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Warnings of 'Nuclear Nightmare' as Trump Escalates Tensions With World Powers


Warnings of 'Nuclear Nightmare' as Trump Escalates Tensions With World Powers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump foments tensions with world powers by behaving recklessly and pursuing aggressive action over diplomacy, developments in several major nations over the weekend sparked urgent concerns among peace groups, activists, and analysts that the world's largest militaries are inching dangerously close to war.


I frankly find it hard to conceive that things can keep going along in this manner without some kind of major nuclear conflict breaking out eventually.
How can anyone picture this scenario continuing for, say, 20 years, without bursting into flames? And yet, I suspect most of the American public is more or less oblivious to this potential.


These events were punctuated by the Russian government’s response to a sanctions bill passed by the U.S. Congress last week, which Trump is expected to sign.

“President Vladimir V. Putin announced Sunday that the American diplomatic mission in Russia must reduce its staff by 755,” the New York Times reported. The Times went on to characterize the response as one “ripped right from the Cold War playbook and sure to increase tensions between the two capitals.”

The Russian demand that the US reduce its diplomatic mission size and surrender two US properties in Russia was most emphatically NOT a “response to [the] sanctions bill” despite US govt and media attempts to paint it as such.

The Russians have been quietly waiting for Trump to return the two Russian properties seized by Obama last December and reinstate the many Russian diplomats kicked out at that time in response to Russia’s alleged meddling in US elections.

The fact that instead of returning Russian properties and reinstating diplomats the US has chosen to pass more sanctions was the signal to the Russians that the US had no intention of reversing Obama’s actions, so they took appropriate action.

The Russians have also made it crystal clear that when/if those sanctions go into effect there will be retaliation for them at a later date.

The US routinely pretends history started yesterday, with complete amnesia to the past and the American role in shaping any current conflict.

For instance the standoff with North Korea. North Korean leaders didn’t just decide last week or a year ago or even a decade ago to develop nuclear missiles as a deterrent to US aggression. They saw what the US can do almost 70 years ago when American bombers levelled every structure more than a single story in North Korea. They saw what happened to both Iraq and Libya with Hussein and Gaddafi surrendered their WMDs. No amount of bullying will bring N. Korea to the table. They (and China and Russia) have repeatedly requested the US sit down at the table and talk, but the US demands NK surrender their nuclear weapons first. Madness.


Rep Tom Garrett (VA-5) of the “Freedom Caucus” speaks at Paris Summit for a Free Iran.
Chilling. And he’s obviously not alone in fomenting war, regime change.
As if the Iranians actually want that …


And on the subject of US arms falling into its adversary’s arms …
Rather hilarious …
Donbass fighters buy US drones from Ukrainian “adversaries” … for vodka!


Of course, Dolgen! Didn’t you know that most American’s are far more concerned about watching “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars”? I’m not even sure if those shows are still on TV, which tells you that I don’t bother with such fluff. I totally agree with you. You can’t amass tens of thousands of troops, tanks, weaponry etc. along the border and seas surrounding North Korea without having a match ignite the proverbial flame. This ignorant Orange-Anus, Man Boy, Idiot that sits his fat ass in the Oval Office will only continue to move us to a path of war. God help us all. He could very well be the last president of the USA. What a way to end it all…


What would be the point in starting a war with Iran at the same time that North Korea is flexing its new found nuclear muscle? My thinking is that talk of war with Iran is a distraction. The real focus is on North Korea.


Yes… not to mention NATO nuclear weapons all along Russian borders. Holy cow, what are they thinking? Are they insane?


The height of arrogance is neocon regimes telling other countries they can’t defend themselves from attack by neocon regimes.


I’m corn-fused. You are asserting that the further sanctions prompted had nothing to do with the expelling of US diplomats?

This is not an anti-Russia comment, but rather I’m challenging your emphatic assertion.


Glen Ford and Black Agenda Report have some of the most cogent and insightful analyses anywhere.


I often have said that “Humanity is a failed experiment.”


We somehow managed to survive the (first?) Cold War with the Cuban Missile Crisis and all that. At least that is what the defense I hear from my older peers who lived through such a time. The problem is, there seems to be far less sane heads leading us now than back then.


And thanks to our warhawk media (e.g. Rachel Maddow) and drums of war beating on both sides of the political aisle we might have nuclear war anyway.


Great…two unhinged, narcissistic, nefarious deranged despots going to battle…over what? Their own hubris…not unlike two bullies on the playground rutting and strutting and, oops, one stabs/shoots the other…and how many millions of South Koreans will be killed instantly with Seoul being the second most populous capital in the world with 25.6 million people (45,000 per square mile) in the metro area.

Interestingly, Seoul’s population density is almost twice that of New York City, four times higher than Los Angeles and eight times higher than the density of Rome. (http://worldpopulationreview.com/world-cities/seoul-population/ )

But do either of these maniacs consider the loss of life let alone the nuclear devastation affecting any other number of nations, the Pacific Ocean, the air, and all life in their haste to be king of the hill? Obviously not.

Perhaps DJT can don his emperor’s uniform and lead the reprised charge on Pork Chop Hill…never to be seen or heard from again.


Exactly. I don’t believe that Iran is a threat to anyone. I think the Iranians are correct that we (the USA) is the Great Satan. Look at all of the damage we’ve done and are doing around the world. We are an endless killing, war machine. Shame on us. We get what we deserve! Again, as an (embarrassed) American citizen, please accept my apologies Global Community, as to what my war-mongering government has done and continues to do…


Trump tweeted while Seoul burned?


Not exactly.

It was not a response to the sanctions.

The Russian seizing of two US properties in Russia and expelling of the US diplomats was a response to Obama’s seizing of two Russian properties and expelling of Russian diplomats last December, as I said in my original comment.

But the timing of that the Russian response was due to the sanctions. They’d been waiting for Trump to reverse Obama’s theft of their property and expulsion of Russian diplomats, but the sanctions indicated to them they had waited in vain. So they responded in kind - expelling all US diplomats in excess of the number the US allowed to stay here, and seized two US properties in Russia, a very nice country retreat and a large warehouse in an urban district.

And the Russians promised that when/if the new sanctions are implemented they will respond to them in like kind in the future.

All of which I stated in my original comment.

All you need to do is listen to what the Russians themselves are saying.
This is exactly what they have said.


Honestly the opposite could also be true. Much more people would be more attentive to the activities of another budding nuclear power while completely ignoring that we invaded yet another innocent Middle Eastern nation for our Saudi and Israeli masters.


Recall that much saner, cooler, intelligent minds (JFK & RFK) were leading our nation away from nuclear disaster with diplomacy, sanity, and care/concern for the fate of both nations, the planet and all life. An excellent overview of the 13 days of the Cuban Missile Crisis appeared on PBS’ series, American Experience: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/jfk-cuban-missile-crisis/

The current deranged despots rattling sabres at each other are devoid of sanity, intellect, or compassion and are ruled by their cruel, megalomaniacal quest for supreme power.