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Warnings of 'Civilization-Threatening Disaster' as John Bolton Tops List of McMaster Replacements


Warnings of 'Civilization-Threatening Disaster' as John Bolton Tops List of McMaster Replacements

Jake Johnson, staff writer

John Bolton loved the war in Iraq, constantly pushes for war with Iran, and "really wants to bomb North Korea"—and he could be America's next national security adviser.


What, Darth Vader wasn’t available?


Bolton is a truly hateful xenophobe. But, while he spews much ‘Sound and Fury’ he has never be able to do much to bring to fruition his extreme right agenda. The only hope is that he will continue to be as incompetent as he has in his past positions.


The age of insanity.


John “I am the Walrus” Bolton. What a disgusting excuse for a human being. Coo Coo Ca Choo.


Anyone. I say again ANYONE who chooses to work in the Trump administration from here on out ( I of course exclude civil servants who serve through many administrations) is complicit in the downright evils it is pursuing. No one. NO ONE with integrity should be there at this point. Perhaps only a mass exodus will jolt the Congress into taking action to remove this hustler and his minions from our government. How could anyone with personal integrity serve his administration at this point? “Protecting the country” is clearly no longer a viable excuse to be complicit.


For Trump and the Republicans to even consider Bolton for this position, shows how much they really “Hate” the People of the United States of America.


…and how much they hate the people of the world.


Bolton is the kind of scum who always seem to be floating around Washington, DeCeit ready to be called by a loathsome ideologue like Trump. This POS is the one who has so little respect for the U.N. that he once said that you could remove the top ten floors of the U.N. building and it wouldn’t make any difference to their operation. He is a lover of war as a force of national projection but he avoided serving in Vietnam by enlisting in a National Guard. He is despicable in his hard right opinions about how the U.S. should pursue its “interests”.
It would appear that, as Trumpo the Klown descends into more and more contention with the Mueller investigations and his own appalling incompetence with being the head of our government, he is resorting to choosing replacements who are even worse than their many predecessors.
The Trump Regime is a giant clusterfuck for our country and for much of the world. I am deeply ashamed of being an American citizen and the thought of emigration has occurred to me even more lately. It feels like this country is falling into an abyss of its own making and that we will never be able to recover. Bolton is just one more step in that process.


The only question at this point is what fairy tales these criminals will concoct to justify adding new wars to an already overflowing bucket of illegal wars or … maybe not. The military and its servants in Congress and the White House are now so far beyond accountability that they may see no need to justify anything and do whatever they want. In fact, they’re largely doing it, now. Welcome to the military authoritarian state known as the U.S.A.

I’ve never thought of myself as a refugee, but I’m beginning to feel more and more like one with each passing day.


Cheneey of fools doin the dance


As Mueller’s investigation draws nearer to the Trump Organization’s business practices, chicken hawks like Bolton and Elliot Abrams will be useful in providing distractions, like, oh, I don’t know, maybe a nice little war or two—in addition to the ones already underway, which we hardly hear about.


Please Mr. Mueller, show us the Love and get rid of these MF’rs


JB may get a second chance to “…blow up the top 7 floors of the UN” a statement he made some years ago…
What a farce! This is the damage the Dems have done by running a “real bad ham sandwich” in the last Pres. elections. And they still don’t get it!
(Caveat: not either member of the worst two political parties that have occupied DC since the swamps)


I’m not too worried. I can always crawl under my desk as I did in the sixth grade.


We no longer have to wonder what it’s going to look like when it all comes apart. It looks just like this.


Fascists on parade


Bolton is one of the stupidest people who has ever walked on two legs. His lack of understanding how the world works combined with his unfaltering allegiance to all things military is incredible. Bolton isn’t even suitable to be a crossing guard. I guess this makes him an ideal pick for the White House.


It could certainly happen. President Bone Spurs has already shown his willingness to demonstrate how macho he is by dropping the MOAB and his insistence on being able to use nukes. Even if he can’t proke some kind of military action against North Korea there are several other areas in the world where scum like Bolton will encourage Trumpo the Klown to demonstrate our “Full Spectrum Dominance”. Our vast war machine is not only bankrupting us economically but morally and spiritually as well. Plus, the Pentagon is always looking for justifications for its staggering budget. Just one example - the U.S. Navy has a new stealth destroyer (a relatively minor warship) in the Zumwalt Class. Each one will cost $4 billion.


“Perhaps only a mass exodus will jolt the Congress into taking action to remove this hustler and his minions from our government.”

Congress, and more importantly corporate America, love him. Trump is a corporate ‘Santa Claus’ and therefore he’s not going anywhere… unless it is back in the White House for another four years!