected governments) than ANY other country on this planet. Also, the U.S. is peddling fracking / gas to the rest of the world (meaning any country they can bully / bribe into buying LNG).

Actually, I pretty much agree with what you said. I’m not sure why I’m still typing…?


The US overthrows what is needed to keep resources flowing for China, Japan, and a long list of other countries who use the same resources as every city in the US for commodities to sell on the world market.

It’s 2018.

Look up BRIC.


Oh ya…can you imagine the grumblings under breath? Geez!


The stoops, I mean troops, have been supporting Cons for years. Fvck’m.

I don’t thank them for your service.


being an adult army brat i have only one thing to say. you will appreciate them when you need them.


Nice throwaway line.


Sad, but tru. Now the white supremist ( trump), have attacked their voting rights.


Funny isn’t it how it was republicans who set up all these trade deals.
Nixon, GWBush


Yes, who volunteers to go invade a country with the idea of war profiteering, and war crimes, to support American billionaires?


False pride wrapped up in a flag.