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Warnings Intensify as FEMA Says Florence "Will Be a Mike Tyson Punch to Carolina Coast"


Warnings Intensify as FEMA Says Florence "Will Be a Mike Tyson Punch to Carolina Coast"

Jon Queally, staff writer

With reports of skyscraper-likes waves out at sea, the potential for historic coastal surges and rainfalls, and severe threats to vulnerable nuclear plants and other industrial waste sites—a behemoth Hurricane Florence is fast-approaching the southeastern U.S. coast on Wednesday as weather experts and emergency management officials intensifying their warnings about the dangers the storm poses.


Here’s hoping Trump kept some paper towels from his Puerto Rico visit.


Trump just transferred $10,000,000.00 from the FEMA budget to the ICE budget, so no money left for paper towels!


Just when you think he can’t possibly sink any lower…


The governor talked about massive power outages that could last for weeks. Nuke reactors use humungous amounts of electricity from the grid just to run their operations and produce toxics and nuclear wastes. There are better ways to boil water.


Infinity is a difficult concept!


Farm waste, mining waste, human waste and nuke puke waste do not mix well together. Parts of this country may be unlivable after this storm.


Animal feedlot operations and coal ash pits don’t produce rivers " filled with junk “, Mr. Kruse ( Director of the Center For Natural Hazards Research ). Junk and debris is what you get when 100K homes, boats and buildings are destroyed by Category 3 or 4 hurricanes setting up shop on coastal regions. And, staying around long enough to dump 20-30” of rain in 24 hours.
When rivers fill up, then flood an entire region with toxic chemicals, pathogens and all manner of poisonous and hazardous matter, what you get is an ongoing environmental disaster. Which can last for years, incidentally, Mr. Kruse.
When are news organizations and government agencies going to come clean and speak honestly about what is unleashed during these massive climate disruptions? And, when are the owners of these feedlot and coal operations going to step up and pay the freight, for their wreckless disregard of common sense toxic and poison regulations? To say nothing of the pitiful and gutless N. Carolina pols, of both corrupt parties.
Why should taxpayers in Seattle, Portland or San Francisco have to ante up because people in The Carolinas and Georgia can’t dispose of their toxic waste ( environmental poisons ) properly? It’s not like they don’t know these semi- annual weather events are going to happen.
This is some really stupid shit, Mr. Kruse.


Decade after decade, “environmental policy” has been dictated by the very same profiteering corporations whose toxic activities should be strictly regulated. “Regulatory capture” leaves the economy and the land pockmarked with industrial disasters-in-waiting, while the stock portfolios and campaign cash of the looting class proliferate until…

One way or another, the piper will be paid. Of course the common people, and the Earth, suffer most immediately and murderously from the inevitable, predicted catastrophe, while the corporate looters sip their drinks at highest ground and watch the reports until…


Let’s break that record! USA! USA! USA!

“Harvey flooded 800 wastewater treatment facilities and 13 Superfund sites. That spread sewage and toxic chemicals into the flooded areas.”


3…2…1 “President Trump says: ‘I don’t think anyone could have foreseen such damage…’”


My thoughts are with all those folks in inland eastern NC - generally poor communities who have been hit hard over and over again by storms like Florence, not to mention their everyday challenges to their health dealing with waste from giant hog operations (e.g., Smithfield Corp) and literally being the garbage dump for many NC Communities (Sampson County). These communities are still recovering from Hurricane Matthew and now they’ll have to deal with Florence.

And these communities are not well represented by their legistlators - case in point, Jimmy Dixon (Duplin and Sampson Counties) in the state general assembly - he is totally in the pocket of pork industry.


If global warming didn’t cause this hurricane, it surely has intensified it.


Hurricanes happen and this one looks like it will be particularly bad. Some are worse than predicted and some do not cause as much damage as expected.


Thank you, again, Captain Obvious. One question for you: Is the rain that will fall from the clouds produced by hurricane activity, wet?


Is he going to throw them from Mar-a-Lago?


No, no, “It was Obama’s fault”!!!


Climate disasters are a huge problem worldwide. We for the most part do not care until it becomes our own personal problem. This is I think is just the beginning of things getting worse all around the planet. WE as human beings have not been good partners w Mother nature. We are already in the 6th great mass extinction and the arctic which controls the weather of the planet will be ice free very soon.

Blue Ocean Event

What will be the consequences of a Blue Ocean Event, i.e. the disappearance of virtually all sea ice from the Arctic Ocean, as a result of the warming caused by people?


From the Masters:

The most concerning forecast is from our top model for forecasting hurricanes, the European model, which predicts that Florence’s stall will occur just offshore of the NC/SC border, with the hurricane then traversing most of the coast of South Carolina just offshore, before making landfall in southern South Carolina. This worst-case scenario allows Florence to keep its eye over water, greatly increasing the amount of rain it can dump, and subjecting a very long stretch of coast to extreme winds and near-record levels of storm surge.


They weren’t even the good stuff like Viva or Bounty, what he brought to give away were the cheap Dollar Store crap.