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Warning Trump Poses 'Existential Threat' to Social Security, Group Founded by FDR's Son Endorses Biden for President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/warning-trump-poses-existential-threat-social-security-group-founded-fdrs-son

Good on the NCPSSM. For more good news, note that many employers are not playing Trump’s employee payroll-tax deferment game, recognizing that it would put their employees in a bind come next year:


Note that it hurts Team Trump’s fee-fees. Sad!


My parents, who were old school Republican and voted for Trump once, now are voting for Biden, and the Trump/GOP goal of dismantling the New Deal, especially social security, is a primary reason for this.
They recognize that Biden and the Democrats wrongly limited cost of living increases when they had power, but they see that Trump’s plan to get rid of the FICA withholding will totally bankrupt SS by 2023, and that Congress is unlikely and unable to create a guaranteed, sufficient funding stream to take the place of FICA withholding to sustain social security and medicare without deep cuts or total elimination.
Biden and other Dems may have supported tiny cuts in the rate of increase of social security benefits, but Trump and the GOP support getting rid of it completely.
So for that and many other reasons, they’re voting Biden/Harris, and everyone else should too.

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Seriously though, why not just eliminate the separate SS and Medicare funding completely and raise all income tax rates 10% to compensate? It would solve the problem of high earners not paying their fair share, and since the income tax is somewhat progressive, it would put 10% more money in the pockets of the poorest.

What a terrible state of affairs. We are supposed to rely on the man who wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare and who has lied repeatedly throughout his career to now save Social Security.


This is the same group thatsTOTALLY ignoring the huge existential threats GATS poses to Social Security.

Bidens proposal to expand Medicare to begin before Social Security also is guaranteed to kill it as far as being affordable for the poor. People have no idea.

We’re being scammed, things are totally captured, these organizations are part of a huge cover up, of a huge theft, just like so many fake progressive politicians are.

the things they want to do do the exact opposite of what they say they do. And its easy to prove…

For example read the first paragraph of the Annex on Financial Services.


pointless now. every media joint’s going “full Fox” now.

Trump and the GOP “pose an existential threat” to all forms of life on earth (except for some viruses), not just to Social Security and other “domestic” programs that benefit the 99%.


How about we just remove the income cap on Social Security, problem solved. Not sure how your math put 10% more money in the pockets of the poor, by increasing their tax rate by 10%, you will have to explain that one for me.


Yes, Federal employees who started prior to 1984, and many gubmit employees in California never had to pay into Social Security. Many of them indeed don’t care about it unlike those of us who had $100… $150…$200K withheld during our decades in the work force.

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Just imagine what CNN, WaPo, MSNBC, NYT and DNC™ LLC would’ve done to FDR. He’d be lucky if he’d made it to GitMo Heck, both “sides” are calling Teddy a commie BernieBro?

PS: it wasn’t JUST Republican nazis after FDR. As we saw '32-'44: Biden’s Dixicrats vs Henry Wallace was only the tip?


Just imagine what would have happened if Smedley Butler had not derailed Prescott Bush (Dubya"s grandpa), Henry Ford, and other US fascists’ attempts to assassinate FDR so they could turn the US fascist post haste.

No need to imagine…the US would have become fascist by 1940 instead of 2000 when the SCOTUS installed Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya.

The GOP and Dims have moved so far to the right that Nixon would be put on the same group W bench as Sanders by the Democrats if he was running in the primaries today.


By making it an ‘income tax’, most poor families get a tax credit on any income tax they paid; not so with SS/Medicare. They pay 10% of every dollar, with no deduction and no tax credit. Additionally, it would eliminate the exemption given to many government employees.


As far as I know Biden is heavily invested in a treaty scheme (actually, its likely several) that is planned to expands to involve hundreds of millions of jobs globally, with much of that growth being in the US, its based in the middle eastern kafala system and its often been compared to modern slavery.

It will be a bloodbath for US workers jobs.

It will globalize so many jobs that Social Security will be defunded within a few years, because the good jobs that Americans depend on will be replaced by global subcontracting for a fraction of the money. Money that workers doing those jobs will want to take out of their accounts when they leave, and it would be unfair to prevent it because their wages are so very low, and so much is already taken out by their empployers for housing, food , trasportation, car expsnses, so much that they end up with very little to show for it.

this will defund Social Security in a way we wont be able to reverse. It will also cause an economic implosioon.

OK thanks, I do understand your logic now, but still think the best approach for SS is to remove the income cap and make the ultra rich pay a lot more. Plus making it (SS) an income tax would subject it even more, to be tampered with by far right politicians. One of the strongest opposition points we have to keep SS untouched, is it’s completely self funded, your approach would eliminate that, in the eyes of the far right, and become “fair game” to be eliminated all together.


But Biden and his trade deals do too, they both pose essentially the same, huge threats. Biden is even worse as far as outsourcing jobs, they would prefer to completely replace large sections of the workforce, because its more profitable. they have been planning this for more than two quite arguably even three decades. Thats what he’s saying by saying things will stay the same, he means that the plan will be implemented, not postponed until the future a bit more as has been occurring each time people becamse more aware of it.

Big service sectors will become the property of international corporations and then they will become so expensive to buy our rights to regulate back (which were taken 26 years ago) it becomes impossible to fix.

I cant think of a single thing they both dont likely plan to steal from people.

We fucked up to allow this to happen. We should be calling them both out on their lies.

They want to rivatize the world, making social security another 401k - and turning Medicare into a means tested welfare program for the destitute. which will be a disaster for large groups of people who will get shafted. Also with their outsourcing scheme, you can bet that will cause a huge financial crash. It will strip the entire nation of their home equity, because nobody will want to live in a nation without decent jobs. Many people will leave the country, taking their skills with them. they will have succeeded in destroying the futures oif all Americans, while killing the goose that laid the golden egg for themselves.

Destroying their obligations is likely what they want. the 2008 crash was alco caused by GATS’s deregulation of FS’s (its repeal of Glass -Steagall Act which blocked the banks from speculating with othsrs money)

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Came here for this, not disappointed.
We are a long way from Wallace!
Perkins, even further.
Ickes, Hopkins, Eleanor?

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The first time I made enough income to not have to pay SS I thought the same thing.

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This article doesn’t meet the smell test. If such a dramatic gesture were objectively justifiable, the endorsement would not be for Biden but for Hawkins. Biden brags openly about his 40 year attempt to destroy Social Security.


Quote that was online somewhere:

“He who declares something is not possible should refrain from interrupting the one who is doing it.”

With regard to Green Party, Howie and Walker, they are being BEATEN ON badly and in multiple states
and in many cases in ways blatantly violative of the law. Whatever anger, frustration or exhaustion that may have occasioned them, it would seem to me that they have not, however, been ‘beaten up’
as in conquered, crushed or brought to the point of giving up. I am starting to think that maybe they
are the real deal.

There’s always much talk about the Dims relying upon the ‘fact’ that voters have ‘nowhere to go’
if they do not align with one of the two traditional parties. The flip side of that is whether, in a tumultuous year which has stripped econoic security, jobs, and for many life itself away, to be faced with a ‘choice’ of
between two buffoons, neither of whom is willing to help them survive after 11/3, maybe they really
have ‘nowhere to go’ but a 3P which stands for what they need.

Just in case I’ll be trying not to interrupt those doing the impossible. Just saying.