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Warning Trump Poses 'Existential Threat' to Social Security, Group Founded by FDR's Son Endorses Biden for President

I didnt read the article because Ive been following the GATS and have read dozens of articles about it and its ideology and I know the conditions under which something like a starutory system of social security where the government contributes can exist, ad they are systematically breakihg it. They want people to be on their own, they are breaking the part where the government contributes, the end result will be that Medicare, and Social Security will be nullified as the good things they are today, Also people wont have jobs, many poeopke will go from birth to death ever being good enough at anything to get a job getting paid to do them. And the government will actually be obligated not to help them either, if it competes with any business. So they will be left with very litttle, living in the woods, in some hole thats not visible from the air (because Google Maps) poaching food off of other peoples land.

there wont be any education for them - people would need to have an address and pay taxes to register for school. People forget that in the past, pre industrial era there was a lot of work people had to do, cottage industry, people found a trade and performed it, but now with mass production all those things are cheap and increasingly made by machines with very little labor involvement.

You can in some cases, if you have a lot of gret ideas, make some niche product and sell it and make money, but eventually it will be compied and knocked off by the Chinese. I could tell you a bunch of different stories about that process, it seems as if there is a way to make a product and successfully sell it and not get copied. Perhaps, but it requires both luck and timing.

Making an honest buck is no longer going to be possible doing what most people do today. Soon.

the people who go on and on about people not wanting to work and bringing it upon themselves will themselves all be out of jobs.

this is happening a lot now, actually. And it predates coronavirus. Jobs as we know them are going away, many are being outsourced and offshored to india, or China or other countries. And its really only just beginning, the proices for those kinds of services are dropping so that tells you somethng.

All roads lead to the GATS, and its successors TTIP/TAFTA, TISA, UK-US FTA, US-India FTA, and the rest.

virtually two thirds to three quarters of the news media articles now are fundamentally lying to us based on the fake captured media simulacrum and people would be best served if they, like with fox news, avoided most of it.

One require an understanding of the myriad trade deals, for example, GATS, and at least a dozen others, would be helpful too… to see our country’s real stance, also the global economc governance organizations, to understand that the real power has been moved elsewhere in the areas that matter to us economically.

So we no longer have a democracy, they are maintainubg an illusion they still have power when they dont.

They cant fix the things we spend endless amounts of time here pretending they can fix, not unless we leave these deals first.

to understand why the stuff we’re fed is fake.you need to understand many things that are spelled out in authoritative sources, which couldnt be faked,

But truth is a conclusive choice and one must devote the effort to do so.

Once you know you’ll realize so much is fake it will change your view of the current positions taken by “government” and the world we live in.

They have a lot of explaining to do.

You can save time by not reading the crap that is being published now because after a few lines you can see that its more often than not trying to force on you an entirely wrong set of assumptions. It should make your mind feel dirty with its false assumptions. You really do better reading all of it as propaganda, which is hard if you only read it, really so much of it is false.

I think Trump has a deal with the Dems to accept all the blame for all these things they both shareblame on. So right there one of the fundemantal tenets we’re being fed is likely faulty, the false assertion that the twoparties are involved in a fight with the Dems (or GOP) being the good guys totally good whuile the other side is totally bad.

A good cop bad cop routime is a negotiating strategy to beat down opposition. Whats really happening is both parties together represent the very rich. They know what they want, the country, the future. The planet. - Its not thers but it will soon be, as they are systematically stripping we the people of everything we count on.

And at the highest level they know, they are basically the same party. the Dems are not the party of the people, they are the fake diversionary tactic of the people. Together they maintain a situation no Americans would likely agree with, very dishonestly.

this is even as the US presents itself internationally as a sort of Washintgton Consenus that all agrees everything should be privatized, all public services eliminated, and trade deals should capture the world for corporations. Also the big lie that the US is now so successful and rich because of our system that we have no problems.

They are stealing our future, both stealing our future, and colluding to deceive us, and they WILL leave people with nothing. Is it fascism that they want? or do they just want all of us out.

Out of our own country?

Well it wont be ours any more.

Had to go down to Columbus Circle, for my partner’s root canal! The exact same dead-eyed yuppies, who value their specious gullibility, delusional projection more than life itself are striding about, screaming into iPhones without masks; cutting off all us deplorable expendables… or, WHATEVER Nancy calls us? Nobody here has EVER said Trump & Biden are the same. It’s their mirror image brainwashed churls who are like some Evil Twin Gilligan doppelganger? “You’re either with ME, or the TERRORISTS?” Little Baby Jesus sez. If you don’t simply mouth whatever your designated half of Comcast tells you to believe, or you’re obviously a RooskiBotBernieBro or whatever?

We’d just watched Idiocracy, high… so, yeah, PLEASE join in. I’m already spotting all the David Brock sockpuppets?

Well, as of noon TODAY the Pa.Supremes has now dumped HAWKINS OFF THE BALLOT TOO.
AND given the DNC’s an extra treat by adding another 3 days for mail-in ballots to arrive. So whoop
de do, in Wisconsin they say you’re right but gosh its just too late. In Pa, its who cares if you’re right, this was, until 2016, a Dem state, so don’t even bother to argue, you’re off the ballot and let’s give those D’s
3 extra days so this won’t backfire on them that they lose a bunch of mail-ins because of the delay
they caused.

The late William Penn is surely turning over in his grave, wherever that may be. The late, great Chief Justice Nix is no doubt doing the same. Not my quote but in the public realm, the following observation was recently made relative to PA:

“Judging by the yard signs, Biden is in third place, after Trump and Firewood for Sale.”

What a disgrace this state has become!!!

All we need now is a cadre of Dims plying the streets of Philly with “walking around money” on
November 3rd!!!

For whom it may concern: PA is a write-in state. Far as I know the candidate doesn’t have to file
anything to have votes credited. Certainly the many votes received by Bugs Bunny over the years
have never raised the issue of whether or not he is registered with a middle initial.
Just be doggone sure you get the SPELLING of the names exactly the same as how they are registered. If its Howard and you do Howie, it probably doesn’t count. Same if either one uses a hyphenated last
name - has to match to count. You’re also not allowed to put it on a sticker and put the sticker on the ballot - have to write it out.

The Dem Party is irretrievably corrupt. Perhaps the organization of the aggrieved is not yet advanced
enough to orchestrate a scenario in 2020 where every voter in Pennsylvania not willing to vote for DT orJB votes Green to make a point, but that’s what needs to happen. And its going to happen when enough
ordinary folks have had enough for long enough.

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GATS will incite a revolt. Why keep bringing up something nobody is going to honor in the end, politicians or populace?
If it’s GATS or social security, who do you think will win out, SSI of course.
What are they gonna do, send me to Nam? Too late for that punishment.

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i dont think GATS would impire a revolt because they will never tell people about it, they will of course make up some other story and blame everything that happens on that, just as they do today.

Also I dont understand why people think that our government would not want the changes that GATS and other FTAs which we sook out, and propagated, as much for our own reasons as any other treaty.

It gives us the ability to trade jobs for other things that we want like epanded ip-maximalist regimes, such as patent extensions, evergreening of drug patents, allowing generic versions of drugs like insulin to be kept off the market and higher drug prices, also lower labor costs. by creating global labor markets, when before Americans were only cmpeting against a few hundred million workers now we compete against more than seven billion, with dramatic effects on wages likely in the near future.

Also without workers, the need to take care of tpeople who have given their best years to industry ends, retirement ends. They will be on their own. the same with education, the wealthy seem to feel.

GATS has already won, we already agreed to phase out all services unless they were completely noncommercial and had no commercial competition. thats everything pretty much except for the police, the legislature itself and a few other obscure services like lighthouses.

Thats why this is all so ridiculous. Why dont all of you just look this stuff up. They lied to us, deal with it. Stop whining, youre wasting precious days and weeks of time. We need to call foul on all this, or we’lll end up homeless and broken people.

Are people so stupid that they cant see whats going on? They are stealing the country and planet, thats whats going on. Think Pearl harbor, a preemotive strike to leave all the former middle class so besontten with problems and lives falling apart that we wont be able to change anything ever. We’ll become another statistic, indigenous groups that were displaced and forgotten by history. Except in this case we will be a unusually culturally, ethnically and raciailly diverse has-been displaced group.

What could still be a bright future will become a flash in the pan of history.

the fact that you keep expecting Biden or Trump to help you shows how little we know about GATS and its ilk.

Its a global deal to help the oligarchs that run this planet, complete their mission of stealing it. They are all allied together.

In a preemptive strike against the very idea of a middle class and an improving future. As they see it, thats impossible in the current economic environment. the only thing they see as possible is a free fall in wages due to vast increases in labor supply and huge declines in demand. the future will be one with fewer and fewer jobs. Who should get them? those with the most intelligence? No they dont want that, because as many of them are less intelligent as any other group. the ones with the most willingness to work hard? No they dont want that because frankly with few exceptions, they never worked that hard and dont intend to start doing so. What they are aiming for is a world where money is everything. Money determines everything, people have to buy everything. race wont matter, as long as you are rich. Nothing will matter unless you have the dough.

So understanding the new world odor is rendered simple because more often than not it leads to that outcome.

Group founded by FDR endorses Biden the known existential threat to SS because, well, Trump is an existential threat to SS. Humm? Head scratcher.

That would be almost as likely to destroy Social Security as Donny Boy. The entire system struck a very careful balance when it was being formed. There have been numerous changes over these 74 years, most of them to expand the system and consolidate its position in the US economy and society. It gets pretty complicated, but the books by Nancy Altman of Social Security Works are a good place to start.

Don’t let this guy confuse you.

We don’t whine about GATS as you suggest zed. True we know little about it so there is nothing to whine about. And as I suggested, we don’t care. Partly because we are not making decisions about those things, and there isn’t squat we could do about it anyway.
After all, the folks in the CD corral can’'t stand trump or Biden so there isn’t anyone to vote for according to them.
Case in point: The Green Party didn’t make on to the Wisconsin ballot.

I just found a long pro gats semi book, 75 pages long that - ALTHOUGH I FIND MANY OF HIS ARGUMENTS AS BEING IN THE METHINKS THEY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH CATEGORY, its still interesting.

search for it, its title is “Financial Services, the WTO and Initiatives for Global Financial Reform”


(reform meaning more “liberalization” as of course as it always does.) Note its one way, once you commit you will find it almost impossible to get out.

This is all being framed to be a natural thing but I suspect big parts of this story were just made up

keep in mind this deal attempts to trade away as many as half of the country’s jobs if it can get away with it.

More job trading, whomever is cheapest gets it.

Never ever have I heard any of them mention the 1990s deal we made that trades away our rights to have social services that depenmding on very easy to violate rules may compete with banks and other commercial services like Social Security and Medicare, potentially killing them if they violate very easy to violate rules we may have already violated.

here is one of dozens of histories of it Ive read, all of them questionable.


I am a teacher from IL. I get $1400 for the YEAR in SS. I pay tax on it and never see it, it goes straight to medicare.I have been fighting to save it and make it work better for years. That is what progressives do. They care about others. I am in CA now and I called Feinstein and Harris and told them I do not want to read another book like Grapes of Wrath.

What a pathetic country America has become, when the candidates for President in 2020 are Biden and Trump.

First we have Trump, who was an unknown prior to 2016:

“Notwithstanding his 2016 campaign promise to abandon Republican orthodoxy and shield Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from cuts, Trump has repeatedly called for slashing all three programs in his budget proposals during his first four years in office and, on several occasions, made explicit his intention to pursue cuts if he wins a second term in November.”

OK. I’d like to say that I’m shocked that the 2016 first-time-politician Trump would behave like a veteran politician so quickly and boldly. But I’m not.

Then we have Biden:

“Biden also faced criticism over his past support for Social Security cuts. Nancy Altman, president of advocacy group Social Security Works (SSW), said in a January statement that Biden’s Social Security record—including comments he made as recently as 2018—is “cause for concern.” Biden has since committed to protecting and expanding Social Security…”

OK. This is classic veteran politician-speak. Biden supported trashing SS- following Obama’s lead (Obama also promised to protect it) up through the middle of TRUMP’S first term. But now, on the campaign trail, he parrots Trump campaign promise.

So, what’s a voter to do? Follow the lead of SSW?

“Social Security Works’ political action committee endorsed Biden, warning that “there has never been an election more consequential for Social Security than this one.””

This last question brings me to Obama:

Obama campaigned in 2008 on universal healthcare, stopping endless wars, preserving SS, protecting whistle blowers, and lifting people out of poverty. He not only failed to keep any of these promises, he supported actions AGAINST them. More wars , attempts to gut SS, prosecuting more whistle blowers than any president in history, and bringing in a Goldman Sacks cabinet.

Was Obama the worst President? Perhaps not if one uses the standard metrics. But by running on an extremely seductive platform of ‘Hope and Change’ , Obama brought people who had given up on politics to the polls. By 2016 it was clear to those people- and many others who vote for him, that Obama was no different than other past presidents. Some crawled back into those cracks in the wall- vowing once again to never come out. Others? Well, MANY others got really, REALLY pissed off. Ergo- we now have Trump.

So again, what’s a voter to do? Vote for an in-your-face liar, or vote for a liar who has over the course of his’ 40 years in government finally seen the light’?

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These people will really have egg on their face if Biden gets selected president because he will do everything he can to do what he’s repeatedly tried to do and said he would do–cut social security. But they will do what political players always do–deny it, blame someone else and move on, pretending they have influence.

my point is that it doesn’t need to be so complicated. I’m not sure if you got the bogus ‘74 years’ from a book or what, but its been 85 years since Social Security started in 1935. If you’ve ever had to deal with Social Security, my experience is that they are about 15 or 20 years behind the times; they have limited offices and people often have to travel 30 or 40 miles to get to an office, the wait time on phone calls is many hours (the ubiquitous “Please listen carefully to all options as our choices have recently changed”), they require paper copies of records instead of electronic copies; even their online sites are outdated and poorly human factored. Having separately funded programs wastes money and manpower. Its a tax not insurance. Its not optional, so why separate it from income taxes? Back when Railroad employees and government workers could opt out is long past. The only reason is to use the exemptions at the high end to bribe campaign donors.

How many times have you actually purchased the Brooklyn Bridge? from the same guy, who promised every time that this time he “has seen the light”.

The “70” was my bad–mental arithmetic too late in the evening. The “36” was also a lapse–I was thinking of the year the first benefits were paid, but still off by four years (1940).

The complexity–you have no idea. It is separate from the entire rest of the Federal budget because the entire system would disappear overnight if it were just another line item subject to the whims of you-know-who.

The reason it is called insurance instead of tax is that it IS: All monies collected (plus a little interest less a fraction of a percent (sic) for overhead) are returned to the members, with the monies paid in dedicated by law to the single purpose of keeping US residents out of poverty. That mission has expanded through the years from the elderly to include not only surviving spouses but people with physical or mental disabilities and other conditions that limit their ability to undertake gainful employment.

The benefit scale is tilted to favor people with greater needs (aging, lower income while working, etc.). The technical term is “progressive”–in the financial sense, NOT the political one. The formulas change with the times and with the needs in efforts to compensate for the refusal of “Congress” to allow needed reforms, with the explicit goal of eliminating the program altogether.

I have been receiving Social Security benefits for nearly five years. The serious deterioration of services, including the closing of offices and long waits on the phone, began under the Shrub (sic), who would have dismantled it had it not been for massive outcries across the population.

The founders of the system faced many knotty problems as well as outright opposition, so walked a tightrope to create a system that could withstand both the opposition from the rich and infamous and the changes they knew would be necessary over time. In this, the second-most hyper-capitalist country on the planet, it is little short of a miracle that you and I are receiving any benefits from it at all.

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is that a typo?

Do you really mean $14000 ?

You should be aware, they really want to get rid of SS because it stands in the way of promises they made to put all sorts of jobs (like teachging) up for international bidding, and countries like India are expected to win those bids at least at the beginning, even though they are no longer the cheapestnor are they an official LDC any more. (A typical teachers wage might be several thousand dollars a year)

Changes in the international legal regime make a distinction between migration/immigration for the purpose of moving and temporary movement of natural persons fr the purpose of work. this will change the US labor market from a local one to a global one with resultant changes in wages - Foreign companies may get touse their workers from home without the numerical limits that burden them today. This will mean a very large increase in guest working and a similarly large decrease in domestic employment (referred to as efficiency gain) A larghe job loss is called a gain because workers are actually a cost for businesses.

the profits are represented as to increase so it will likely be a net gain in profits at least in the short term, even if customers for many businesses plummet…

. They dont want people depending on the government given that so many will likely not be working because their hastily established countries don’t win the bids. There really is no way we could compete with the low wages workers are paid when they are officially working for firms from parts of the world where wages are a fraction of what they are here.

Ultimately, the least developed countries are expected to win them so African firms are tooling up to bid on these jobs.

this global shift is called “services liberalization” and its going to be a very big thing. This way the workers who are willing to work for the least get the public jobs.


See the note where it says not to cite it because its sensitive?