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Warnings of DeJoy Scheme to 'Kill Postal Banking' as USPS Reportedly Considering Plan to Let Wall St Set Up ATMs in Post Offices

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/warnings-dejoy-scheme-kill-postal-banking-usps-reportedly-considering-plan-let-wall


Everyone of the neoliberals who are in government who are enabling the Clintonistas and the corporate parasites–that is what they are–needs to be removed along with Trump and his cohorts. This allowing of ATMs is proof the intention was never to “save” the post office but to privatize it.

This Saturday, August 22 at 11 be outside your post office to raise the red flag of rage and opposition.


If the USPS was given adequate funding there would be no need for this obvious corporate takeover. Pretty soon we will be giving naming rights to Post Office buildings to corporate sponsors.


Oh my gods, Congress cannot even contemplate going back to post office bank accounts as Ellen Brown advocates but …
we are going to possibly allow corporate whore bankers to put their ATMs in the USPS??? My head is exploding… Jebus


NO, NO no, no, NOOOOOO, nononono.


Manipulation by incompetent thugs
they destroy all that they touch, near, influence, deceive.


And of course Chase will charge a “modest fee” of $2 or more for every ATM withdrawal.


I can’t decide who I want to punch in the face more, Jaime Dimon, or Tom Perez.
If the opportunity would present itself I think, both.


Postal bank! Public bank!

No to Wall Street private ATMs. Another money gauger.


Heres some encouragement with a brief clear intro to the strategy of the double punch


I was thinking another ‘auger’ … they’re really drilling down. Can’t seem to grasp the notion of getting stuck in a hole and stopping their digging.

The article notes that:

" Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), the top Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee and author of [postal banking legislation], slammed the reported plan as yet another destructive Wall Street power-grab."

While what Brown says certainly has merit he conveniently overlooks the fact that both Biden and Harris have been on the receiving end of massive donations from large corporations which would benefit their campaign. Giving so much cash to the Democrats from Wall Street entails an implicit quid pro quo on the part of both the corporations and the alleged party of the people. But whatever integrity the Democrats had was lost decades ago in their quest to gain power from their Republican rivals as both corporate parties care little for the interests of the working class and the poor. The perfidy of the Democrats is on full display in Lance Selfa’s excellent book called The Democrats: A Critical History.


Can the New York federal prosecutors get involved with this?

They are looking more and more like superheroes these days.

I’m feeling like New York is where I should move!


The news today of Steve Bannon indicted by federal prosecutors in Manhattan, New York.

And of course New York federal prosecutors going after Ghislaine Maxwell.

and we can’t forget this:


Federal prosecutors in New York reportedly believe President Donald Trump could be charged with campaign finance violations if he loses the 2020 election. Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, who on Friday outlined their conclusion that Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen committed two campaign finance violations of the now-president, have examined the statute of limitations on the crime, according to a report from NY Times.


I’m sure the terms of the deal will be great… as in the USPS will pay JP Morgan to place ATM’s in all of their buildings.


I just remember my old boxing coach at the YMCA back in the day would scream “punch through the target!” And of course, follow through with you shoulder, just like pitching a baseball.

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The joke’s on them. Nobody is going to have anything in their account to get out of the ATM anyway.

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It’s all about the money first

H. Clinton delivering a speech at the DNC says all we need to know about the DP. AOC and other progressives were all but silenced while those Conservative Centrists got as much face-time as they needed. AOC was the real voice of reason and the only one. And they can’t stand her or her posse and all those other progressives winning office. That Harris pick said plenty so we know exactly where a Biden presidency will go if they re able to remove DT from office–Doubtful as it has become quite clear, the entire DP is powerless, rudderless, and a bunch of whiners. A Biden/Harris administration will not be doing any of us any favors, nor the country, or our standing with the global community. That signpost is glaring for all the world to see" The USofA is not to be trusted. Biden may resign or die and Harris take-over, so where’s all this “Hope and Change”? The GOP will return in 4 with a vengeance more rabid than ever. I hate to admit it, b u we are in the final, tragic days, or what should have been a glorious Republic experiment that went haywire. The US is being left in the dustbin of history while Russia, China, Japan, and others, rise to the Challenger and fill the vacuum… DT should be so proud of this classic failure and the GOP should be celebrating as enablers from Reagan to Agent Orange to destroy it all.

As for the USPS, the GOP has been wanting to destroy it for decades just like they have Social Security, Medicare, the public school, the entire social network etc.

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DeJoy is in a rush raid our postal service in a big hurry perhaps before November 3rd election results are in. I wish there was a way to have him arrested before he causes more harm like bringing wall street into the post office.

I despise Biden for his worship of whatever is Israel. He has never shown back bone of standing up to Israeli war crimes and brutal apartheid regime. BDS is a great non violent idea to bring Israel into the negotiations with Palestinians on an equal basis however Biden will have non of it. I can’t imaging why.