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Warnings of GOP Attempt to 'Control the Narrative' as Senate Republicans Set Hearing With DeJoy Just Ahead of House Testimony

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/18/warnings-gop-attempt-control-narrative-senate-republicans-set-hearing-dejoy-just


Here is what I find most disturbing, the only thing between America and the total conservative takeover of this nation is corporate owned Nancy Pelosi.


I ran into a guy on the trail yesterday carrying a 40 cal semi automatic pistol. I live in the Rockies, I asked him if he thought he was going to need the gun. He said, with his thumb pointing up, TRUMP 2020. My immediate response was TRUMP 20 TO LIFE! You think that would make a good bumper sticker?

I know I’m off topic but I thought I had a good idea on controlling a different narrative.


The fuckin r-party has controlled the narrative since 1980.

The d-party has been quaking in fear, walking in the shadow of Reagan’s ghost, and trying to out small-government the r-party since then. In the most Reagan-esque statement ever, Clinton told us that the era of big government was over. Arguably, since then the Ds have passed more R legislation than the Rs themselves. Yet all of a sudden, the r-party’s longstanding dream of privatizing the USPS, their unending push to suppress votes, and their penchant for ruthlessness is something new? Like, the Ds are waking up to this now?

Good lord, could the fecklessness and corruption of the d-party get any more apparent?


“Warnings” of GOP playing the game to control the ‘narrative’? Is this a new startling revelation? BS!
Controlling the narrative is what your ‘strategists’ are there for aren’t they?! If they cannot figure that relatively basic equation out they need to be fired along with a damn healthy bunch of other complacent, complicit, craven sellouts! Anyone with an ounce of self-respect would be ashamed at the years of failures to ‘control the narrative’, and betrayals of the progressive/left/independent base!

WTF? This is your freakin job - or is it something else? The R’Cons have managed to dominate the ‘narrative’ more often than not over the last many decades, along with playing hard-ball while you weak-ass jive idiots are playing whiffle-ball!


Democrats are definitely not afraid of their voting public, democrat voters are fiercely loyal, steeped in lesser of evils brainwashing, and they will always vote mainstream democrat no matter what right wing neoliberal democrats do; democrats are not afraid of republicans either, they know they are neck and neck with them at any given time, and only a few seats here and there makes the difference in party majority, the lion share of democrats being secure in their jobs either way the vote is swung. The only thing that scares democrats is voting against the interests of their bosses, the corporations who fund them, and in this case it is important to note those bosses also contribute to the republican party. Democrats don’t avoid confronting progressive issues because republicans will eat them up, they do so because they know they will lose their right wing extremist corporate funding and soon be out of office. In short democrats do the job they are hired to do. Its time American citizens started doing what they are supposed to, vote the right wing from both party’s out of office.


This is what they are all banking on…


Master Legislator fails once again.

Not so. A mass anti-fascist movement can defeat the fascists. We ain’t seen nothing yet.


Excellent number sticker

Yep. Now what party are you voting for again?

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Indeed we haven’t.

Dems need to be out front of Senate hearing with press conferences and messages flooding social media previewing House hearing.

I’d lead with Katie Porter.


What the dems need to do is subpoena his a$$ for Thursday morning in the House.
And have criminal charges pre-written, for slowing the mail, and benefitting financially from destroying the USPS while working for the government.


I’d rather go last. After the Republicans have shot their wad, it’ll be easy pickin’s.


I want her and the other uppity women to grill him like a piece of meat on a skewer


write to your congress critters, it can’t hurt. I wrote to all three of mine as soon as this hit the pages.

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Look, a world famous Harvard economist explained the problem several years ago, in a semi academic context…


The political Trilemma is also explained on the World Economic Forum web site.

Here is my explanation in a more blog friendly contest.

When they traded away democracy in trade deals like the GATS that basicaly made most of the progressive agenda FTA-illegal to give corporations certaity, for example that government would not change the rules of the game, nullifying the value of their investments, the two parties clearly made a deal to become entirely fake otherwise what would they do if people voted to change something? (like actually fixing healthcare) that violated the WTO, GATS, etc. (So, a million to two million people have died under this situation which means its a very serious crime, and all of their leaderships should be locked up)

This seems to mean that in order to get any kind of office people have to be fake and okay with that.

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Paying for jobs is quite common around the world now. This is why so many young Americans are likely to be frozen out of jobs here, foreign companies are coming in as subcontractors and their poor young empoyees often from rich families in 3rd world countries - paying to be placed here is apparently quite normal, to the point where the people sent here sometimes seem to think its normal here too. Both parties here sold away our rights to stop this in a trade deal, unless we leave it. Healthcare too is rigged now, and has been for more than two decades while millions of poor people here died.

Just another corrupt day in America.


“Johnson did not mention the 2006 mandate signed into law by former President George W. Bush requiring USPS to prefund its retirees’ health benefits through 2056…”

According to everything I’ve ever read on the subject, Bush and the GOP-controlled Congress mandated that the USPO fund the pension for 75 years, which would have it being financed until 2081, by my reckoning.