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Warnings Mount That Trump's Infrastructure Plan Will Make It Harder to Fight Pipelines

Warnings Mount That Trump's Infrastructure Plan Will Make It Harder to Fight Pipelines

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As green groups continue to denounce the Trump administration's recently unveiled infrastructure plan as a "scam" that's designed to keep the nation trapped in its "dirty and destructive past," analysts are also

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Tragically, GOP Senators and way too many corporate Democrats could not give a rat’s ass for our pleas. Their hearts and minds are fossilized and yet we are in an historic crisis that ultimately affects all of Life as we know it and we should treat this as an emergency requiring radical approaches: sabotage, boycotts and total, rolling, Gandhian non cooperation.


Warnings are also “mounting” that the pathological trump regimes arrogance & stupidity is leading the US into more conflicts and/or wars - as if they (or the MICC) needed any more utterly mad rationales for more obscene military spending/funding/waste diversions from civilian priorities!

The “enemy” chosen by the idiot-in-chief and his military flunkies/sycophants/handlers, includes global Islam, “International Terrorism”, Iran, North Korea, Russia. China, Mexico & several other Latin American nations, and others that don’t kiss trumps ass…

Regimes and nations actually deserving a more robust political opposition include Israel, Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and a few others


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Good. Pipelines are the safest way to move these products.

But the products are increasing global warming and leading to eventual catastrophic climate change. Doesn’t that ring a bell that there is a problem?


Right. Exactly the reason that the pipelines should at least be open to challenge.

The disasters that will ensue if T-Rump’s so-called “infrastructure plan” (a title about as honest as that of his “tax reform” bill) is enacted are a feature, not a glitch. Do not forget that this man has roughly the emotional maturity of a six-year-old, which is to say possibly a negative quantity. The real plan is “to reduce [us] under absolute despotism” (Goodsearch it) for the benefit of the MIPSI Complex. The quote from Hannah Arendt in today’s CD fundraising email sums up the intentions of this regime pretty well.

Don’t blame Trump alone: We have been moving in this direction since the end of our last declared war (Goodsearch, or duckduckgo). Hope and prayers are important, even necessary, but they will not be sufficient to get us out of this or any of the many holes we have allowed to be dug in our name (“The People”), much less the totality of all of them. That will require sacrifices to dwarf those made by “The Greatest Generation” (that of my parents) on the part of the next three, as yet mostly untested. Don’t sell them short: As a group they are a lot smarter and far more aware and in touch with reality than most of my cohort realizes.

When Trump was told at midnight that he was President his first comment was that “pipelines will be built”. Trump has someone’s money heavily invested in oil.