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Warning: TTIP Aims To Defang Local Rules Against Hazardous Chemicals


Warning: TTIP Aims To Defang Local Rules Against Hazardous Chemicals

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The mammoth Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) under secret negotiation between the United States and European Union is poised to slash the power of local governments to regulate toxins—from pesticides to fracking chemicals—the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) warned in a report released Tuesday.


Well of course the TTP and TTIP are structured to circumvent environmental protections and give corporate polluters/thieves/pirates great power over local and national regulations! They (and other 'free-trade" scams) were written by the beneficiaries of the scams with the collusion of politicians from both corrupt parties. The support for these give-aways to corporate fascist power given by the Obama admn tell the story of who he is and aways has been and puts the lie to any claims of his "progressive" stands that have been just words only and a slight step forward and two giant steps back!. The Democratic Party has become the agent for usury and greed at the expense of the nation and the 99%, and has been for some decades, with "Slick Willie" followed by Obama, the "change we can believe-in" liar, selling-out to corporate fascism with vigor and RepubliCons filling-in the spaces. The US, a wholly-owned subsidiary........


We need help in protecting our small towns.


We need help in protecting our small planet,


We can only keep the spotlight on these attempted continuing atrocities bright and the coals at the feet of our legislatures hot to defend against these multi national corporate power grabs.


I still cant believe Obama sold us out to TTP...and allowed arctic drilling...The Best president the GOP ever had


Yes--we need to do everything we can to sound the alarm, but it aint easy. I passed out TPP info and tried to engage people at the farmers' market where shoppers are spending big $$ for locally grown, organic produce. Few people seemed interested. I'm hoping the public's interest will perk up when details are finally revealed, but it will still be hard with MSM's virtual blackout. Meanwhile--we must continue to speak out and put pressure on our "reps"--especially those up for reelection next year.