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Warnings of Grave Climate and Human Rights Impact as US Export-Import Bank Approves $50 Billion for Natural Gas Project in Mozambique

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/warnings-grave-climate-and-human-rights-impact-us-export-import-bank-approves-50

This is just so Wrong. The whole country is poverty stricken, there is no there there. No emergency services for any kind of emergency, there is no EPA, there is no watchdog 24/7. They will turn this country into a toxic waste dump for pieces of 8 and the population most likely doesn’t have a clue to the dangers involved. This is the very kind of thing why people hate america. Can you imagine what if all that money was spent on restoration and renewables? If everyone there was given a helping hand?


I wonder whose relatives are the contractors.

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What a revolting development

Yes. Perhaps to sort out their water problem first:

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so the glaciers are melting, the Amazon and other forests are burning, the bees, corals, amphibians are dying, the climate is destabilized - but - we’re waste deep in the Big Muddy and the damn fools say to keep on

Hugely wrong-headed. decision.

Great overview barry. The more we are aware the scarier this gets…
Looks like “The love of money IS the RULE of all evil.”

As we struggle with a prez who would strip food stamps from the hungry, I wonder what chance the boy in the picture has of becoming the next Mandela or an MLK.