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Warnings of 'Big Pharma Coup' as Trump Considers Drug Exec. for Health Secretary


Warnings of 'Big Pharma Coup' as Trump Considers Drug Exec. for Health Secretary

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Trump has decided to cut out the middleman, and let a pharmaceutical executive literally run the health department."

Alex Azar Trump Health and Human Services


The pharmaceutical industry and insurance industry are not going away, they are just changing hats and we are paying for it.


OK-some ideas:

  1. show the film, Big Pharma, where you live in any public venue such as libraries, community centers or places of worship along with Now Is The Time to help galvanize public outrage and channel it into support for single payer and drug price controls.

  2. time to organize trips to Canada, Mexico and/or even India while raising donations for such for much cheaper drugs and healthcare until we get single payer and force the repeal of patents on all drugs in the USA.

  3. write editorials and letters to the editors of news outlets where you live on the stranglehold of Big Pharma and the for-profit-health “care” system in the USA.

Some resources:





We are all shadow of our former selves…I cry for my beloved country…


Even when trump commits atrocity after atrocity to with premeditation destroy our “regulatory” agencies, foreign affairs sanity, and basic/essential environmental standards I am still astonished. Even tho his role is to continue what has been SOP for a very long time he is still over the freakin top!
His commitment (he should be committed!) to “fulfill” his cretinous moron agenda based on his pitifully narrow life experience is astonishing…we somehow never fully appreciate just how loathsome and deranged the hideous child/creature actually is…this criminal collusion with big-money, big-pharma business pirates (death merchants) is only one of a long steady stream of people of low to zero moral compass who are so driven by extremism, greed and self interest, they are destroying what little has been built-up over decades to protect and conserve and cherish for the children and future in America and the world. I still am taken aback at his astonishing and malignant actions…


FOR SALE: one failing democracy led by a gang of greedy gangsters. All bids accepted (sealed) but prospective bidders/buyers must make a $10,000,000 deposit in the form of a cashier’s check made out to: The Trump Organization in order to submit said bid(s)…only three per customer. Minimum bid starts at $15,000,000. Successful bidders will also receive a choice of three rich old white men, members of the GOP serving in either the House or the Senate to ensure future power for said bidders. All deposits and payments will be tax deductible as all deposits and payments will be non-refundable.

Hurry, sale ends in 2018.


That is rich, very rich, Seatower !

One question…will the sale item have enough value in 2018 to attract ANY bidders ???


This idiot can’t wait to destroy American lives. The moron is worse than anyone we’ve seen inside the White House or the Congress before. EVIL incarnate-tRUMP.


Of course…in the minds of the greedy bxxtxxds placing the bids who relish the thought of yet another way to evade paying taxes. And I purposely left out a specific date in 2018.


Drug honchos might even want to put corner gubmit opioid distribution centers on every corner.


That is like a sheep handing the butcher a knife.


Um, a problem for the butcher, not the sheep.


Corporate dystopia is reality.
Who needs horror films?


Not seeing much about Tom Marino-----This story drives home the point of how corrupt the politicians are on both sides. 65,000 deaths last year from opioids and the politicians restricted the DEA from stopping big pharma pushing these drugs???What three companies were behind this legislation?


How about Merck, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Novartis, Johnson&Johnson, Bayer, Eli Lily, etc. Probably Bayer, Merck and Eli Lily as these three for all intents and purposes own the FDA.


Or vending machines! (less stinky old labor required)


Seniors going to Canada for meds have had their drugs stolen by the feds.


We get creative then. Would write more but will not give away some ideas how to get around this to the opposition.


We all need to be on an airplane type environment when reading news like this. So the barf bags and oxygen masks bounce out at us. Is Trump the President of the United States, or the executive head prostitute to corporations in Washington DC? What this nation needs is an absolutely huge Trump backlash in 2018 congressional elections. The Trumpbots in congress need to be kicked out. Then in 2020 when he runs for re election, he needs the most huge backlash this nation has ever seen. Democrat and Independent apathy toward voting has got to stop. That’s what got us Trump winning the election in 2016. We can’t do that again. Trump is absolutely horrific.


If the Dems take over the House, then DJT and Pence along with all cabinet secretaries (including Sessions) will get the ol’ heave ho (impeachment). And if Dems take over the Senate, hopefully they all will also be tried for high crimes and misconduct in office and sentenced to long prison terms. We can only hope that JUSTICE will prevail…!