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Warning, Warning: Republicans Are Plotting to Raid Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/23/warning-warning-republicans-are-plotting-raid-social-security


Old joe biden want to do the same thing and has talked about his whole career.


Sort of makes me wonder what they must think of their own parents and what types of parents they are. Party of family values? A pox on it.


They kind of cleared that up when they started kidnapping toddlers and locked them away from their parents.


The GOP adds more to the deficit than anything else.

Let’s cut the GOP.


And not a word about Joe Biden’s long history of support for Social Security cuts and privatization?

Once in office,Joe will impose horrid austerity measures that President Deathcount can only dream of.

“I never wanted to cut Social Security. Hey, I’m a Senior too. It’s just that the deficit…”

And with few exceptions, the Congressional misleadership in both wings of the War Party will roll right over and go along. Bipartisanship!


Yep. Just as they used to say that “only Nixon can go to China,” I think in the modern era only a Democrat can gut Social Security, and Biden is the one to do it.


The GOP has been “plotting to raid Social Security” ever since the program was launched in 1935. The Dimcritters became complicit after the the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation. Although obummer did reduce the payroll tax for two years, fortunately his 2011 catfood commission’s grand bargain to gut Social Security and Medicare never made it over the finish line.


Very well put. Thanks.


It’s sorta funny in a black humor sort of way how rich assholes in Congress are deciding to rid the nation of the very thing keeping me alive today. Social Security. I worked in food service my whole time as a cook and couldn’t save any for my retirement. Low pay and all. Now disabled and on SS they want to defund it to give to failing banks and big businesses. What happens if they do away with payroll taxes, the tax we all paid for SS and Medicare? Gads!


How bad a case of COVID-19 does our Covidiot-in-Chief need? Perhaps one of those where the virus goes away after about a month, but the symptoms are still there after three months?

They are already raiding SS funds, although it is supposedly a “temporary” thing.

Under the CARES Act (the first stimulus bill Congress passed in March), employers can delay paying their portion of social security funds. As we all know, the employee has his portion of SS/Med [FICA] contributions taken out of his paycheck, and the employer pays a matching amount to the IRS on the employee’s behalf; i.e., both employer and employee pay 7.65% of the employee’s pay into SS and Medicare, adding up to 15.3% of the employee’s gross pay. The larger portion of these FICA taxes goes to SS and a smaller part goes toward Medicare.

Right now, employers can elect to defer payment of the employer’s share of SS until later. They can’t delay Medicare funding, but that is a much smaller amount than the SS amount. When your employer (or you, for your portion) pays that 7.65% of your pay into FICA, 6.2 goes to SS, and 1.45 % goes to Medicare. Under the CARES Act, the employer can keep the 6.2 % and spend it on whatever he wants to. He can pay it back to SS later. Right now, the wording in the bill is that he can pay half of whatever he has deferred by Dec 2021 and the other half by Dec 2022.

There is a caveat: any employer who received a loan from the emergency PPP funding in the CARES Act cannot defer any more SS payments once his PPP loan is forgiven. Most of the PPP loans will be forgiven and considered grants that don’t have to be paid back to the government. So once this loan is forgiven, he can no longer defer any more SS payments, but any amount he deferred up to that point does not have to be paid into SS until the ends of 2021 and 2022, as stated above.

This means that SS is going to be short-changed through 2022. And that is assuming that all the businesses that elect to defer SS payments stay in business long enough to pay the amounts they owe. And it further assumes that the asshats in Congress don’t decide to make this a permanent thing for employers - you know, to “incentivize” them and “help” them keep employees on the payroll. (It isn’t their SS being robbed - it’s yours.)

I don’t know why the media isn’t talking about this part of the CARES Act. I’m really surprised that this particular article didn’t mention it, since it is written by the president of Social Security Works, and surely she must be aware of this deliberate short-funding of SS.


It should be obvious by this time that the Dem party is complicit to all the ugly rot the RepubliCons do just as good cop the their bad cop - trump is just the extreme example of rotting corrupt government. Dems represent same patrons, same betrayals, same funding the obscene war-machine, same refusal to implement Universal NFP Health Insurance, and craven service to big-money rather than the public, our civilian nation and the 99% - a pox on both their houses!

It should be equally clear that what the 99% and Independents, progressives, the left and all people of conscience need toot sweet is a political party to actually represent them, not betray and screw them constantly - they clearly do not have one now!


Not to mention Blarney Biden’s role in greasing the skids for Clarence Thomas.

One party country, two right wings.


i was going to love your post until the end, in which u assert that progressives have no political party to turn to. this is stupid and an insult to the green party, which has been around for decades, the progressive alternative that gets no love…


Thanks Terry. I vote Green as often as possible, and have for decades, but they just cannot seem to turn the corner on more than 1-2% voter support regardless, and seem to disappear between presidential elections. they have the best platform and candidates of integrity but are sabotaged at every turn, by both parties the electoral commission and especially the corrupted media.
I only mention a new party as something shiny to build enthusiasm and massive support from the idiot voters and established politicians - the reality is we are likely stuck in this two-party limbo of political corruption, betrayals, media blackouts, faux “debate” charade, domination of dark money and apathy from the idiot public. keep the faith and be well.


thanks for the clarification, emphyrio. it just bothers me a lot how many progressives ignore the green party, as if it doesn’t exist. it isn’t our fault we get no love. maybe instead of bitchin and moanin about how rotten the 2 lamestream corporate friendly parties are and how their are no alternatives, if progressives would actually desert the dems and go green, maybe things would change. things would change! at the very least, dems would have to attend to their progressive base, rather than only paying lip service to their concerns and taking their support totally for granted.


Based on what you know as you read this question would you urge people to vote for Trump, Biden, or Hawkins?

I don’t know if the Greens will have a candidate for US Senator for Alabama, the website is not helpful in that regard. Let’s assume that there will be a close-to-perfect G candidate named XYZ. In your estimation, should I vote for the incumbent - US Senator Doug Jones (D), or Tommy Tuberville ®, or XYZ (G)?

So you know: I started voting in 1975. Before GWBush’s re-election, I had never voted for a single D or R. I voted for Nader twice. After GWBush got re-elected, I started voting straight D, thinking that my vote would be better used to neutralize somebody else’s R vote. I don’t much like the D party, but IMO, the Rs are much worse.

July 25, 2020

And only Trump could . . . send federal troops/brown shirts to American cities; appoint hundreds of reactionary judges; kill an extra 100,000 Americans that wouldn’t have otherwise died from COVID19; remove America from the Iran deal, important parts of the landmine treaty, the WHO, and the already weak Paris climate agreement; eliminate every protective environmental regulation that could be reversed by executive order; openly support white supremacist groups; eliminate clean water rules; provide over a hundred million dollars of federal funds in contracts and benefits to his own private businesses and provide the public with zero information about his personal finances; remove millions of acres from the national park system; kill tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans via neglect after Hurricane Maria; work steadfastly to worsen global warming; remove all legal protections for transgender people; actively work to destroy the reliability of the census; use his pardon/clemency powers nearly exclusively for his private interests; create multiple cruel immigrant family separation policies; create the longest government shutdown ever in an attempt to increase his border cruelties; …

I’ll still bet on fascists to do the worst things.

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Yes, and there is a method to all of that. Trump is an expert at identifying anything he can exploit for money. It is really a road map of superficial values and neglect.