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Warnings of Effort to 'Maneuver the US Into a War' as Trump Officials Rush to Blame Iran for Attacks on Gulf Tankers

In fairness, it’s not just Pelosi who is weak on an impeachment inquiry. Ro Khanna isn’t down for it either. If reporting is right, most of the Dems on the Judiciary Committee are for it, including Nadler, but there are divisions in the caucus.

From my vantage point, the waffling is stupid. Nixon won a huge election, but an inquiry was eventually opened nonetheless. We forget now, but initially leadership was wary of impeachment in 1972-73 too. Eventually the American people, and congressional leadership, came around after the Saturday Night Massacre. Congressional inquiries made the case though.

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I’m being completely fair to that _________.

I get it, but Khanna is out there saying the same dopey nonsense as Pelosi. To me it’s all weak tea.

Trump and Bone Saws have everything to gain by starting a war with Iran. Iran does not want war. If these two dictators feel that the world will find Iran a threat we are in for a whole lot of sheet.

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It’s called staying on message, and that message comes from Darth Vader in drag. She’s got a lot of power, with all of the other Corporate State Democrats who have sold this country down the river.

No disagreement there. The reasons to begin an inquiry are overwhelming.

Folks — WAKE UP!
• The very LAST thing Iran would do now is ATTACK a U.S. ship.

THIS is just more Washington bullshit!!
They have NO respect for us at all!

Good to hear from you Psy-Chick! I have despised Pelosi for many years for her tepid, craven, complicit weakness and actual complicity with the right, and traitorous behavior…

Pelosi, Schumer, the Clintons, Obama, Cuomo and all the rest of the DINO corporate/banker/wall-street/war-whores play for quite another team and agenda, and all need to be seen for what they really are and who they really represent!

Pelosi uses her position to enrich herself (worth over $100 million reportedly) and serve the status quo, not the people or any semblance of progressive issues/values. She and all the other DINO servants of wealth and corrupt power will do anything to prevent reforms in the DP, electing more progressive reps, or holding scumbags to account!



Thanks alcid, I’ve got the main link, I guess I should have reverted to it when I could get the story link to work. I have no doubt the trouble stems from my lack of technical knowledge.