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Warnings of 'Gulf of Tonkin 2.0' as Trump Officials Blame Iran for Tanker Attack


Warnings of 'Gulf of Tonkin 2.0' as Trump Officials Blame Iran for Tanker Attack

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Is the Trump administration attempting to concoct a false pretext to justify launching a war against Iran?

"We are in grave danger of being sleepwalked into military confrontation with Iran over an incident that is blamed wrongly on Iran."
—Gareth Porter


Sounds like bay of Tonkin and or false flag bull.


Pwesident Twump needs a war—ANY war—to get the Mueller report and the Green New Deal off page 1. I’m told he gets really cranky when he can’t dominate the conversation.


At least there was a Gulf of Tonkin Resolution last time. This time they won’t even bother.


Iran and Venezuela must be in a hurry to acquire nuclear missiles.


The Spanish-American War was started by the sinking of the Maine, under suspicious circumstances.

Woodrow Wilson tried hard to get the Germans to sink a U.S. ship. He had to find another subterfuge to get the U.S. into WWI.

Franklin Roosevelt had to impose a naval embargo on Japan, a country with no oil and little enough coal, to convince Japan to declare war on the U.S. Sure enough, Pearl Harbor.


You’re not supposed to move the 120,000 troops and the warships into position before the incident. You’re supposed to wait until after the incident.


How do you stop organized crime from starting war in order to distract from one of the worldś most extensive money laundering operation in history? This - of course - is a purely hypothetical inquiry.


Sounds like an inside false flag job by the US, Saudi’s and israel, or hell, by all three. And didn’t israel try to blame Egypt for bombing the USS Liberty? It’s utterly absurd that Iran would start a damn war considering the recent wars the three usual suspects have started and continue to maintain.


Oh, don’t worry Donny, you are at the head of the line for democrats. You get our attention, and disgust, and that ain’t all.

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I saw a clip of Trumpenstein walking with the Chinese leader. Following directly behind were the two holders of the nuclear football bags. At the moment I thought, you childish miscreants.
We don’t need the damn nukes, so dismantle them. Set the example.
We have a large enough military to defeat ANYONE conventionally.


This is amateur hour. Botch up 2.0 after abject failure in Venezuela. Does Trump-Pence-PomousAss-Bolton evpect anyone to buy this BS.


Finally some sanity out of the EU military brass:


America has long passed that point. Now its trillions for the MIC.


Is it really that difficult to figure out? Trump is afraid of 2020 and the Southern District of New York prosecutions that lie ahead. He is going to gin up a war to enhance his possibility of being re-elected.
No brainer.


Because that worked so well in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan?


This is all about Trump remaining in power. Everyone has their personal reasons for wanting to gin up a war but without presidential approval it doesn’t fly. Trump is terrified of 2020 and the consequences of losing and so he will start a war unless Congress grows some balls.
Don’t count on it.


emphasized textWith all the lies coming out of the Whitehouse you can not tell what the truth is.” If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer. … And a people that no longer can believe anything cannot make up its mind. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people you can then do what you please.”
— Hannah Arendt, interview in The New York Review of Books, October 26, 1978
The lies and corruption in politics has to be stopped a good starting point would be with impeachment. We must expose the lies and corruption and stop the normalization of that lying and corruption in our political system. America can not wait any longer to correct this cancer on our democracy. The rule of law is being screwed


Congress is complicit in every war.

War is good for business.

Business is good for Congress.

It’s their 30 pieces of silver.


Stopping the politically partial truths and denials of the truth that commonly occur by many current and past politicians would go along way too. What might seem expedient at the time erodes trust over the long haul and eventually brings us to where we are now.

Case in point, Ford’s decision to pardon Nixon in the name of “bringing the nation together” and “ending the national nightmare.” Well, that obviously did not happen.

Another case in point, Obama’s decision not ot prosecute W Bush and his admin for war crimes. These types of decisions sweep the problems under the rug for them to pick out later.

We the people can, in fact, handle the truth.