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Warnings of 'Iraq War Redux' as Bolton and Pompeo Reportedly Leading Push to 'Foment Unrest' in Iran


Warnings of 'Iraq War Redux' as Bolton and Pompeo Reportedly Leading Push to 'Foment Unrest' in Iran

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In writings and speeches over just the past several months, President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have made no secret of their desire to overthrow the Iranian government.


Let’s teach the youth to hate the haters:

from South Pacific (1958)


Forget Russia. This will be the next American war.


The ultimate distraction, War.


Al Qaida is hiding in Iran; we have photographs to prove it. We will show them to you at the UN.

Why is Pence in this picture? If Iran converts to evangelicalism, the “world” will be happy!


US imperialism has already done great harm to the Iranian people…more than once. We overthrew the democratically-elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in the CIA’s 1953 coup, installing the hated and brutal regime of the Shah - “documents also show how the British government tried to block the release of information about its own involvement in his overthrow.” - “democracy” means crap to the powers of domination!

“Democracy” only “means something” (and not even then) when that term is useful propaganda to predatory vulture-capitalism and those who profit from the overthrow, or puppet regime domination of other nations! Any call for “democracy” is a sure sign the PTB want the another nation or people made serfs to big-money and corporate/banker natural resource exploitation!

The Iranian - Persian - people and nation are not under the thumb of the US or their “great ally” the zionist terrorist entity, and that independence/sovereignty the capitalists cannot stand…or allow…only sycophant or compliant states are allowed some independence as long as they toe the line! Any nation or people that stand-up for their own rights, or principles, or help others break the chains and yoke of imperialism and capitalist exploitation are targeted for destruction and death!

Yea, land of the free and home of the brave…now just a jingoist slogan to con the rubes!

Under the Israeli-lackey trump regime, we will likely see yet another war of choice by the US and more millions killed, maimed, or displaced…and the world is too intimidated or complicit, and their “leaders” de facto lap-dogs, too frightened, complaisant or complicit, to raise a voice to demand an end to such atrocities…one day it will happen to them.

“First they came for the…and I did nothing”

its not fascism when we do it…


The “Map” is an extremely short list. Off the top of my head I can add Hondurous, El Salvador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Libya, numerous other nations in Africa, Greece, Italy, etc., as well as multiple failed attempts around the globe. The Anti-Empire Report by William Blum has a pretty comprehensive list:



Yeah Tom that’s absolutely true, thanks - I guess “they” are only including…what? the worst examples? the most people displaced or killed? I didn’t get that either - should have looked further.


Here’s my little thought experiment. Critique is welcome. Trump has surrounded himself with rabid Israeli firsters and Iran hating warmongers. He meets with Putin and the entire formerly-known-as liberal-corporate-media goes insane. In fact it is now Rachel Maddow who can see Russia from her house screaming Russia Putin Russia. The leader of the war lovers (probably Bolton) has an aircraft carrier stationed in the Persian Gulf by the first week of October. After a flimsy false flag event, Trump (Bolton) launches 400 cruise missiles on population centers in Iran. The Iranians take the bait and sink the aircraft carrier (easily done with today’s missile technology). The American sheeple howl kill, Kill, KILL including lots of Democrats not understanding they’ve just been played, you know like 911 and well, Russia Putin Russia. Then we have our next stage in endless war. Maddow switches seamlessly from Russia Putin to Iran, Iran. Her ratings go up again among her formerly known as liberals audience. Then the democrats lose the midterm elections because even the FKAL vote hard right because they want tough guys to fight our next war which was the plan all along. Then the MIC and Wall Street sip cognac and smoke fat cigars after taking my Social Security check to buy more weapons.



Maybe because it’s supposed to represent the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2018”.

Sessions couldn’t make it. He spilled grape juice on his Klan robe.


This is a dangerous duo. Unlike Bush, I don’t think Trump can count on the UK to tag along on this one. Or even Australia which always seems to be there. But clearly he can count on the Saudi’s, Iran’s arch enemy, and Israel, which always sees an existential threat in Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. Of course at home the Trump cult will be on board and so will the Republicans who are good at reading polls of Republicans voters. Obviously the best way to stop this is for the Democrats to take the House and Senate in November. They were burned once by lies about Iraq and must have learned something from that. Congress has the power to declare war and fund wars. That is where Bolton, Pompeo, and Trump must be stopped.


Ask your pal Hillary about that one, you Dufus.


It’s really hard to keep up. And I didn’t even look at the Clintons Chaos in the Balkans or its intervention/non-intervention in the wars in Central Africa.


IRAN ( Persia)
was the world’s first superpower… I think they are wise enough to know what a waste of people, time and resources that is.

Israel wants the war… why should Americans die for an Israeli war? Besides there is a very large JEWISH population in Iran who don’t want to move to Israel.

, Israel kils Palestinians, and has killed many Americans in the past. PLEASE— end the welfare state to Israel! as the $134. 7 billion dollars is ENOUGH, America.

And if Israel wants to go it alone, then the Israeli nation can attack Iran on its own, and Israel will have come to a horrifyingly full circle…Israelis killing Jews… : (


Yes, and also the ultimate, profiteering, racket!


War shouldn’t be a standard word used in normal discussions of US policy. Why? Is war just part of being American? I’m sick of war, aren’t others also?


The CIA has historically been engaged is covert support of uprisings - although those were almost uprisings of capitalist bosses and generals, not the working class.

But now, any legitimate popular democratic demonstrations in the streets of Tehran will be smeared as “just a CIA plot” as the left rallys behind the current theocratic leadership of Iran.

It will be really fun and enjoyable to see the left smeared with the same accusations if they ever try a pro-democracy uprising here in the USA - "they are just a plot by the “neoliberal deep state, Hillary-Killary, and George Soros”. Hoist with their own petard!


That is the most contorted “proposal for a future conspiracy theory” I’ve ever heard.

Are you forgetting who negotiated and signed a peace agreement with Iran - and who tore that agreement up?


No worries, P.B., the ongoing, strong and powerful PEACE MOVEMENT will stop it!
Oh, wait…


War is a Racket