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Warnings of 'Catastrophic Consequences' as Locust Swarms Hit India and Pakistan in Midst of Coronavirus Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/warnings-catastrophic-consequences-locust-swarms-hit-india-and-pakistan-midst

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A waste of good poppies.

Like the plague of locusts in Africa the same tactics are employed. I wonder how they fared in Africa as per usual there aren’t follow up reports:


I’m guessing this news will embolden the fascist christian “end of days” nut-jobs even more.


Apologies for blowing my own trumpet but here is an article written by myself a month ago on this topic.


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US farmers have food that is going to waste due to schools and restaurant closings for Covid19. Maybe they could send that food to the people who have lost their crops due to locusts??

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Climate continues to destabilize and the locusts get to spread into new areas. Is that a surprise to anybody paying attention?

118’F at the end of May? And 123’F in the desert? Ummm, anybody want to guess what the temperature is going to be like by…say, mid-August?

And the Atlantic is about to start an expected “very active-above normal” hurricane season. Is the Gulf water getting hotter yet…haven’t checked that but bigger, meaner, and more of them this year. Oooookay. The Deep South and East Coast might be jumping this summer. And why is it that I can imagine a major Pandemic outbreak in another Superdome situation? 3-5 day incubation for the most part, and how many days were those people trapped during Katrina? Oh… And since Bangladesh just got hit with a monster before typhoon season is supposed to start in that part of the ocean…

I’m just shaking my head going what’s next? It just keeps getting better.




Decimate - Reduce by 1/10th. (Please stop misusing this word, jerks)

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“This time, however, weather conditions have helped the swarms spread into neighboring states.”

Pandemics will increasingly define us as we continue to rend that Web of Life. We are part and parcel of nature so this cannot be otherwise.


Thankyou alan that was a very informative article. Personally speaking as a vegetarian i don’t fancy eating them.

I’m sure Israel and the christian right in the U.S. are giddy at this news.

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Pffft no that would hurt their standings with the corporations here in America. They will continue to do the “smart” capitalist thing and throw away such produce.

They also expect a really loud cicada season in USA this year, if that helps resolve things a teensy bit…

Some factories are starting up here and there, and highways are now getting more traffic since this started. I saw low smog hugging the Golden Gate bridge for the first time in months a couple of days ago. But the global shutdown has been largely non-optional, and “the opening” (around the whole world) will continue to be a decision not for humans, but for the microbe.

Maybe not all true, I’m just spelling out what I view as reasonable assumptions. In this likely case, air pollution continues to be much lighter globally throughout 2020, and that has made our puffy white cloudy skies so pretty, but it has also brought record-warm months, and will continue to do so. This is because the short-term effect, of withdrawing “global dimming” from the visible component of smog, is to turn up the heat. Climatologists have worried about this for years.

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I’m a resident of a country where bugs and grubs are a regular part of the diet.

But such diets are increasingly attracting the attention of food producers in the developed world.


14 inches of rain in Miami, a couple of days ago.

Enjoying the “new normal?”
Yeah, me neither.

But it’s a good news/bad news story.
The good news: The new normal will be replaced any minute with a new new normal.
The bad news: It’ll be even worse.

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