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Warnings of 'Disaster Capitalism' as Emergency Manager and Shady Deals Emerge in Puerto Rico


Warnings of 'Disaster Capitalism' as Emergency Manager and Shady Deals Emerge in Puerto Rico

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Whether it's water or energy, privatization helps Wall Street, not communities."


Possibly the most disgusting part of this deal, is how the corruption doesn’t even bother to disguise itself anymore. It’s behavior that we are now expected to accept as regular business practice.
Someone needs to say, “Get that son-of-a-bitch off the field…”


Avoid the vultures. Elon Musk and Tesla should get Puerto Rico completely off the grid–then our oil industry couldn’t run up their debt.


We are, in effect, helpless before the corporation per se, especially the mega-corporations and their voluminous enablers in Congress.


BDS the USA.


A tip of my hat to Naomi Klein, who educated me to the point where I could also predict this evolution. Great work!


I’m old fashioned. I have never lost my affinity for guillotines…;-


And, you know how to spell guillotine :slightly_smiling_face:
These super-patriots in politics and business aren’t even prosecuted, let alone terminated.


Wonder why? Read, in 1993, BLOOD OF THE LAND:The Government and Corporate War Against First Nations by Rex Weyler . Wonder why I wrote on the back page, in big letters, “Federal Emergency Management Agency” and have feared FEMA every since? Guess I should read the book again.


That is Bull Sh*t! There has been no accountability for years and everyone gets away with it from top down i.e. Presidents, Generals, Pentagon, congress, Cabinet Members, corporations and the beat goes on.


Tea bags aren’t the only bags in the Republican’t gear locker. It seems that there are plenty of carpet bags as well.


I can’t see a better time to revamp this electrical system as a model project for alternative energy. The government could help subsidize it by using the depletion allowances of the oil barons.


Do consider how much a Tesla cost. ~50,000 and up. One could probably count the resident of Puerto Rico who could afford one on one hand. But seriously, the PR transmission grid is mostly down - that’s where most of the repair and replacement costs will be required, but most of the power generation plants (they are all conventional - 2 nuclear gone after 2 years each and a third never built) will probably require a lot more engineering skills than hacks like Whitefish can supply at the cost (you’ve got to be f**king kidding) of $500 per hour.

Solar energy? It takes years to transition. In Germany, I see most new houses going up with solar panels, and Merkel sees the last nuke plants being decommissioned by 2020. The home owners foot the bill for panels and collect income from excess production (just as in most of the solar US). Do you expect this to happen in the US. Not with the dirt poor population that is ever expanding there.


Fascism and Capitalism are like Ebola. Highly contagious, spreads rapidly and often fatal to those infected.
*We the People of the World have to find an antibiotic that will erase it. Global BDS might do it without war and violence. Nothing seems to cause apoplexy or a bile backup quicker in a billionaire than realizing that there is a dime out there he/she hasn’t collected and stored away.
*The problem is that it will require sacrifice and determination. I haven’t seen too much of that lately in more than a few dedicated folks who know what the consequences of the infection are.
*Another antibiotic would be for the rank and file who do the work to put aside all the little political dreams for a while and work together as a coalition to defeat the Corporate Duopoly and get them out of office.
*The rank and file who do the work have another inoculation at hand. Don’t do the work! That will require that We the People will have to learn to cooperate and help each other through tough times. We did it in WW-II, successfully. We helped each other, we planted Victory Gardens, we shared, we repaired our own tools and cooperated with each other on neighborhood projects. When local politics got corrupt, we formed community clubs which eventually linked together to vote the crooks out. We worked toward one goal and we achieved it.
*If the “I’m for Me” generation could agree to put aside their flashy toys and work for the common good, become the “We’re for Us” generation, we could perhaps defeat that disease and recover our health.


that “contract” appears to have open-end; as quoted from the article: {The agreement also states that the Puerto Rican government “waives any claim against [Whitefish] related to delayed completion of work.”} That apparently gives them carte blanche for years to infinity and beyond.
Congress, get your act together & fix this. It will bankrupt the country faster than any other ill-advised project,


Ain’t gonna happen, sorry to say. The new contractor to replace Whitefish, is Cobra Energy a subsidiary of Mammonth Energy Services (oil/gas drilling in Oklahoma City run by a cadre of former hedge funders and only 500 employees) organized in 2016 (IPO in October, 2016). Their newly acquired Cobra Energy has headquarters in Houston, TX with two employees.

And so it goes…disaster capitalism in all its ugliness. Seems all the cabinet secretaries are slobbering over the spoils from parasitic operations meant to suck the blood/life right out of PR.