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Warnings Intensify as FEMA Says Florence "Will Be a Mike Tyson Punch to Carolina Coast"


Power outages that last a few weeks.
The people of Puerto Rico would be happy if it only lasted that long.


Fukushima killed lots of people and rendered a significant portion of Japan unlivable for thousands of years. Why it did not completely melt down, who knows, alien intervention. But gray aliens or not, coastal nuclear plants on our Atlantic Seaboard are not remotely structured to withstand 40 foot waves and unpredicted consequences may be remarkable. We live on a globe and it’s hotter than it has been in recorded history as we perceive it. I lived through Ivan on the Gulf and it took four years to recover, cat 3. VOTE love and peace


All I ask is that Nikki Haley be at home during landfall and not a the UN in New York!


170 mph winds

41 foot waves.

The largest storm ever recorded happening right now.


C’mon… There’s Radition and Toxic Waste in every state even without Hurricanes. Our food, water and air are all poison. Why do u think there are so many sick people???


Why is common dreams more concerned about nuclear plants than fossil fuel refineries for flooding and hazardous waste contamination, when nuclear reactors are actually rated to withstand extreme storm surges?

" From the Brunswick updated final safety analysis report (UFSAR), the once every 100 years extreme wind for the site is 135 mph. In addition, Class I buildings are designed to withstand 300-mph tornado winds, and the wind loadings for Class I buildings are elevation specific (i.e., 130 mph for 0–50 feet, 150 mph for 50–150 feet, and 180 mph for 150–400 feet). Also, from the Brunswick UFSAR, the surge stillwater level at the site is 22.0 feet mean sea level (MSL). The nominal plant grade results in 2 feet of water depth surrounding the plant during maximum surge conditions, and all of the safety-related structures are waterproofed to an elevation of 22 feet MSL"


Nuclear reactors do not use electricity from the grid as they have their own independent electricity systems.


A good deal of the product made in the Carolinas that produces and aggravates these problems gets shipped to Washington, Oregon, and California, as well as other places. It’s not clear why some people in the supply chain are responsible and others not.

It might be good to stop that. I mean in general, not in protest of poor Carolina as it gets plastered: It might be good to work out how to mostly only purchase when we can check the effects of our money on people and ecosystems.

That does mean buying mostly locally, though. It is problematic to do it altogether.


There’s no coal being mined on the West Coast that I know of. However, we do have problems with CAFOs being (mis)managed illegally to circumvent state environmental laws/regs.
They need to be prosecuted, shut down and/or sold to responsible people or families.


This is not a drill, this is the reality of climate change…


Infinity. I can imagine infinity going forward in time but my brain can’t wrap itself around infinity in reverse. Time without end into the past. Of course if the big bang hypothesis is correct then time began at that singular event. Regardless of my sophomoric musings, Fukushima is infinite and so it will be with this nuke plant if it floods and/or loses its external power source.


You are wrong. As are most nuclear supporters. Or is the term stupid.


Or sewage isout-and-out lying, which is the norm when it comes to nuclear weapons/power/wastes.


Everyone with a net worth over 5 million dollars must die. This is an extremely harsh measure but it’s the only way if we have a snowball’s chance of saving ourselves from slavery on aruined planet.


Cancer. Heart disease. Autism. Toxic cell phone and cell tower radiation. Glyphosphate. Superfund sites that never get cleaned up. Hanford. Military bases burning toxic waste. Fracking pollution. Shall I go on?


Why is common dreams more concerned about nuclear plants than fossil fuel refineries for flooding and hazardous waste contamination, when nuclear reactors are actually rated to withstand extreme storm surges?

Like the one at Fukushima.


They most certainly DO use power from the grid. They have backup generators to handle power outages. Unfortunately for Fukushima, the diesel backup generators failed due to flooding. Some of the reactors in Florence’s path are of the same design as Fukushima.


Here is a link to an interesting Chemical Industry Safety Video about the incident during Hurricane Harvey at the Arkema chemical plant in Texas entitled “ Caught in the Storm: Extreme Weather Hazards .”

No judgment either way by me on this video, but it does show how easily things can still go wrong
(except at Nuclear Power Plants where nothing can ever go wrong if you listen to some of the industry apologists on this site).


Same basic design from GE. Only older-Yikes!


A tsunami is not the same as a storm surge. I thought that would be obvious seeing as tsunami’s are not created by storms…