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Warnings of 'Destructive and Irreversible Impacts' as Greenhouse Gases Hit Highest Levels in 3-5 Million Years

Warnings of 'Destructive and Irreversible Impacts' as Greenhouse Gases Hit Highest Levels in 3-5 Million Years

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As communities most impacted by the climate crisis ramp up demands for urgent global action, atmospheric concentrations of the top three greenhouse gases driving global warming have hit record high levels, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).


One has to wonder how long before the climate, scientists tell us the window of opportunity for action… is now closed as millions are dying from climate devastation, world wide. Future headline? Climate scientists: WHY DIDN’T YOU HEED OUR WARNING? Now it is too late!


Congratulations, Capitalism. You managed to slaughter just about everyone. Good job!


Nothing unexpected here. Carbon dioxide emissions have to be cut globally by about 50% by 2050 just to level off somewhere around 450 ppm. The sources of methane and nitrous oxide are not that clear but for both I think the main sources globally involve agriculture. The Montreal Protocol is supposed to deal with HFCs. The window of opportunity to stay below 2C is supposed to be closed unless carbon dioxide emissions peak by 2020 and then are rapidly reduced. I would say that realistically the window of opportunity to stay below 1.5C has closed since a 40% reduction in emissions globally by 2030 would be required. .


So when is it morally, and then perhaps legally time to put those in charge of doing something, but refuse, in jail for some form of negligent homicide?


Actually, the sustained reading is slightly above 410 ppm.So, the news is even worse. I see little hope that this trend will be reversed or even slowed down much. Governments around the world who hack for the energy cartels seem to have a “let’s not go overboard with this CO2 scare and see what happens” crap. Totally irresponsible but very profitable for the short-term which is what drives the corporate world. Of course, this pustule in the Oval Office doesn’t believe in global warming at all. While getting a phony photo op out at the disaster zone in California he reaffirmed his objection to global warming being real. Trump is appalling.


“…don’t think twice, it’s another day for you and me in Paradise…” oh…wait…Paradise just burned down…damn


What we know today is that America’s political and corporate elite would
rather see humanity end within a century than disavow its imperialistic
and self-aggrandizing ambitions. Their obsession is to rule to the
bitter end, a bitter end hastened by their obsession to remain in
control. America does not have a robust permanent national commitment to
contain, ameliorate and possibly reverse climate change and ecological
deterioration because that would necessarily require the overthrow of
Imperial America’s capitalist elite and its classist and racist



During his phony photo op Trumpo the Klown actually mispronounced the name of the town. He called it “Pleasure”. This POS is unbelievable.


Yeah, we need a war on climate, devastation, denying, terrorists; beginning with the Chinese hoaxer!

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There is a problem–a big problem. If we cease emitting aerosals by cutting fossil fuels, global temps will rise, not go down. See the BBC On global dimming. It is on the Daily Motion site. Just Google “BBC and Global Dimming.”

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A song about climate change, overpopulation and corn flakes.

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From here on out, whether we want to hear it or not, our commitment must be to the climate. Not Democrats or Republicans, not liberalism or conservatism, not America, Europe or Russia…but the climate. Any other issue here is secondary.


Or the PLANET, if you will.

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I think most here would agree.

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And Trump’s favorite poster child continues to be the coal miner.


Irreversible is the key word here! There should be no more discussion of Climate Change ever again, right? What’s the point?

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The powers in charge don’t agree.

All one needs to do is look at the entire history of the US. This is easy after you steal land and lives. The land never meant much to these thieves except to plunder.


Sometime, after the last last leopard is shot for the $5,000,000 license fee paid by an uber rich idiot —
After the only fish in the sea are farmed and sold at $200 per pound —
When no one goes outside without wearing an air filter to remove the never-ending-fires soot —

Some wealthy person will ask, “How much do I need to pay to get away from all of this?”

Capitalistic market solutions to problems are always, ALWAYS reactive, never proactive. Therefore, the American government is always reactive, to stay in step with their owners. Corporations and the uber rich.

The only way to address it with any hope is through a proactive revolution. Only elect younger people whose single goal is to address CO2 pollution within the time horizon of their lifetime.