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Warnings of 'Dire Humanitarian Impact' as Trump Finalizes Rule to Punish Immigrants for Using Public Benefits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/12/warnings-dire-humanitarian-impact-trump-finalizes-rule-punish-immigrants-using

When I read about the things trump and his regime are doing in America, and around the world, I imagine how they are directed to do the things they do, and who influences the orange cretin & co.

How is it possible that people(charged by law, aren’t they?) with governing, ostensibly for all the people and their well-being, spend their time concocting and empowering all the odious, destructive things they do to please a bigoted, racist, hateful “base”? How can they consciously inflict such pain on families and children regardless their ststus?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynrS59M9Ozs

It is astonishing that any person (except the likes of trump, miller, bolton, pompeo, barr,devoid, mulvaney - well, actually every goddamned one of trumps cabinet of horrors!) with even a modicum of empathy, intelligence, moral compass or integrity could spend their time in public office focusing on such (in my view) an utterly depraved agenda and policy decisions/actions.that serve a tiny minority of very wealthy, banker, fossil-fuel, and corporate interests as they harm many millions of lives, the environment, clean air and water, and destroy so much. How is that even possibly unless one is devoid of common decency.

Surely these actions are not those of a sane “leader” or the apparently joyous participation of trumps sycophant, greed-driven, corrupt, co-conspirators - criminal depraved mental cases.all!


The man is a monster with only one objective- destroy whatever is good about the United States.


Caligula Strikes Again.

Emperor Trumpitous is playing his fiddle why America Burns.

This Sadistic Administrative Swamp has finally found a way to Satisfy his Bloodthirsty Base.

With Executive Decrees he can By-Pass Congress and wreak havoc on the people they hate, Mexicans, Spanish Speaking People, Muslims, Jews and Blacks.

America What Have We Wrought???


You would think since it’s a funding issue it would fall under the purview of the congress, not just an arbitrary move by the potus.


The King thinks he can do anything he wants. Pelosi is only so willing to accomodate.


Whether one believes it or not, many religions of the East believe in Karma and according to them America has reaped what it has sowed. I have to agree that what the American Government has done in our names in the past…we certainly deserve what has been wrought!


This has an impact of between 7 to 33 months that place the use of a social safety net could impact permanent residency. It doesn’t clearly state how much weight that is given as a “public charge”. This too should be more transparent.

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Switching to a more Canadian style rules lools like. To immigrate to Canada you get points for speaking the language(s), age, education health plus you have to prove that you can sustain yourself for at least 6 months or have sponsor that guarantees the will take care of you. In my case i had to show a money order or cash of minimum C$6000. That was in the early nineties tho.

In the US currently is mostly family immigration or people sponsored for green card by an employer. That’s on the legal immigration side.

Hey trump, if you want to cut off the undeserving, rescind the tax cut you dick.


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H SequoiaBison:
Re your question, “What have we Wrought?” I think that the answer is a similar sounding word, What we have wrought is ROT! : (

Well there you have it, these people dont have any of these things. Malice is the agenda, it is the goal, it is an end to itself. They are using the bigoted and hateful base as muscle to support their agenda. As LBJ once said: “Convince the Lowest White Man He’s Better Than the Best Colored Man … Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.

We are governed by sociopaths, rapists and predators. Cause you are absolutely right, nothing coming out of this Administration has been anything but punitive. With a stroke of a pen our lawmakers could, overnight, improve and better lives for hundreds of millions of Americans, including safeguarding the environment and leaving a better future for our children. But they refuse. Worst part: most people have resigned themselves to the notion that this is how just things are, that’s what the world is and that we have to accept it. But it really doesn’t have to be this way. We should expect more. It is a real tragedy. The few exploiting the rest is nothing new but eventually we need to rise above that or else our species is doomed.


Meanwhile the El Paso shooter was collecting not only food stamps, but also social security, housing assistance, and other benefits at the age of 21. And he was unemployed.

Is it time for research into how to PERMANENTLY darken the skins of white supremacists, in order to have them experience the results on those who are not white?

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The slow creep against the safety-net. It will not stop with immigrants. Once this foot is in the door, watch out for Grandma and Grandpa or anyone else that no longer is “useful” to the machine. Here, have a cigar.