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Warnings as GOP Aims to Gut Protections for Endangered Species


Warnings as GOP Aims to Gut Protections for Endangered Species

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Conservation groups are issuing warnings on Wednesday as Congressional committees in both chambers considered Republican-backed bills aimed at weakening the Endangered Species Act.

"If these dangerous bills are enacted, hundreds of plants and animals will be put on a fast track to extinction."
—Brett Hartl, Center for Biological Diversity


The species that need to face endangerment and extinction occupy the WH, the Cabinet, R’s in the House, and R’s in the Senate…the sooner, the better. There is not a hint of biological diversity among these rich obstreperous mean-spirited old/young white men who share two things: being Caucasian (the distinct majority with few exceptions) and corrupt.


The depravity and utter detachment from the reality of life on earth these rotten-to-the-core R’Cons, trump, and his cabinet from Hell hold is so disturbing and evil - that people of good conscience have to put up with their ignorance and pathological beliefs - insanity - at this critical time for all life on earth is a horror - we clearly have some heavy dues to pay. I cannot fathom their astounding ignorance and belief system…