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Warnings of 'Life-Threatening Flooding' as Hurricane Nate Barrels Toward Gulf Coast

Warnings of 'Life-Threatening Flooding' as Hurricane Nate Barrels Toward Gulf Coast

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Nate is the ninth hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic season, and the ninth storm in a row in the basin to reach hurricane strength."

Hurricane Nate

Come and get me, you f**ker.

Sincerely, Gulfport, MS.

Or maybe this is more appropriate: “We’re all gonna dieeee!”

See ya tonight, Nate.


Take shelter and/or evacuate the area, all who are in its path. You haven’t had it easy this hurricane season.


Though people seem unable to truly realize it… it will only continue to get worse as the years go by. The severity of this hurricane season is due to the warm ocean waters. That will be the case next year and every year afterwards from now on. Global warming is real and storms like these are only the beginning.

Denialists Trump is a fool who makes us all into fools right behind him. America’s bad luck >>> Donald J. Trump


When the cold wind, meets the heat wave, everybody wants to get out of town. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM89Q5Eng_M

in a rational world there would be an out cry for the establishment of an outside lineman corp, our grid is so fragile it crumbles at the bat of an eye…something like guns into plowshares kinda thingy but I did say in a rational world


Shhhh…we must not say the words that can not be spoken…“CLIMATE CHANGE”!!!


Time again to talk about MOMS.

Moratorium On Military Spending.

That $700 Billion is going to be needed critically rebuilding parts of this country’s infrastructure that the Duopoly refuses to acknowledge.

We do not have any money to waste on war.


Unfortunately,Nate in my opinion, is just the tip of the iceberg because global warming is a scientific, fact as so many reputable, climate scientists have been telling us for years. One wonders what it will take for the Chinese hoaxer and the fossil fuel industry to finally admit they have been wrong!


Or the way I have recently put it: Earth’s just getting warmed up and promises an even better show in the very near future. I’m glad I live in NM, though running out of water here is a serious concern, hurricanes not so much.


Having been through several hurricanes, the linemen come pouring in from all points to help, along with tree companies, people with airboats, etc. It is really a remarkably wonderful sight. Overhead power and other lines truly are fragile, but, of course Trump is going to fix all of that…


Actually Exxon’s internal scientists expressed concerns on global warming in the 70’s, (Inside Climate News did an expose using internal documents obtained and the coverup. They didn’t care and have been funding anti/contrary climate resistance since the early 80’s. I would say they accomplished their mission as a lot of Americans don’t think it’s bad or even exists.) So here we are watching more powerful cyclonic storms, torrential rains, worsening droughts, famines, that are threatening life itself while leaders try to find ever evil ways to ‘game’ the system to the detriment of Earth and her children. We need a new model to happen or we won’t be here much longer, sorry.


Global Warming Denial is just like 9-11…Do you believe your own eyes or what some Government Official is telling you to believe?

cognitive dissonance is very much alive and well here in America…


I wonder how much worst it has to get before the insurance companies say “Enough is Enough”. How many times are they going to be willing to rebuild someone’s house before the owner gets the notice that the coverage is being canceled?
Or they will simply raise the rates so high that the owner can no longer afford to keep the house insured.

When I watch the coverage of the hurricanes on TV, I sometimes ask what good it will do to rebuild when it will most likely get knocked down again next September.
It will get to the point where if you have to ask how much the insurance will cost, you can’t afford it.


I agree, with out a new paradigm…we could, in the future, be in for a world wide climate emergency where the climate catastrophe is so horrible it may be too late to reverse. But damn, do I hope I am wrong; otherwise, like you say: “WE WON’T BE HERE MUCH LONGER”!

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That scenario is part of the future except that it has already happened. Sandy woke the insurance companies up to the reality of climate change for flood insurance for those who live on the shore or in a floodplain. It hasn’t gotten better and the insurance companies can see this hurricane season as well as we can! Trump’s denialism is virtually criminal. Unfortunately we all will have to pay the price of his corrupt and venal arrogance… not him!

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went through an ice storm in KY years back and I know what you mean and was really amazing because some roads are no wider than your driveway with tree’s down and stuff everywhere frozen, real hero’s all


A busy hurricane season was predicted and it has come to pass. I don’t really know how they do these predictions but I think the lack of wind shear is a big factor. Also, the waters in the Atlantic were exceptionally warm this year. There may be fewer hurricanes next year, who knows. I believe the presence of an el nino or la nina has some effect. Neither were present this year. I think is unusual this year is the number of hurricanes hitting the US mainland, particularly two category 4 hurricanes. They say two major hurricanes like that haven’t his the US mainland in one year in over a 100 years. Of course you don’t have to have a major hurricane to cause a disaster. Sandy was maybe a category 1 when it hit but unfortunately it merged with a powerful storm coming in from the west and the result was catastrophic. North Carolina had horrendous flooding last year from a hurricane that I don’t believe ever made landfall. Many of the worst flooding incidents have been from topical storms without hurricane winds. Nature at times can make it very difficult for humans. That is the way life is on this planet. That makes effective responses from the government critical. Katrina is probably the best example where government failed.

Including linemen fro Canada!


Stay safe!

I used to live at Beauvoir Beach, 1976-1977, while going to Air Traffic Control school at Keesler AFB.