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Warnings of Koch Brothers Influence After Shulkin Says VA Privatization Advocates Forced Him Out


Warnings of Koch Brothers Influence After Shulkin Says VA Privatization Advocates Forced Him Out

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than 24 hours after he was ousted as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by President Donald Trump, David Shulkin argued in an op-ed for the New York Times on Thursday that he was forced out by privatization advocates in the White House who saw him as an "obstacle" and warned that handing the department over to the private sector


All I can say is, military and ex-military folks had better make their voices heard Now.

These billionaires will be privatizing Blood Banks soon and making us pay our life savings for Blood.


The pull quote following the headline refers to “free-market fundamentalists,” a phrase repeated in the body of the article. I’d much prefer the term “free-market hustlers,” as “fundamentalists” implies a sincerely-held, if sometimes extreme, religious belief.

I very much doubt that the Kochs and their ilk really believe the stuff they spout for public consumption. It’s all about the vile maxim with these types—“All for me, and nothing for the rest.”


This is how Republicans “thank you for your service.”
They could not care less.


It is time that our veterans and soldiers wake up to the facts. Trump and the people around him and supporting him don’t give a damn about you. You are cannon fodder for their neo-liberal games. I would not trust them to send you into harms way and I know they will not give you the support and treatment you might need after you return from one of the American adventures. Trump is a confirmed enemy of those of us not in the 1%. time we stand united against this group that controls so much of the US.


Well said. It puts the phrase “support the troops” into a whole new light.


Changing the #1 imparitive of the VA from veterans to bottomline profits is ludicrous.


Hell, this is what qualifies him according to the Trump-Koch agenda to insure the ruination of the VA and then its privatization.


We all need to support them. Making the proper calls, writing editorials for local papers are just two ways.


They think that everything is a business which is so far from the truth. Of course, truth means nothing to them. We have a battle on our hands.


I think this is likely to backfire on Trump, and backfire big time. I use the VA, and am thankful for the care and medicine I receive. I’ve talked to a lot of veterans at Hines Hospital and Clinics, this won’t wash. I think even the most conservative veterans will hold it against any politician who attempts to take away, or water down, benefits. Sure I’ve heard complaints, there are always complaints, the system, because of its size, has occassional problems, but try taking away or cutting back benefits, that won’t cut it. Most veterans are savvy to this privatization nonsense.


Free market my ass. The very last thing these swindlers want is a free market where real competition exists. No they want free monopolism, the right to run any competitors out of business in any way possible including preditory pricing like Walmart did to all the mom & pop businesses they’ve laid to waste.

Now, about fighting back against the elites. Charles and David Koch are about as visible as they come. They seem to love getting their ugly mugs pasted over whatever publication they can. All of their public appearances make them the perfect starting point to fight back against the oligarchy. Maybe a paintball between both Charles and Davids eyes will awaken them to the fact that they are beginning to wear out their welcome in our society.


This has all the odor of the typical right wing attack on government. In order to “prove” that government doesn’t work, you make sure it doesn’t work by deliberately destroying government agencies that are in fact working. You do this the way Pruitt is deliberately killing off the EPA or DeVos is deliberately killing off education or you do it the way Carson and Goodhair are killing off their agencies through inept incompetence. The wingers have chosen to kill off the VA by appointing someone who has absolutely no idea of what he’s doing and got the position by shamelessly kowtowing to drumpf.


As evidence of the accuracy of this post by reader321, witness Rumsfeld’s comment about sending people to war without proper support.

“You go to war with the army that you have, not the army that you want.”

Or Kissinger’s comment on the purpose of the military.

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” - Henry Kissinger


You’re right Pony! They are playing for keeps! This is serious!


Rumsfeld and Kissinger have VIP seating reserved for their asses in Hell.


Serious as a Heart Attack.


Trump said he was for veterans, now not so much. I don’t see how it saves any money for the blackhole called our government to make the VA Healthcare private when the government pays many veterans healthcare bills and will continue to do so. The VA holds down healthcare costs. Trump sticking his nose where it don’t belong as he often can’t resist. This is where his rah rah the troops BS is exposed.


Yes, and to me, the fact that they took an oath to: " protect America from all foreign and domestic enemies" they need to wake up to the fact that America’s biggest threat is not foreign enemies…BUT DOMESTIC ENEMIES!


Domestic enemies here equates to Trump and “his” Republican Congress.

If there were ever a good reason to eliminate truly horrible humans from this world, these would qualify at the top of the list.